It’s that time of year again: The air is getting chilly, the orange,
brown and yellow leaves have just been raked, and the weather report
says that there’s going to be a fresh layer of snow on the ground in the
morning. Just as you get yourself ready for winter, it’s time to
prepare your dogs and cats for the frostiest months of the year!

Try to limit bath time when it’s cold outside. By keeping your dogs indoors and limiting baths, you’ll help prevent itchy, dry and flaking skin. When your stinky pals need a bath, look for a moisturizing shampoo to get the job done.

Here’s a common sense rule, but still- If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet. If you’d rather eat a pinecone than go outside to check the mail, keep your animals inside with you. Oh, and if your animals will put up with looking adorable, put a sweater on them! Scribbles, my little Yorkie pal, loves her sweater and it helps to keep her nice and toasty.

"I LOVE WINTER!" -This Dog"I LOVE WINTER!" -This Dog

If you’ve got a canine pal who enjoys a walk no matter how cold it is outside, consider buying a set of booties. Although your dog might be unhappy with them at first, their little shoes will protect their vulnerable feet from frost-eliminating chemicals and salt left on paved surfaces. Dogs also lose a large amount of body heat through their feet, so by simply wearing paw coverings, your dog will be much better equipped to handle a wintery jog with you!

In addition to these top tips, always keep clean drinking water on hand, provide a warm place to sleep and keep an eye on heaters and fireplaces so your little pals don’t accidentally burn themselves! Have fun, be safe and stay frosty!

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