If you think your dog is funny-looking now, you ain't seen nothin' yet!


Photo by Jason Hargrove, flickr.Photo by Jason Hargrove, flickr.


From the ironic, to the absurd, to the just plain silly, these pet accessories will take the humor factor to the next level.


Humorous Dog Mouth Accessory #1: Humunga 'Stache

The Humunga 'Stache is an accessory for the canine hipster. As you no doubt already know, ironic mustaches are everywhere.


photo by mikol, flickr.photo by mikol, flickr.


Your dog should totally join the "fun." The Humunga 'Stache is a rubber ball toy with a fake mustache on the end.


Humunga 'StacheHumunga 'Stache


The idea is that your dog will naturally want to put the ball in his mouth, leaving the mustache sticking out like so:


Dog wearing the Humunga 'StacheDog wearing the Humunga 'Stache


If you're lucky, he might even wear the 'stache and shake his head around. Try not to hurt yourself laughing.


Photo by Matthew Grapengieser, flickr.Photo by Matthew Grapengieser, flickr.


The Humunga 'Stache retails for under $12 on Amazon.


Humorous Dog Mouth Accessory #2: Grinz Treat Ball

The Grinz Treat Ball is a bouncy ball for throwing and fetching, which can also be stuffed with dog treats.


Grinz Treat BallsGrinz Treat Balls


A Grinz Treat Ball should give your dog hours of amusement, and if she happens to catch the ball teeth-side out...


Dog with Grinz Treat BallDog with Grinz Treat Ball


You should be quite amused as well. The Grinz Treat Ball goes for under $6 on Amazon.


Humorous Dog Mouth Accessory #3: Oppo Dog Muzzle

Sometimes, your dog has to keep his mouth shut, but muzzling need not be boring. The Oppo Dog Muzzle is a wacky and stylish solution from pet accessory-loving Japan. Check it out:


Oppo Dog Muzzle in brownOppo Dog Muzzle in brown


You can order these online for $37 from Japan Trend Shop. I would suggest getting it in yellow to amp up the quack factor.


Oppo Dog Muzzle in yellowOppo Dog Muzzle in yellow


As always, use your best judgement in purchasing any of these products. Dogs are like people; some are good sports and some will be scarred for life from a little ribbing. Only you know how much ridicule your pooch can take.


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