What's black and white and cute all over? Penguins. And if you have a special penguin lover in your life or fancy these dapper creatures yourself, Petslady has come up with the ultimate list of penguin gifts so brace yourself.

1. Penguin Sleepsuit

Always be yourself, unless you can be a penguin. With this penguin sleepsuit you can be both human and penguin, a humguin, if you will.

2. Sassy Penguin Knee Highs

These beige penguin print knee-highs are fabulous but I'm pretty psyched about the model's pose also. Do those lunges in style.

3. Mugged By A Penguin

Drinks taste so much better when you're drinking out of a penguin. Wait, that doesn't sound right. This adorable penguin-shaped mug has a protruding beak and feet and it even waves "hello."

4. Penguin Pullover

Get cozy inside of this polyester fleece penguin pullover that features a ridiculously cute penguin face design on the hood.

5. Penguin Tote Bag

This vegan canvas tote bag is totally adorable. Featuring a fun penguin and heart repeat graphic, you're sure to get a ton of compliments.

6. 3D Penguin Socks

Keep your feet nice and toasty with a pair of these 3d penguin socks. They have tiny flippers that stick out, for squawking out loud.

7. Penguin Necklace


Get your shine on with some stunning penguin bling. With several options from sterling silver, all the way up to white gold, you can decide just how fancy you want to get with this penguin pendant necklace.

8. Penguin Pajamas

Do you dream of penguins on pajamas? You will once you see this 2-piece set of penguin print pajamas. Sleep in style and comfort.

9. Penguin Beanie

Don't be a knit wit. Keep yourself warm with this darling knitted penguin pilot hat beanie lined with fleece.

10. Penguin Leggings

Slip into a pair of these leggings that feature a couple of snazzy penguins dancing in top hats. Try to stay mad while wearing these pretty penguin leggings. Plus, they’re breathable and chafe resistant, what more could you possibly ask for?

11. Penguin Cap

This stylish ball cap is perfect for penguin lovers who want to show off their love for penguins in a more minimalistic way. Made with 100% cotton, this cap is one size fits most but has an adjustable snap on the back.

12. Penguin Gloves

Are your hands feeling frosty? Keep warm with these not so ugly sweater themed knit gloves. These cozy gloves are convertible, allowing you to fold back the penguin head mitten tops if you want to sport some fingerless gloves.

13. Penguin Infinity Scarf

Want to add just a touch of your favorite animal to your outfit? You can’t go wrong with this penguin print infinity scarf made with lightweight polyester. It’s also available in several colors.

14. Penguin Corkscrew

Are you screwed? You won't be when you open up a bottle with this adorable penguin shaped corkscrew bottle opener.

15. Funny Penguin Tee

Do you wanna see my penguin? Flip people a different kind of bird with
this hilariously cute "Ask me about my penguin" flip T-shirt.

How many of these awesome penguin gifts did you add to your wishlist just now?

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