Hanukkah starts on December 12 this year, which means that the
first light of the menorah is lit at sundown the night before, December
11.  Though the holiday commemorates the re-dedication of the Temple in
Jerusalem, Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days to acknowledge the
miracle that the altar light burned for eight days when it only had
enough oil to keep it burning for one day. 

With Christmas commercialism in mind, it
shouldn't come as much of a surprise to you that pet lovers and even
their pets are "special" during the eight days of Hanukkah.  This year,
the array of cat and dog menorahs abound, and I even found
some cat and dog Hanukkah dreidels!  Here's a bunch of the ones I found



The menorah is a special candelabra lit during Hanukkah.  Each night of the holiday, the center candle (altar light) is lit and it is used to light the candles to the left and right of it, starting from the left.  The first candle is lit on the first night of Hanukkah, two candles on the second, three on the third, and so on.  The dog and cat menorahs here are very creative and artistic, and definitely not traditional!

Dog and Cat Menorahs


1.  Ketzal The Cat Menorah

Hand-painted, beautifully handmade metal-worked menorah, available from Amazon.com.  



2.  Muttle The Dog Menorah

Aww.  Like Ketzel the Cat, above, Muttle the Dog is delicately metal-worked and hand-painted and makes a beautiful Hanukkah gift for the Jewish dog lover! 





3.  Cat Fish Menorah

What a splendid work from artists Don Gidley and Sue Parke! Look at that cat face!  The metal work on the Cat Fish Menorah has a unique distressed finish and is hand-painted.  The wooden base is also hand painted.




4. Two By Two Dog Menorah

These adorable ceramic dogs are spread out in mirror images from the center, and their metal candle holders look like crowns. At Amazon.com.



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