Owners of large dogs can still find great Halloween costumes for their dogs. Costumes for large dogs seem to be more difficult to find than those for small dogs, perhaps because people tend to dress up small dogs more often. But Halloween is for all dogs, big and small.  And here are 20 of the most regal, silly, handsome, luxury, and most outlandish large dog costumes we've found online.... Order now, while you still can!


1.  I'm Just Lion Around Dog Costume

Just a Giant Lion's Mane, that's all your large dog needs to let all know that he's the king of the jungle.


I'm Just Lion AroundI'm Just Lion Around


2. Who Needs Reindeer When You've Got Big Elves?

One costume for two holidays!  Your dog will love helping Santa on Halloween as well as Christmas.  Here is a large dog Elf Costume to be admired.!


Elf Dog CostumeElf Dog Costume



3.  No Joke, A Joker Dog!

This is a really handsome handmade custom costume for a large or small dog.  But you had better hurry and order this beautiful Joker Dog costume.


Joker Dog costume: © SewingArt by OrchidJoker Dog costume: © SewingArt by Orchid



4.  A Hot Dog With Bacon Costume

Not what you thought?  This Bacon Dog Costume is adorable and seems to fit really snugly.  Every dog at the dog park will want to sniff!  Available here.


Bacon Dog CostumeBacon Dog Costume



5.   Ballerina Dog Costume For Large Dogs

A regular Giselle, this ballet tutu transforms this stately dog into a stately ballerina.  Just gorgeous, this handmade TuTu is made to order - so order now at TuTuCute By MiniM. (Tutus for large dogs are also available on Amazon here.)


Halloween Tutu costume for dogs: © TutuCuteByMiniMHalloween Tutu costume for dogs: © TutuCuteByMiniM



6.  Call In The Police Dog Costume

The Police Dog Pet Costume is great for a large dog; his size is really important to public confidence, as is a uniform complete with badge, hat, police radio, and handcuffs !  Don't forget them.... Buy your Police Dog Pet Costume here!


Police Dog costumePolice Dog costume


7. Dog In (d)RAG On Halloween

Rag Doll dogs are much more fun to take trick or treat'n on Halloween than a rag doll.  Who's going to bark when someone tries to steal your loot?  The Rag Doll Dog Costume is a super cute costume for large dogs on Halloween, and you can order it here!


Rag Doll, Raggedy Ann, Dog CostumeRag Doll, Raggedy Ann, Dog Costume



8.  Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

You'll find out, when you dress your big boy in this Big Bad Wolf costume by DownUnderDesigns, which you can custom order right here!


Big Bad Wolf dog costumeBig Bad Wolf dog costume


9.   And From The Distant Past...

A Wooly Mammoth, who may be a bit overdressed in these times of global warming but, nevertheless, looks scary enough for 10,000 years of Halloweens.  Super for large dogs, the Wooly Mammoth DogCostume, complete with horns, trunk, and tusk, is available right here!


Wooly Mammoth Dog CostumeWooly Mammoth Dog Costume


10. Whose Your Hero?

If your dog is your hero, why not let the whole world know it with this adorable batman costume? If you have two dogs, you can dress the other in this fun Robin costume. Or if you're aSuperman fan, then SuperDog.

The Caped Crusader Is HereThe Caped Crusader Is Here 



11. Glow Bones? Can You Eat Them?

No, but your dog can wear them, and on a dark, spooky Halloween night, she will glow!  The Glow Bones Dog costume is available for your dog here.


Glow In The Dark dog costumeGlow In The Dark dog costume



12.  Come Up And See Me Some Time

A Crushed Velvet Dog Corset with Boa Collar proves that you don't have to be small to be sexy.  Inspired by Moulin Rouge, this boudoir-worthy dog costume will turn your dog into a subject for Toulouse-Lautrec... after Halloween, of course.  This lovely costume is custom-made by Woodlandcottagefarm.


Velvet Dog Corset With Boa Collar costume: © woodlandcottagefarmVelvet Dog Corset With Boa Collar costume: © woodlandcottagefarm



13. Don't Call Me A Dinasaur!

I'm a Triceratop Dinasaur, to be specific - but just my head.  The rest of me is a very modern dog.  You can get a Triceratop Dog Costume too right here.


Triceratop Dinasaur Dog CostumeTriceratop Dinasaur Dog Costume


14.   Regal Beagle (or larger dog!) Dog Costume

You might as well call a king, 'THE King.'  We all know who rules, don't we?  Here we have the Canine King Dog Costume, fit for a large or little king.  (Update: This exact costume is no longer available, but the latest King Costume is available here.)


Canine King Dog CostumeCanine King Dog Costume



15. I Am The Walrus

And your dog can be too.  The adorable foam-padded slippery slick costume lets the walrus out of the water when your dog adorns the Walrus Dog Costume for Halloween. Thanks to Animal Planet, it's available here!


Walrus Dog CostumeWalrus Dog Costume



16. I'm Getting Married In The Morning!

NOT!! I'm just playing a groom for Halloween.  This is the Dapper Dog Tuxedo Pet Costume and it is available  for Halloween and other scary occasions.


Dapper Dog Tuxedo Pet CostumeDapper Dog Tuxedo Pet Costume


17. Bum-bum Bum-bum Bum-bum Bum-bum, Bum-bum Bum-bum Bum-bum Bum-bum, BAAAT DOG

Watch out for this Bat Dog; he's swooping down to tangle your hair and grab your trick or treat bags while you stand confused.  Otherwise, your dog in a Bat Dog Costume is just darn cute. 


Bat Dog CostumeBat Dog Costume


18.  Punk Rocker Dog Costume

Man, this dog rocks! "Leather" vest, pants, collar, and a shocking red wig to ensure your dog is a genuinePunk Rocker.  (Update: This exact item is no longer available but the latest Punk Rocker Costume is also fun.)


Punk Rocker dog costumePunk Rocker dog costume


19. Walker Much For Star Wars?

Although it doesn't look like this Greyhound can move in the Star Wars AT-AT Walker Pet Costume, its parts are movable and insure that your dog will 'walk with the Jedi' this Halloween.


Star Wars AJ-AK Walker Dog CostumeStar Wars AJ-AK Walker Dog Costume


20.  Nightmare Before Christmas? 

The scariest pumpkin design on a beautiful handmade double fleece jacket... It's a Pumpkin Dog Costume on Halloween and a cute cozy warm jacket whenever she needs it. Handmade to order by napetdepartment.


Scary Pumpkin Dog Costume: © napetdepartmentScary Pumpkin Dog Costume: © napetdepartment


One or more of these adorable costumes matches your dog's personality - or represents his or her complete opposite!  Whichever you choose, your dogs will love the attention that's theirs on Halloween.  Shop now while these items are still in stock.

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