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Red Hawk Down: Bird Of Prey Grounded By Large Meal

The trouble began when a juvenile red-tailed hawk caught a coot for his dinner. It must have been a particularly tasty coot or perhaps the hawk had just gotten too hungry in the pursuit. At any rate, the hawk finished eating, moved several feet away and collapsed. Photographer Steve Shinn discovered the bird too full to fly, or even move, lying on its back just outside a nature preserve near Long Beach, California.

Agoraphobia: Dog Terrified Of Going For A Walk

Sam, a black Labrador retriever in Aberdeenshire, Scotland was once a normal, happy dog who couldn't wait to go for a walk -- just like any other dog. Then one day, while he was out for a walk and checking out all of the different sniffs in the neighborhood he received a serious electric shock through his paws when he touched a metal drain.

Navy Engineer Invents Robotic 'Bird Buggy' For Pepper The Parrot (Video)

Home on leave from the Navy, engineering student at the University of Florida, Andrew Gray, noticed his parrot, Pepper, was lonely.  Pepper wasn't happy being kept in one room when the rest of the family were in other rooms of his home. And Pepper made it known, in the way only parrot-owners would believe, that he was not happy....

Police Volunteer Injured While Trying To Save Cat

Last week a police volunteer was injured while trying to help rescue a stray cat that had been found wandering along a highway in Israel. It all began when a motorist had noticed the cat and stopped to try to rescue the furry little wanderer herself. The animal turned the plan upside down when it crawled into the engine compartment of the car.

Python Hunt Begins To Curb Infestation

Florida is no stranger to invasive, non-native species, especially when it comes to the Burmese python. There are an estimated 150,000 of the snakes living and hunting in the Everglades and surrounding areas. With no natural predator in the area they are decimating the native wildlife. On Saturday the state started a month long python hunt event to help curb the spread of the species.

Hair-raising Hong Kong Crab Spider Looks Like A Walking Human Head!

A weird “human-headed” Goldenrod Crab Spider captured on a viral video from Hong Kong has evoked comparisons with the 1958 sci-fi classic “The Fly”, John Carpenter's 1986 thriller “The Thing,” and the golden-bodied Skulltula spiders from The Legend of Zelda games.

The Lion And The Labradoodle

This last week you had to be living under a rock not to have heard of the lion scare in Norfolk, Virginia. It happened not far from the zoo, which added to the confusion. Charles, a very hairy labradoodle, was just out of the groomers and was just taking a quick run down the street, and that sparked a number of 911 calls reporting a small lion on the loose.

Training, Competing, & Camping With The Dog Scouts Of America

You may never have heard of them, but they're in 22 states in the U.S. and there's one in Canada and one in Puerto Rico... chapters of the Dog Scouts of America (DSA).  And they don't sell cookies!

Chinese Stray Cat Rubs Paws To Keep Warm

Cold paws, warm heart? A video of a cat in Nanjing that appears to be rubbing its paws together on a chilly morning has touched the hearts of Chinese netizens, going viral to the tune of 410,000 views per day.

Rare Singing Dog Found To Still Exist In New Guinea

The elusive and shy New Guinea singing dog has not been seen outside of captivity in more than 23 years -- until recently. The canine, which is related to the Australian dingo and named for the coyote-style howling it does, was feared extinct in the wild. Only about 200 of the dogs remain on display in zoos or in homes as pets.