I like to buy funny pet wall calendars as Christmas gifts for my pet lover friends because, even if they receive other calendar gifts, there is always a space on the wall for one more -- especially if it's funny and about their species of pet. I found some really hilarious dog, cat, rabbit, ginea pig, ferret, and tea cup pig calendars for 2010; maybe you will find just the right ones for your friends (or yourself!) among them.


Funny Pet Calendar Number 1:  Pets Rock 2010 Wall Calendar

Animals With Personality, the subtitle of the teNeues-published pet calendar, is not an overstatement.  These cats and dogs, dressed as your favorite rock star, are simply darling as their rock heroes.  See the cat Dolly Parton and the dog Elvis.  Can you identify the rest?  Amazon.com





Funny Pet Calendar Number 2:  Crazy Cross Breeds 2010 Wall Calendar

Try these on for size: "wEEnERmation" and "gEERmanoodle."  You get 12 of the craziest, but darling, cross breeds you ever saw.  Designer dog, anyone? Calendars.com




Funny Pet Calendar Number 3:  Cats In Hats 2010 Wall Calendar

The question is how many non-cat owners wouldn't love this calendar.  Although priceless, Cats in Hats calendar is for sale at Amazon.com.




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