The Barkleys, screenshot from Subaru commercial

The Barkleys: still shot from Subaru commercial, Road Trip/Convenience Store (video below)


Who can look at a Subaru without seeing priceless mental images of The Barkleys, the 'family' of three golden retrievers and one labrador. The scenes of the "Missus" covering up her new hairdo in embarrassment, or dad dropping off junior at the obedience school... They are truly priceless.

But Subaru isn't the only company that makes memorable pet commercials. Here are 10 superb ads from around the world - 9 video and 1 still photograph (I couldn't resist) - that demonstrate a deep understanding of our pets and an ability to create humor from their motives and actions.


1. Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2017

You may have seen this one, but to my mind, it never gets old!



2. Dreamies "Cat Borrowers" Dreamies Treats, UK




3. "Litter Challenge" Cat's Pride




4. Subaru Dog Tested Commercial, "Road Trip Convenience Store"

The new Subaru Barkley Dog commercials may be foremost in your mind, but do you remember this one from 2014?



5. "Best Friends" Dreamies Deli Cats

Dreamies are one yummy and popular brand of cat treats in the UK and Europe. They are also becoming popular here in the US. I haven't tasted their treats, but their commercials are superbly clever! (Number 2, above, is also a Dreamies video.)




6. "Sneaky" Milk Bone Canada

Here's the still photo I couldn't resist.


Sneaky, Milk Bone, Canada

"Sneaky" via



7. "Furever Weddings" By Petco

Petco always has fun commercials; this one is exceptional!




8. Nature’s Miracle® Presents: "Pee in the Park"

A true study of dogs in the park...





9. "Dogs Are In Charge, Serve them Merrick Dry Food"





10. Subaru Dog Tested, "Behind the Scenes"

Here they are again, but you may not have seen these: they are out-takes from some of the Barkley Dogs Subaru commercials!



I really had great fun choosing these and there are so many more I think you would enjoy. Maybe I'll do another compilation soon. In the meantime, share these with your friends as a gift!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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