I've seen several posts around the web of cats or dogs doing yoga. I thought the idea was adorable and witty. Did you know there are now even calendars and postcards of cats and dogs doing yoga?

They got me wondering why there were no articles or calendars of horses doing yoga? 

So I did a bit of research and I discovered that horses don't like to be caught doing yoga, so it is hard to find pictures of them. I am told that horses feel awkward about it as they don't look as graceful and gorgeous as they normally do just standing or prancing around. Last thing they want is to have us constantly asking them to do yoga poses while we take pictures of them looking stupid. 

So horses tend to do their yoga in private when they think no one is looking. But if you're real quiet and patient, you can sometimes capture a horse either in a yoga pose or just coming out of one when they think no one is looking.

Not convinced that horses can do yoga? Well, I know it's hard to believe since so few folks have actually seen it happening, but I am out to prove you wrong. Here are 10 pictures I've been able to find with a horse either in a yoga pose or just coming out of one. Surely these are enough to convince you!


Horse Doing Yoga #1 - Downward Facing Horse


Horse Doing Yoga #2 - Horse In Goddess Pose


Horse Doing Yoga #3 -Stretching For The Seated Forward Bend




Horse Doing Yoga #4 - Horse In Chair Pose


Horse Doing Yoga # 5 - Horse Doing A Modified Reverse Warrior

Horse Doing Yoga #6 - Horse In Peacock Pose

Horses Doing Yoga #7- Coming Out Of The Handstand Pose


Horse Doing Yoga #8- Horse In Fish Variation Pose


Horse Doing Yoga #9 - Half Forward Bending Horse

Horse Doing Yoga #10 -  In Standing Bow Pose


So what do you think? Do you believe me now when I tell you that horses do yoga?  No?!?!

Well, then do you believe me when I tell you that horses all over the world are laughing at the idea that so many people are fooled into thinking that horses really don't do yoga?  Here's just one horse I took a picture of this morning when I told him people don't believe horses do yoga. Now do you believe me? .

Laughing Horse

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(Note: I got these pictures from Pinterest. When I tried to find the original sources for them, it was pretty much impossible. If you are the owner of an image I am using here, please email PetsLady.com and we will make sure to give you proper credit.)



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