With cats ranging from troublemakers to exercisers to catnip sniffers, these ten hilarious calendars will keep you laughing all year long!

1. Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar

The hilarious Bad Cat calendar features a cat-gone-bad for each day of the year.  Cats range from naughty or downright offensive and include funny captions and Bad Cat advice such as Bad Cat Diet Tips and Bad Cat Early Warning Signs.  Note that these are funny, but some may not be suitable for children!

2.  Fat Cats Calendar

The Fat Cats calendar is just what its title states - 12 months of adorably chubby kitties.  Although unfortunately not good for kitty health, curvaceous cats in big-attitude poses are very cute and very funny.  If the picture is not funny enough for you, the sarcastic captions for each picture will be!

 3.  Yoga Cats Calendar

The Yoga Cats calendar features limber kitties performing yoga poses.   Their contortionist skills and meditation expressions are eccentrically amusing.  Warrior pose and downward dog have rarely been so funny!

 4. Cats In Hats Calendar

The Cats In Hats calendar features felines dressed in their zaniest hats!  From fedoras to berets to sombreros, these amusing  kitty lids can't be topped!

5. Cat Cartoon-A-Day Calendar

The Cat Cartoon-A-Day calendar offers a hilarious cat comic each day of the year.  With jokes drawing from cats' finicky natures to their self-centered attitudes, any cat lover is sure to relate to many of the funny jokes and drawings!

6. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You Calendar

The How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You calendar is based on the popular book by the same name.  Advice such as "If your cat is kneading you, that's not a sign of affection. Your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weakness" will resonate with any cat lover.

7.Cat Chat Calendar

The Cat Chat calendar supposes what cats might say when caught in some pretty difficult photographed situations. Whether it's a run-in with a dog or getting caught having torn up the sofa, you can imagine that cats would have a pretty sarcastic response, and this calendar outlines such responses hilariously.

8.Catnip Madness Calendar

The Catnip Madness calendar presents a photo collection showing cats busted in the throes of catnip enjoyment.  With hilarious kitties caught in a toilet, with a wig and in a variety of other precarious positions, Catnip Madness will make you smile, and probably go out and get your own furry friend this herbal treat!

9. Cat Codependents Calendar

The  Cat Co-Dependents calendar  contains bright funny comics poking fun at our own over-love of all things cat.  Billed as the calendar for "people who love their cats too much", the Cat Co-Dependents calendar shows it like it is with regard to kitty feedings and cat care to-do-lists.  Some months may be so close to true you may be crying instead of laughing!

10. I Can Has Cheezburger Calendar

No Top 10 List for funny cat themes can be complete without an I Can Has Cheezburger? entry!  The I Can Has Cheezburger? calendar presents the endearing hilarious captioned kitties that have been circulating the internet for years.  The "lolcats" that started the trend toward cat humor and cat worship on the internet definitely deserves a place on this list and will certainly have you both smiling and groaning with its adorable cats and sarcastic phrases.

With all the hilarious options to choose from, the difficult part will be choosing just one!  I would love to hear which of these is your favorite!  Happy 2013, Cat Lovers!!!

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