With the ubiquitous nature of iPods, smart phones and other music-storing devices, people carry their music with them all the time.  These party animal speakers will help you share the music with your friends and are fun to watch too!

1. iPig Stereo iPod and iPhone Docking Station

The adorable iPig stereo speaker system comes with connectors to fit all iPods and iPhones and charges the device while it plays your tunes  Five high-quality powerful speakers and  sub-woofer give this porker the ability to play your favorite music with high fidelity.  A multi-colored light-up smile provides power info and fun flashing while playing music and touch-sensitive ears control the volume.  

2. Digital Party Animal Dancing Speaker-Dog 

This fun plush pet speaker is sure to delight kids and adults alike.  While the built-in speaker plays music from your iPod, iPhone or other device, this musical pup dances to the music!  Available in multiple colors for different "breeds".

3.  Chew Chew the Dog Speaker Docking Station

Chew Chew the dog is an excellent and fun iPod speaker device!  Chew Chew charges your device while playing and can be powered by batteries or an adapter.  Excellent sound and an adorable appearance make Chew Chew a perfect party-goer.

4.  iDog the Music Loving Canine Speaker

The original dog iPod speaker, iDog moves and dances to the beat of the music while multi-colored lights flash in his face.  He has built-in personality and is able to respond to physical inputs such as flicking his tail, to which he gives a growl. While originally marketed for iPods and iPhones, this adorably guy works with most standard devices.

5. iKross White and Pink Rabbit Portable Mini Stereo Speaker

The iKross Rabbit Portable Mini Speaker gives big sound in a small package.  This adorable bunny is compatible with most devices and can be powered by a USB jack for convenient use with laptops. With his whimsical face and bunny ears, he's sure to make people smile.

6.  Zoo-Tunes Portable Mini Character Speakers

Zoo-Tunes Portable Mini Character Speakers by Imprecca  come in a variety of adorable animals including owls, tigers, bears and more.  These pets' speaker eyes  provide cuteness and good sound at the same time.  Their small size makes them convenient to take on the go.

7.  Dancing Cat Speaker

This funky feline dancing cat speaker can't wait for you to plug in the music so he can bust out the moves!  With his cute face and bobbing dance moves, this kitty is sure to be the hit of the party!

8. Kuchi-Paku Penguin Speaker

This plush penguin speaker can dance and sing!   Besides dancing while playing your music, this feathered friend has a microphone input so he can dance and respond to your voice too! 

9.  Ki Ki the Cat Speaker Docking Station

Ki Ki the Cat Speaker Docking Station is a cousin of Chew Chew the Dog shown above.  Attach your iPod or iPhone to Ki Ki's belly and get ready for some big sound.  Her touch controls and multiple input options make her very easy to use and her personality will keep you smiling!

10.  I-Fish Speaker

I-Fish is a unique fish speaker that dances and lights up to the music!  Depending on the type of music he's playing, Besides playing your music, he can play his own little tunes depending on his mood.  His spinning and flashing are sure to be the hit of the party and give him tons of personality in a little package.


With a zoo full of options to choose from, which animal speaker will be invited to entertain at your next party?

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