Jellyfish are some of nature's most beautiful and awe-inspiring


Moon jellyfish: Photo by Dante AlighieriMoon jellyfish: Photo by Dante Alighieri


They live in every ocean on Earth and in some bodies of
freshwater as well. Still, if you can't see jellyfish in the wild, here
are some other great ways to experience them.

 Visit a Public Aquarium

One public aquarium with a great jellyfish exhibit is the Monterey Bay Aquarium n Monterey, California.


Pacific sea nettle jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Photo by Brocken InagloryPacific sea nettle jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Photo by Brocken Inaglory


"The Jellies Experience", a special exhibit with a blend of tradition and interactive aquarium experiences, all with a decidedly psychedelic feel, opened just last year. This groovy video will give you some idea of what it's like:



On the other side of the country, the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga also gives the jellyfish its due, focusing specifically on the beauty of these amazing animals. The "Jellies: Living Art" exhibit showcases six different species of jellyfish, along with striking glass artwork. Take a look:



Bring Jellyfish into Your  Home or Office

If you want to experience the majesty of the jellyfish on a regular basis, you could get your own jellyfish aquarium.These specially-designed aquariums are shaped to prevent jellies from stuck in a corner or sucked into a filter and have a unique water flow pattern that keeps the jellyfish properly displayed. They are also quite spectacular to look at:


Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish TankJellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank


Prices for these tanks range from just under $300 for the tank alone to a little over $700 for a complete kit including the tank, three moon jellyfish, food, companion fish and other tank accoutrements.They are available through Amazon.

Simulate the Experience

While real jellyfish are relatively easy to keep pets, nothing is easier than virtual jellyfish. The require no feeding and no cleanup! A number of virtual jellyfish aquariums are available, including this one from Fascinations:


Fascinations Magic JellyfishFascinations Magic Jellyfish


The price is right, too. This product retails for under $40 through Amazon.


Whether it's in California, Tennessee, or in your own home or office, make an effort to see jellyfish in action. You will be richly rewarded.


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