Slalom Set Weave

Slalom Set by Pawise


Agility training is so much fun for dogs, and owners as well. Whether you train to eventually compete in events or just to enjoy an activity together, it's amazing what agility training does to help dog and trainer bond.

Here are three backyard agility kits you can buy to make an agility course for your dog. I would purchase them one at a time and train on each before you move to another.


1. Backyard Dog Agility Kit

I would start with the Backyard Dog Agility Kit from In The Company of Dogs.


Backyard Dog Agility Set

Backyard Dog Agility Kit


Easy to set up, the Backyard Dog Agility Kit can be set up for your dog to jump over various levels of bars, as the cones hold the bars at 2 1/2 inches, 5 1/2 inches, and 8 1/2 inches. You can place the bars far apart from each other or close, depending on how much of a run you want your dog to have between jumps. This set is lightweight, but sturdy. It comes with lots of tips on ways to use it and how to train your dog. Treats are always welcome!


2. The Slalom Set Weave

The weave is a very fun exercise for your dog. The Slalom Set by Pawise is a good weave starter kit which includes 12 plastic agility poles with 6-inch long spikes to fit securely in the ground while your dogs weave through them.

Your dog can start by weaving through straight poles...


Slalom Set by Pawise


And then graduate to a slanted weave....


Pawise Slalom Weave Set For Dogs

Slalom Set by Pawise


The Slalom Set is light-weight and comes in a case with 6 orange and 6 blue weaving poles.


Slalom Set by Pawise


The Slalom Set by Pawise will be a fun exercise for your pup. It's great for mental and physical agility.  Of course, there are YouTube videos to help you out. I like this one!



3. The Houseables Dog Tunnel

The Houseables Dog Tunnel is a must-have agility tool for the more advanced beginner.


Houseable Dog Tunnel

 Houseables Dog Tunnel


The Houseables Dog Tunnel is 18 feet long and has 24 inch opening on both ends. It is an AKC and NADAC compliant agility tunnel modeled after those found in obstacle courses at sanctioned dog events. Recommended for small to mid-sized dogs weighing up to 80-90 pounds, but it is recommended for 'casual use.' The tunnel is nylon and it will tear if your dog becomes aggressive with it.  The tunnel can be used indoors as well as outdoors and it will curve.

Training your dog to use a tunnel is not hard once your dog is accustomed to learning agility.  Here is a good YouTube video which helps teach you how to train your dog to use the tunnel.


Hope you and your dogs have a lot of fun!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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