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Rob is the perfect name for this baby Indian palm squirrel because he is going to steal your heart! The tiny rodent hails from Sri Lanka where wildlife filmmaker Paul Williams found him in a dark parking lot. At first Williams thought the animal was dead, but then it twitched. He scooped it up and began to warm it in his hands.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. For one little cat in Milton, West Virginia this is certainly true. The tiny tabby was trapped in a house when it caught fire. Nearby Batman and Captain America were visiting a group of children to talk with them about what it means to be a hero. The kids were witness to something that they won't soon forget as the fictional heroes sprang into action for the real-life emergency.

Seems like Katy Perry has had an on-again off-again love fest going on with one animal rights group, namely: 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA).  When previously married, she was championed by PETA for her vegetarian lifestyle with ex-husband Russell Brand. Three years later, she is being condemned for using animals in her jungle-themed music video.

Last month Thai officials stopped 14 elephants for having fake IDs. They weren't under age and trying to get into the hottest club or buy alcohol. The Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression team discovered the animals were either unregistered or illegally registered and most likely being either smuggled from neighboring Myanmar or taken from the wild.

Darwin the IKEA Monkey won't be reunited with either his human “mother” or his fashionable custom shearling coat, now that a Toronto judge has ruled he must spend the rest of his days at the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary.

A couple of weeks ago two dogs in Victoria, British Columbia, took on the task of defending their human's property when a hungry cougar approached. Kovu and Teaka double-teamed the big cat with circling and barking. While the cat hissed its intentions to defend itself while cautiously trying to make a slow, graceful exit.

Over the course of the last couple of decades our lives on the digital
landscape has shifted into high gear as we hopscotch from one new shiny
thing to another. But what about our pets?  Have they also acclimated to
our brave new world of techie gadgets and innovative wizardry? Does
technology add to their life experience or are they still perfectly
content with that soothing bowl of milk or the next opportunity to bury
that steak bone in the backyard?

Local law enforcement has an idea why the huge male lion was found in
Kuwait's Bayan district, but everyone is stunned to learn how the big
cat was recovered!