Yes, it looks Halloween-ish... but I guarantee your cat won't know the difference at Christmas. She'll still be enjoying this super-stimulating Petstages Tower of Tracks.

Petstages Tower Of Tracks

Petstages Tower of Tracks


One of the most popular cat toys, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, may have been among your kitty's first toys, one which my cat definitely found challenging and a good scratching surface too.  But cat being cat, the Bergan Turbo didn't keep his growing search for challenge beyond his first few years. So, I kind of see the Tower of Tracks as a graduate toy, more of a challenge to the cat who's 'been there, done that.'

Depending upon when that time comes in your cat's life, you may want to introduce him to the PetstagesTower of Tracks.  It is narrower, 10 inches, than the Bergan Turbo Scratcher, which has a 16 inch base, and it doesn't contain a scratching surface, so there is plenty of room for both toys in your cat's life, especially if you rotate them.

Five inches high, the Tower of Tracks contains three colorful, patterned balls that kitty, with some experience, will get to roll around the track at the same time.

Though the earlier version of the Tower of Tracks had an empty center, it's newest version has a bar across the bottom of the center so that kitty cannot get himself stuck in the Tower doing what kitties may do.

Petstages Tower of Tracks

Cat parents are really pleased with the Petstages' toy. Although there are other good tower tracking toys available for cats, the Petstages Tower of Tracks is the most popular.

Here's a super video from the Queensland RSPCA of an adorable kitty playing with the Tower of Tracks....



Whether it's for Halloween or Christmas or no holiday at all, the Tower of Tracks makes a great gift for any cat.


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