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Check your knowledge about cats against our 10 fun facts


Cats are full of mystery, as compared to dogs, and their very behavior can be baffling to anyone who’s always kept canines as companions. But even long-standing cat owners probably aren’t aware of everything there is to know about their feline friends. For instance, cats, like dogs, release heat through their paws. While dogs primarily pant, due to limited sweat glands in their paw pads, cats use theirs exclusively for this purpose.


Here are 10 more quick fun facts about felines you probably never knew.


1.  Cats are one of the few animals that can’t taste sweet or sugary flavors.

2.  A pack of kittens is known as a kindle, yet a pack of adult felines is known as a clowder.

3.  Adult cats are speedy little devils that can run at approximately 12 mph, but they are actually able to sprint at roughly 30 mph!

4.  Cats come equipped with five toes on their front paws but only have four toes on their rear paws.

5.  Cats are capable of jumping as much as seven times their own height, coming close to that of a flea.

6.  The tongue of a feline is rough and scratchy because its lined with what is called papillae. These are tiny backward-facing hooks, which conveniently aid in holding prey in place.

7.  A cat’s hearing is superior to that of a dog’s, allowing them to hear sounds of very high frequency.

8.  Another way felines come out on top over canines is that they also have over 100 vocal sounds, whereas dogs have approximately 10.

9.  A cat’s purring continues through each inhalation and exhalation without stopping.

10. And, finally, a cat’s nose comes complete with unique ridges similar to that of a human fingerprint.

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