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Gator Time: Look What The Dog Dragged In

When you own a pet, either cat or dog, you just never know what they will chose to bring home with them after they've been out on their own. This was especially true for one couple in Kansas City, Missouri when their dog came home last week -- with the head of an alligator. At first they just couldn't believe it was real.

Christmas Birds Declining in Britain

You're not going to see a partridge in a pear tree any time soon. For one thing partridges are ground-dwelling birds and don't do trees very often. In truth the partridge in England is in serious decline. The turtle doves are in even worse shape. Serious conservation is needed to save the birds of Christmas. Either that or we will have to cancel the first two days of Christmas.

Sea Life Changes As Norway's Fjords Darken

The classically pristine fjords of Norway are darkening as global warming is causing more and more freshwater to run into them from melting snow pack and glaciers. The increased runoff into rivers and streams takes more organic material with it -- causing the waters to become darker. The result could be a drastic reduction of many fish species, except for jellyfish which would thrive.

Whale Cocktail: Just Say Noooooo!

The ban on whale meat and meat products throughout Europe (with limited exceptions in Greenland and Denmark), is having an effect on businesses that appear to not be aware of the law. Last week in England a trendy tavern was raided by police because they were selling a drink that was allegedly being given a kick of flavor through the use of whale meat.

Palace of Fine Arts Attracts A Chirp, Tweets & Hoots?

What does the Twitterati and Barn Owls have in common? Well, it seems they are known to frequent historic landmarks, such as the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District of San Francisco, California. But what makes it a venue of consequence for those that tweet, chirp or hoot?

Plane Panics As Carry-On Cobra Escapes

If you think you've been on a flight from hell because of a screaming baby or a talkative neighbor, you got another think coming. Ninety passengers on an Egyptian Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait last week were terrorized by a cobra that one of the passengers had smuggled on board.

Strange Behavior: Big Fish Catches Birds On Land

It's an upside down world where fish capture and eat birds, but some European catfish have been spied doing just this. Researchers at the University of Toulouse have now published reports of this novel behavior happening on the banks of the Tarn River, where the European catfish is an invasive species. These giant fish have apparently mastered water and land to nab air-dwelling prey. Read on and check out the amazing video of these monster fish in action.

Nighttime Attack Of The Cannibal Lobsters

There has been a bumper crop of lobster off the coast of Maine the past couple of years. This is due in part to the climate change making the waters off the coast of Maine warmer and more welcoming to the crustaceans. This is also due to over fishing species like cod and halibut who feed on lobsters. These factors have created a lobster paradise -- sort of.

Woman Gives Birth At Saratoga Zoo While Zoo Bears Watch

A woman watching the bears at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY last Friday suddenly became the watched one as she went into labor and gave birth to a baby girl right on the Zoo's main path. What could the bears do?

Decline In Menhaden Populations Threatens Survival For Other Fish

If you've never heard of menhaden it's probably because they aren't exactly good eating -- not to humans anyway. However they are often a favorite food for the fish that we do like to eat -- and those we just know and love. So the seriously declining numbers of menhaden along the Atlantic coast could spell doom for more than just that one species of fish.

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