Going all natural with merchandise and product consumption continues to gain in popularity each year as people more fully embrace the importance of keeping in harmony with nature. Not surprisingly, this trend extends to the pets in our lives as well. After all, if you're going to strive to eat/live healthy and reduce your carbon footprint with smarter choices, why not expand this greener, healthier lifestyle to include your pets? Because more and more people want to use natural pet products free of additives and potentially harmful or unnecessary ingredients, we've put together a list of the 10 best natural pet products for dogs and cats.

We've assembled our list in two categories to include the same topics of interest for each species. Below you'll find five of the best all natural products for dogs and five for cats. While one or two of them might overlap, each has been selected for their natural or organic qualities. So, without further ado, here are our choices for the 10 best natural pet products available today.


                              5 Best Natural Pet Products for Dogs


Dog Shampoo



The product you use to bathe your pet can greatly affect the quality of their life. Yes, that sounds a bit dramatic but it's true. Many shampoos have harsh additives or alcohol in them that can dry your pet's skin out and lead to severe itching and scratching -- which leads to pet products to sooth. Why create the situation in the first place when you can use a gentle, all natural formula designed with your pet in mind? Instead, try Earthbath All Natural Shampoo made with soothing oatmeal and aloe. It's got a pleasant vanilla and almond scent and it's soap free, so if you're using flea products on your pet's coat you don't have to worry about washing them off. There's even a conditioner for dogs with long hair that tend to get matted or need untangling. 


Dog Skin & Coat


Coconut oil is the new miracle product that's been around forever, but people are just starting to realize the numerous benefits derived from it in its many forms. I say many forms because it comes processed in many different ways. Knowing which form to get depends on what you want to do with it. To learn more about that, click here, but pure unrefined coconut oil is good for external applications like hair and skin care. For visible results, massage small amounts of coconut oil into your pet's skin and coat or add it to their food regularly. There are manufacturers of the product like Wholistic Pet Organics aimed specifically at pets, but in all honesty it's not necessary to differentiate.


Dog Paw Protection


There are plenty of products on the market for protecting your dog's paws, but the best all natural product specifically for this purpose is Musher's Secret. It's a product from Canada invented for sled dogs, but anybody can use it — including humans. Basically, it creates an invisible boot for dogs made of a dense barrier wax to form a breathable bond that moisturizes and heals as it protects.


Dog Treats & Chews

Only Natural Pet Free Range Bully Sticks

offer dogs a healthy alternative to bleached rawhides that have been processed with harmful chemicals. They are made from free range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle that have been raised without the use of any growth hormones, antibiotics or other unnatural additives commonly used with feed lot cattle. Chews are an excellent way to reduce tartar and plaque build up on your dog's teeth and to give them an outlet if they like to chew.


Dog Flea Control Products


Most people are very set on their flea control products due to past experience. As fleas continue to evolve, so can the trouble with exterminating them. In addition to topicals, there are a variety of products you can use for bedding and other external applications like rugs and household items. All-In-One Flea Remedy by Only Natural Pet Products uses diatomaceous earth for safe and natural flea elimination. It not only kills fleas, but it destroys eggs and larvae in a safe and effective manner that won't hurt your pets or anyone else in the house. Just sprinkle it around your home to start eliminating fleas instantly. It's so safe and gentle, you can even use it directly on your pets.



                             5 Best Natural Pet Products for Cats


Cat Shampoo

Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Foam for Cats


takes a natural approach to your cat's grooming needs. Instead of submerging your cat in water, which most of them hate with a passion, you simple spray on this gentle foam and rub it into your cat's coat and then towel it off. It leaves them smelling fresh while gently cleansing away dander, dirt and residual saliva. It contains no parabens, phosphates, pthalates, DEA, synthetic dyes or perfumes, and it's flea treatment compatible, too.


Cat Skin & Coat

Other than lolling in the sun, your cat's other favorite pastime is probably curling up in your lap for a good petting. Of course, you would never deny them of that pleasure, time permitting, but sometimes the piles of cat hair and dander you're left with are enough to send you running for your pet mitt. There's an anti-shed topical mist made specifically for that by Ark Naturals called Don't Shed on Me that helps moisturize your pet's skin, conditions their coat and reduces excessive shedding on your clothes and furniture. It works well and leaves your pets smelling fresh and clean.


Cat Paw Protection

While cats don't usually have a problem with their paws, if they're outdoor cats and you live in a rural area with varied terrain or extreme temperatures, sometimes they can use a little bit of help too. Try Only Natural Pet Soothe & Shield Paw Balm. It comes in an easy-to-use stick to protect pads from the elements as well as hot streets and sidewalks, gravel, salt, ice and snow. This product can be used on both dogs and cats.


Cat Treats & Chews

From the Field earth friendly pet products offers cats only the freshest, all natural catnip buds available. They even have blends with names reminiscent of products you'd find available at medical marijuana dispensaries. In fact, their website is startlingly similar to what you might find in connection with a MM dispensary. Maybe that's because a lot of their products include hemp. Aside from all that, you'll find only the freshest, all natural options for cat treats and toys with From the Field.


Cat Flea Control Products

Diatomaceous earth won't conflict with cat grooming habitsDiatomaceous earth won't conflict with cat grooming habits

Here's where the two categories overlap. Whether you have dogs or cats, or any pet for that matter, Only Natural's All-in-One Flea Remedy is the way to go for safe, effective flea management, both on your pet and around your home. It's free of harsh chemicals and safe for everyday use. Another plus to this particular product, besides the fact it's odorless, is animals that groom themselves regularly won't be adversely affected by licking it.


Benefits of Natural Pet Products

Hopefully you'll find this list of all natural pet products useful in your quest for going green with your pets. It should be mentioned that if you have a breed of dog that tends to be prone to ear infections brought on by allergies or moisture, Earthbath also has an All Natural Dog Grooming Foam that's perfect for cleansing without water as well.

Have any natural products you'd like to recommend? Share them in the comment section below.



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