2019 Halloween Costumes For Our Pets
                                                 Pennywise's "IT"

Every year there are new ideas as to how to costume our pets for Halloween. Whether it's dressing them up to look like us, or a particular cartoon character, superhero or horror monster, we take extra-special care to make them relevant to the current zeitgeist of the day. According to the National Retail Federation, 29 million people will dressing up their cat or dog for the holiday this year.

Frightgeist Study

Google recently released its new Frightgeist Study, which delineates the theme costumes people are most often searching for in the lead-up to October 31. Topping the list for the most-searched costume idea for 2019 is Pennywise, the bloodcurdling clown demon called “It.” [see photo above]

The Inquisitr

The Inquisitr is going outside the obvious. For their top 2019 pick they've chosen a well-known delivery guy -- the UPS man. According correspondent Kathryn Cook, the costume is "perfect for any four-legged friend this Halloween."

Since the UPS guy is so familiar, it will probably leave pet owners doing a double-take, when it comes a' knockin' on their door for "trick or treats."



Cats too . . .

Don't dismiss dressing up your cat this year just becaue they're fussy. For instance, this wizard costume is easy to apply to your most finicky of felines. Stores like Target is already stocked with some of the best Halloween costumes for your puss. Here's just one example of the many that are available.


Cats for Halloween

Halloween this year will never be the same after you costume your pet . . . and just think about all the photo ops you'll be able to add to the family album and your online social networks . . . Instagram is perfect for starters.

Primary Source: Frightgeist Study