Nearly every adoring cat or dog parent likes getting gifts that
acknowledge their love for their furry "child." Just think about how
many dog t-shirts you've seen on people, and how many cat lovers hang
the thoughts of "philosophical cats" on the walls of their homes. Here
are 10 gifts that show you remember a dog or cat lover!


Gift Idea 1. Digital Dog Gift

Here's a dog with a magnetic personality to keep you company while you work. I don't know why he's called digital because he's not wired for anything, except fun, perhaps. DD is a dog puzzle, actually, that comes with a magnetic (literally) body, and a bunch of bolts, nuts, twisted iron pieces and chain to create a dog, sitting, standing, lying down... any way you want. A fun respite from work or something to fool with while he's talking on the phone. Digital Dog is available at Computer



Gift Idea 2. Cat Butt Magnets Gift

Aww. No one would take offense at an adorable set of Cat Butt Magnets... unless they were completely humorless. The butts are of five popular cat breeds with extra strong magnetic hold and a free hair ball magnet! Aren't they the cat's meow? Cat Butt Magnets are available from Amazon.



Gift Idea 3. Dog Bone Paper Clips

Something necessary but not always original, the Dog Bone Paper Clips are a small but significant way to communicate you care. These oversized clips in white, black, and red are perfect for organizing bills and/or work projects. 15 per package, available at



Gift Idea 4. Cat Paper Clips Gift

These little loves are hand-wired, each a different shape, sized up to 3.25
inches, and all 12 too pretty to send off in the mail. What treasures are the Cat Paper Clips at



Gift Idea 5. Best Friends Greeting Cards Gift

Best Friends has a new series of cards with covers graced by restored
postcards of the Art Nouveau period. You can order them per piece or by box of
8; they can be left blank inside or customized with a short greeting. The Best Friends watermark, shown below in the
pictures, does not appear on the actual cards. Available at Best Friends.






Gift Idea 6. Dog Napkins Gift

Dinner is Served
is an artistic rendering of your best friend as chef and
server… now that would be nice. Guaranteed to put a smile on the face of one’s
guests, these 6” square paper napkins come 40 per packet. Artist is Anne Davis, available from The Aristocratic Pet.



Gift Idea 7. Laurel Birch Cat Socks Gift

Laurel Birch is an artist who weaves her whimsical cats into lively,
colorful accessories, mostly for women. The Aristocratic Pet carries a variety
of Laurel Birch purses, jewelry, scarves and socks. I’m partial to these Laurel Birch Cat Socks in the winter and
these go great with pants or pajamas! In purple or black. You can also find a large selection at Amazon.




Gift Idea 8. Animal Lovers Silicone Rubber Bands Gift

Charles and Marie, of exquisite taste, bring the animal lover a unique gift
at an accessible price. The Animal
Lovers Silicone Rubber Bands are virtually indestructible, so you can be sure
your giftee will love them for years to come. Available in boxes of 24, the rubber
come in three styles: Domestic Pets, Zoo Animals, and Dinosaurs. Great
for kids too!



Gift Idea 9. Dog/Cat Plaque for Grandparents Gift

Yes, grandparents of dogs and cats need recognition too, especially if the
dog or cat is the only grandchild.
This is a hand cut slate with three layers of paint and a water-resistant
sealer over the stenciling, suitable for indoors or out. For grandparents
with a sense of humor. Available for dog and cat grandparents at Jakes Dog





Gift Idea 10. Day 751 Cat Doormat Gift


I’m going to let this Cat Doormat speak for
itself, as it does so clearly. The doormat is 18" x 27" and made from
synthetic indoor/outdoor carpet with stitched edges and color fast ink. Available
from Jakes Dog House.


(Incidentally: Jakes has a great assortment of
dog breed gifts from small Christmas Ornaments to full size ceramic sculptures
of many dog breeds.)

I hope this gave you some good ideas for neat gifts for friends whose families include cats and dogs!

That's the buzz for today!

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