I know there are tons of folks who think most dog and cat products are dumb.  After all, dogs and cats have their own fur, so they don't need clothes; and they can fetch sticks, instead of all those gimmicky plastic toys.  They can hunt for vermin and fowl, so they don't need stuff that squeeks or rustles.  And they can be trained to obey with natural bits of food, instead of people-shaped pet cookies.

Then there are those at the other extreme... those for whom pets are their alter-egos.  Fancy beds, clothes closets, diamond-studded jewelry...  Just think about it... what does a sexy dog bikini say about a dog compared to what it says about the owner of a dog?  What statement does a Madonna-style cat wig make?

While identifying with "both sides of the aisle" when it comes to pet products, there are some that both sides likely agree are awesomely ridiculous!


1.   The Dog-O-Matic Dog Washing Machine

 Invented and marketed by Frenchman Roman Jarry, there really is a Dog-O-Matic, and Jarry says dogs love it.  Just look at these photos and tell me if the dog in the washing machine is loving it....





2.  Neuticles


Your dog's neutered?  Surely, he misses his testicles....  He doesn't feel like a man dog any more....

If your German Shepherd gets his (ahem) balls back, does that make him more manly? Or you more manly?  Testicle implants (Neuticles) along with face lifts, tummy tucks, and breast reductions, should be out of bounds for pets. (See Beth's blog about Neuticles here.)


Three versions of Neuticals, artificial pet testicles.Three versions of Neuticals, artificial pet testicles.



3.  Bowlingual & Meowlingual, Cat & Dog Translators

From Japan, land of the kookiest creations for dogs and cats, the Bowlingual the Meowlingual, electronic "translators," let you know what your dog and cat really mean when they speak.  They are programmed to "understand" the sound of six emotions your dog or cat may feel when he elicits a bark or a meow.  These emotions have been codified into the Animal Emotion Analysis System.


 Image nabbed from Steve Levenstein's blogImage nabbed from Steve Levenstein's blog


These gadgets may work fine; I'm not judging their accuracy.  But if you can't figure out if your dog or cat is happy, sad, frustrated, or about to attack you without this $250 gadget... you probably should not own a pet.  Maybe you'd better brush up your people skills too.

Have some fun with this video; you'll probably understand the dogs, but the translation's in Japanese...



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