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Serpent-Like Fish Beached Near Baja

In the past few months a number of sea creatures have been showing up in the wrong parts of the world, but none have been quite as unusual as the elusive oarfish. The oarfish has rarely been seen alive in the ocean and almost as rarely found washed up on beaches dead or dying. Recently one washed up on a beach in Cabo San Lucas.

A Pet Shelter Goes No-Kill

A year ago, the Muncie Indiana Animal Shelter had a 40 percent euthanization rate, 33 percent below the national average of shelter euthanization, according to the ASPCA.  But that was not a low enough rate for Phil Peckinpaugh, who took over the Muncie Shelter as director earlier this year.  In nine months the 40 percent kill rate was reduced to 10 percent; now the Shelter is 'no-kill.'


Mimi: Eulogy For An Elephant

Sad news was announced by the Denver Zoo on Wednesday. Mimi, their beloved Asian elephant, was euthanized late Tuesday. The pachyderm was believed to be around 53 years old and had lived at the zoo since 1961. She had been in hospice care at the zoo since August as her health and vitality had begun to decline.

Spending On Halloween Costumes For Pets Up 20 Percent

Who's on parade this Halloween?  You, your kids, or your pets?  The National Retail Federation (NRF) says nearly 72 percent of Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, the most in the survey's history.  But what about our pets?

Tiger Party Is All Wet

Last month we started reporting on pool parties that allowed party-goers, including children, to swim with alligators. Apparently that company was not the only one offering up wild animals as swimming pool playmates. Wild Things, a popular attraction in Dade City, Florida, offers people the chance to swim with a tiger cub named Tony.

Elephants Or Donkeys? Pets, Political Icons Or Mad Men?

When one mentions elephants or donkeys, what do you conjure up? Dependent on where you hail geographically, you might own one as a pet or as a means of transportation. Certainly in Africa and Mexico, that would be the case. In an election year, in the U.S., one might align the elephant and the donkey with the symbols representative of the country's two political party system. But who would ever reference these two animals as advertising hucksters or promoters of brand products?

Oh, The French! Their Bees Are Producing Blue & Green Honey

Nom, nom.  Ooh, la la!  C'est magnifique!  Well, maybe not, according to the French bee farmers whose bees got into some M&M colored syrup and produced blue and green honey....

Sleeping With The Dogs? One Man Is Taking Animal Activism To A New Level

To raise awareness for an on-going problem with pet overpopulation, local activist Michael Rosenberg took matters into his own hands. For 2 days, Rosenberg chose to sleep, eat, and live inside a 4x10 foot dog kennel on a cement pad. Rosenberg is hoping his actions will raise awareness to this problem and cause voters to turn to the ballot box in November to vote "Yes" on Ballot #240.

Big Bird, America's Favorite Pet Ruffles Feathers & Math In Presidential Campaign

For those still scratching their heads as to how Big Bird became fodder for this year's presidential campaign, it appears that nation's favorite pet, now in his early 40s is a major bone of contention for one side of the aisle. Shifting from cracking down on Wall Street, Republican Mitt Romney took it upon himself to bash Sesame Street, and one of the country's sacred cows. . . erh birds!

Michael Vick, Dog Owner? Deleted Twitter Pic Shows Open Milk-Bones Box

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was convicted on federal and state felony dog fighting charges in 2007 and as one of the conditions of his parole, he was not legally able to own a dog. Vick's parole ended this past July and although he's not announced he's acquired a dog, a quickly deleted Twitter pic featuring an open box of Milk-Bones implies otherwise.

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