Dog opening bathroom door


We train our pets, consciously or unconsciously, to perform.  But many of their behaviors, like consistently barging into the bathroom while you are on the toilet or suddenly refusing to eat a meal they've been scarfing down for the past few weeks, are not trained. When you live with pets you see these instinctive behaviors and they tend to be the ones that bring you close to your pets emotionally.  They are enigmas, specific to their species, perhaps, or even to their quirky individuality. 

Having dogs, cats, and birds as part of my family since I was a tot, these are the animals I know best. I laugh hardest at the memes that express the true nature of these pets.  Maybe you do too.

Here are 10 pet memes that are among my favorites.


1. Dogs May Use Their Pee To Express Their Emotions

Male and female dogs all have ways of expressing their superiority, their jealousy, their need for attention...  Dogs can exquisitely express their feelings by pissing on the object of their derision and feel no shame for it.  I had a female dog who squatted on a date's shoes and peed.  A male dog lifted his leg on my back as I sat on my bed talking on the phone.  Dogs may not have to pee - they have to express their resentment.


Must be Monday

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2.  Cockatiels Are Fearless

Cockatiels are curious and crazy. They seldom back down, even if something stops them in their tracks like this banana!


Bird meets his twin

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3. Cats Are Totally Unpredictable

I don't know about wild cats, but if this isn't totally a domestic cat reaction to his food, I don't know what is.  Somehow, they do know when you've bought a whole case.  Cat food makers need to mix it up a bit more, because what my kitty won't eat today, he will devour in two weeks. I need something to feed him in the meantime.


Cat won't eat his usual food



4. Puppies Don't Know What You're Talking About

"Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Who's a...." That question must go over and over again in your dog's head. Unless you give your puppy a treat, he doesn't know the heck you're talking about.


Who's a good boy?

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5. Dogs Don't Honor Your Privacy

It's hard to hide from your dog. As independent as a dog might be, there are times when she just has to know where you are, no matter where you are.  And the bathroom seems to be a dog's favorite place to interfere with your activities.


Dog opening bathroom door

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6. Dogs Examine New Things With Their Noses And Mouths

If they can't smell it, they will still try to eat it!



Must be edible

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7. Dogs Express Skepticism

The dog below is expressing skepticism. It's the same face my 12 year-old dog gives me when I put a fish oil pill in my hand and expect him to eat it voluntarily.  It's the same face I get when I throw a toy and expect him to fetch it. I see this face a lot!


You what?

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8. Dogs Need To Protect Their Families

Big or small, a dog's home is his castle and his protectorate. He takes its defense so seriously that he seems to go nuts when there's an interference such as a doorbell.


Dogs and doorbells

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9. Kittens Explore Everything

Dogs explore a lot, but they're not as nimble as cats. Kittens are even more nimble and create havoc jumping, hanging, and scratching on everything. No pose is ridiculous to a kitten.


Cat hanging from towel rack

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10.  Parakeets Are Super Friendly

It takes a rare cat to make friends with a bird, but it can happen, and when it does, your bird will really be happy.  Parrots love to make friends of all kinds; humans, dogs, and cats are their faves. They will keep you all amused if this 'marriage' works. You will need to train your cat; importantly, don't make your cat jealous of the bird.


Bird and cat

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Hope you enjoyed these memes and saw your own pets' natural behaviors in them.