Many of our pets actually have several attitudes, so you'll probably find more than one of the 13+ humorous doormats below suits your pup or kitty to a tee.

Some of these are definitely heavy duty doormats you can use outside; other thinner mats you may want to keep indoors in a place where not too many feet are wiped, as they are meant more as 'floor plaques' than 'floor mats.' Most can be easily cleaned off with a hose, but check out each link and you'll find details about their care.


1. Not me!

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


I never knowingly used catnip

Not me!


2. Please Remove Your Shoes...

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


Please remove your shoes

Please Remove Your Shoes...


3. This Is Not A Joke... The Cat

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat

This is not a joke. Doormat

This Is Not A Joke... The Cat


"This is not a joke..." also comes in a dog version, except the trade-off is a 5 pound rib roast!


4. Owner Is Shady...

Cheeky Doormat, Outdoor Mat


Owners are shady

Owner Is Shady...


Cheeky Doormat also makes custom doormats!


5. Ask Not For Whom The Dog Barks...

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


Ask not for whom the dog barks

Ask Not For Whom The Dog Barks...


6. It's All Fun And Games...

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


Someone ends up in a cone

It's All Fun And Games...


7. Hair of the Dog?

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


Hair of the dog

Hair of the Dog?



8. Dachshund: It's German for...

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


Dachshund in German

Dachshund: It's German for...



9. The Cat...

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


The cat and its housekeeping staff live here

The Cat...


Yes, the Dog also has a housekeeping staff, right here.


10. Dog Sniffing

All U Indoor/Outdoor Mat



Dog Sniffing


11. The Grass Is Greener...

GoodDay Door Mats


The grass is greener

The Grass Is Greener...


12. Dog Likes Strangers...

Tugboat SF


Dog likes strangers



13. The Cat, Day 751...

High Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Mat


The Cat: Day 751



Guess what! This mat is also available in a dog version: The Dog, Day 751


There, you have 13, actually 16, fun mats to choose from. Certainly, at least one of the doormats fits your pet to a tee! These also make great gifts for friends with pets.


That's the buzz for today!
Lady Bee


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