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Certain pets take so much of our time and energy that when a friend has a
pet, one of the gift giving considerations is his or her preoccupation
(some call it love) with that pet.  Then there are those whose greater
interest is with wildlife and the animals only found in the wild, with
the exceptions residing in zoos. Here are some new ideas for holiday
gifts for the pet and animal loving human adults and kids in your life.




Animal Lover Gift No.1:  DeLux Animal Face Hats & Mittens For Adults & Kids

Whether it's a dog, donkey, panda, or polar bear, Delux likely has an adorable hat face or mittens, knit from 100 percent wool and lined in fleece.  Just so you believe me, here's an adult version of the Delux Giraffe Brown Wool Pilot Animat Cap/Hat.


Delux Giraffe Brown Wool Pilot Animal Cap/HatDelux Giraffe Brown Wool Pilot Animal Cap/Hat


Delux Giraffe Brown Wool Pilot Animal Cap/HatDelux Giraffe Brown Wool Pilot Animal Cap/Hat


Now, there's no guarantee that you will find gloves that match the animal hat, because they are sold separately, but here's just an example of the cute gloves... These are Delux Grey Owl Wool Animal Mittens


Delux Grey Owl Wool Animal MittensDelux Grey Owl Wool Animal Mittens


 Check out the many variations of these hats and mittens on Amazon.com.


Animal Lover Gift No.2: ZAGGskins For Adults & Kids

All you need is a photo of your friend's cat, dog, horse, or favorite other animal and the make and model of his or her laptop, phone, or e-reader.  ZAGGskins does the rest... creating a scratch-proof patented film with military grade invisible-SHIELD
protection with that gorgeous and loved creature right on it!


 ZAGGskins: © Zagg.comZAGGskins: © Zagg.com



Horse Lover Gift No.3: Kickin' Butt Women's Shorts

Sorry guys, you're out on this one.  But get your horse lover these adorable Kickin' Butt shorts, or Low Rise Loungers, or Hooded sweatshirt all on this page at Back In The Saddle.


Kickin' Butt Ladies ShortsKickin' Butt Ladies Shorts


Dog Lover Gift No.4:  A Dog's Tale Glasses (Chapter 1)

From Uncommon Goods, comes some clever glassware; four 16 ounce hand washable glasses with a story to tell.  In the first chapter of A Dog's Tale, we see how dogs demonstrate some aggressive or daring behaviors. 

 A Dog's Tale glassware, Chapter 1A Dog's Tale glassware, Chapter 1

The first glass in the story is captioned, "How to assess risk."  Then, "How to demonstrate confidence," "How to bluff," and "How to defy authority."  If you want to go in for the lot of them, you must see Chapter 2!


Cat Lover Gift No.5: The LOL Cat Bible

From Martin Grondin, his LOL Happy Cat translates the Bible into 'cat,' and even makes it easier for some humans to understand it.  If you love cats and you love to laugh, this LOL Cat Bible will have you in stitches.  "In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez an da Erfs n stuffs."  Great images!


LOL Cat Bible by Martin GrondinLOL Cat Bible by Martin Grondin


Dog Lover Gift No.6: My Dog Is My Heart Bracelet

It is not surprising to dog lovers that one can achieve a stronger bond with his or her dog than with a human.  But those who have achieved that bond will agree that this cuff bracelet by artist Elaine Seasmans, and available from In The Company of Dogs says it all.  My dog is my heart is also inscribed on a ring, and chain pendant.  Actually, In The Company of Dogs has great dog lover jewelry!


 My dog is my heart silver band bracelet by Elaine SeamansMy dog is my heart silver band bracelet by Elaine Seamans


Cat Lover Gift No.7:  Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs Sweatshirt

For men or women, but definitely for those who prefer cats to dogs, comes the Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs
sweatshirt, a Hanes Heavyweight from Cafe Pets.  With 10 reasons why,
it will keep people reading for awhile.  After all, 'Cats have better
things to do than stick their noses up your crotch."


Why Cats Are Better Than DogsWhy Cats Are Better Than Dogs


Cat Lover Gift No.8: Inconvenient Kitty Glasses

Not to be outdone by the cutest dog glassware set, Inconvenient Kitty Glasses provide their own understanding of what being a cat and having a cat means.  Like partying on your once-sleeping body in the middle of the night, sometimes cats are inconvenient... but that's also why they entertain us.  From Uncommon Goods, these glasses were designed by Patricia Carlin.


Inconvenient Kitty Tumblers by Patricia CarlinInconvenient Kitty Tumblers by Patricia Carlin



Horse Lover Gift No. 9: The Stirrup Bookmark

A classy long leather bookmark with two miniature pewter stirrups makes a great gift for male or female horse lover. The Stirrup Bookmark is available from Back In The Saddle (just search for stirrup bookmark).


Stirrup Bookmark for horse loversStirrup Bookmark for horse lovers


Dog Lover Gift No.10: Fuzzy Nation Handbags, Wristlets, & Key Chains

Fuzzy Nation has a great niche for the young girl with a fancy for dogs.  I covered the breed specific handbags a while back, and they are just precious, life-like, well-made bags.  But now the company has brought out new lines, including mini-purses for preschoolers, wristlets, and key chains.  Visit these pages; it's just so hard to choose!


Fuzzy Nation Green Baby Blade Pooch PurseFuzzy Nation Green Baby Blade Pooch Purse


 Fuzzy Nation Pinwheel Boston Terrier WristletFuzzy Nation Pinwheel Boston Terrier Wristlet


Fuzzy Nation Boston Terrier KeychainFuzzy Nation Boston Terrier Keychain


That's the buzz for today!


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