The Neko Maru 2014 Daily Cat Calendar from Japan displays a different cute cat every day of the year. The thick 365-day calendar's built-in die cut legs let it stand on its own instead of hanging on the wall because as any crazy cat lady knows, hundreds of cats take up a lot of space.

The calendar is the brainchild of Neko Maru magazine and comes to us c/o Tatsumi Publishing and Amazon Japan. Drawing on Neko Maru's extensive pictorial resources, the calendar's composers enjoyed an abundance of riches when it came time to select the calendar's 365 featured cats and kittens.

Standing roughly the same height as an iPhone 5, the Neko Maru 2014 Daily Cat Calendar makes once small concession to monthly calendar tradition: each month's pages have contrasting color borders.

Not only does this satisfy the human need to recognize change over time, it also presents the publisher with a novel way of distinguishing the calendar in that viewed from the side, a rainbow of attractive colors serves as the backdrop for “2014” in white block text.


Enjoy viewing a different cute cat or kitten every day of the year; just long enough to appreciate the novelty but not too long that boredom sets in. As well, Neko Maru provides a catchy caption for every cat – the captions are in Japanese but as they're pretty much matched to the image nothing of consequence is lost if you're not a Japanese-speaker/reader. As mentioned, you can order your very own Neko Maru 2014 Daily Cat Calendar online from Amazon Japan for just 1,995 yen or just over $20 each. (via Gigazine)