Owls are quite in style these days, and many people have begun collecting various owl-themed items.  These ten awesome owl ornaments make great gifts for collectors, as well as a fun addition to your own tree!


1. White Snowy Owl Ornament

This gorgeous soft white faux fur snow owl is perched on a branch with a feather tail with a white cord for hanging. It is available here.


2. Polka Dot Owl Ornaments

Adorable styrofoam owl ornament for their collection available here


3.  Bright-eyed Fabric Owl Ornament

This bright eclectic ornament comes in beautiful bright colors and fanciful patterns.  His wide eyes make an adorable eye-catching addition to any Christmas tree!

4.  Hand-Painted Gourd Owl Ornaments

These very unique ornaments make an excellent special gift.   These owls are hand-painted in Peru and are created from dried gourd to make truly one-of-a-kind pieces.  Additional detail is added by engraving the gourd skin, and a colorful cotton Santa hat sits atop each owl's head.

5.  Natural Materials Owl Ornaments

These cute owls look perfect on a tree because they are made from  materials from nature itself!  Created from natural fibers, wood, seeds, and other natural material, these detailed little guys are perfect for any nature-lover's tree. 

6. Bejeweled Glittery Glass Owl Ornament

This fancy owl ornament is bejeweled with rhinestones and made sparkly with glitter.  This shimmery ornament will reflect the Christmas lights and be sure to be noticed.

7.  Owl Fair Trade Metal Ornament

This gorgeous and very unique ornament is created from various metals to give it a beautiful and delicate appearance.  With brilliant metalwork eyes and intricate beading, this gorgeous ornament is sure to be talked about for years to come. 


8.  Gorgeous Silver and Gold Owl Ornaments

This beautiful pair of silver and gold glass owl ornaments will dazzle on the tree.  With bright metallic finishes and snow-flocked chests, these dignified birds each sit atop a snowy pine cone.

9. Wise Graduating Owl Ornament

This graduating owl ornament is beautiful for the tree or to commemorate a special someone's graduation.  This gorgeous ornament shows a wise, well-studied owl with a sweet innocent face and is created from hand-blown glass in the Christopher Radko tradition.

10.  Adorable Mariachi Owl Ornament

This adorable mariachi playing owl is sure to make you smile.  With his broad sombrero and bright red instrument, this little Mexican music man will make your tree more entertaining!  Feliz Navidad!

11. Night Owl Snowflake Ornament

This porcelain owl ornament features a broad-winged owl flying in the starry night sky.  Printed on both sides of a snowflake, this ornament will look perfect on your tree or even hanging from the ceiling as year-round decoration.

12.  Bright Owl Sisters Ornament

This brightly colored sisters owl ornament is a perfect gift for your sister or daughters!  The adorable owl sisters are holding wings on a branch that says "Life's a HOOT with you!"  With it's bright purple, pink, turquoise, and lime hues, this cute ornament will stand out on any best sister's tree!

Each of these adorable owl ornaments makes a great gift for your favorite owl-lover or for yourself!!  Which of these wise birds do you like best?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Some of the onrmaments above are now sold
out. If they are no longer available, we have removed the link to them.
In addition to the owl ornaments featured above, take a look at  these stunning owl onrmament which are still available. 

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