The Pure Gold Animal Collection's newly released 24K gold figurines feature a sheep sporting golden fleece and a dog devoid of golden fleas.    

The Pure Gold Animal Collection from Ginza Tanaka

High-end Japanese precious metal retailer Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry Co., Ltd. (aka Ginza Tanaka) has enjoyed surprising sales success since their iconic Animal Objects figurines debuted in September of 2019. The first two models – a Cat and a Mouse – sold out of their initial production run despite being sticker-priced at ¥1,200,000 ($10,895) and ¥980,000 ($8,900), respectively.

The jeweler was quick to follow up that success by releasing two new solid gold Animal Objects just after the New Year: a Dog and a Sheep, both priced at a cool ¥1,200,000 ($10,895) each, tax included. Ginza Tanaka also lists a line of golden seeds, nuts and seashells whose prices start at ¥49,000 ($444.50) for a 4mm (0.158”) wide Black Peppercorn.       

The Pure Gold Animal Collection from Ginza Tanaka

The figurines were designed by renowned wood-carving artist Mio Hashimoto and reflect the warmth and liveliness of this traditional craft. Like their companion pieces, the new Dog and Sheep figurines are composed of 24K gold with restrained highlighting in black lacquer to highlight eyes, nose, claws etc.

Both the Dog and the Sheep weigh in at 90 grams (3.175 oz) each and measure roughly 4.5 cm (just under 2 inches) in length. They fit comfortably in the palm of one's hand... though a handsome 12 by 12 by 3.5 cm (4.725” long by 4.725” wide by 1.4” tall) walnut wood display base is included with each figurine. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the online shop at Ginza Tanaka. (via PR Times)