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Elephant Seal Blocks Brazilian Traffic! (Video!)

While the massive southern elephant seal is an uncommon sight on beaches in the southern hemisphere, they are almost never seen playing in traffic. Almost!

'Flight Of The Bumblebees' Cancelled Due To Weather & Maintenance Disruption [Videos]

Composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for his opera, The Tale of Tsar Salton (circa 1899-1900), the "Flight of the Bumblebee" is one of the most recognizable orchestral pieces to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, that haunting refrain just might outlive our bee population, leading many to wonder if the demise of the bee is a case of the "canary in the mineshaft?"

Is Your Reptile Cold? Perhaps You Need A Turtle Cozy

Everyone knows someone who is crazy about their dog and will dress them up in cute little (or strange little) outfits. Then there are the insane cat ladies. Now there is the tortoise addict and her inclination to crochet little sweaters or "cozies" for her reptilian pals. Not only that, she also makes them for sale. She donates 10% of the proceeds to International Reptile Rescue to help out her cold-blooded friends.

Fish Travel to U.S. In Tsunami Debris

A lot of debris has made it across the Pacific Ocean since the tsunami in Japan back in 2011. So when an 18-foot skiff washed up on a beach in Washington State in late March there didn't seem to be anything surprising about it -- until they took a look inside and found a compartment with live fish swimming inside.

Royal Antelope vs Dik-dik: Does Size Really Matter?

While the Dik-dik called Aluna is stealing the current animal kingdom's spotlight, it wasn't too long ago, the public and the Twittersphere went agaga over the birth of a Royal Antelope. So what's all this fuss about? Well, apparently miniature versions of larger breeds hold a special place in our hearts.

Is The Camel As Much A Political Animal As The Elephant & Donkey?

While the two-party system would probably never consider changing their political icons, it's odd that very seldom (if ever) do you see one of our political figures riding either a donkey or elephant? And with the 21st Century well on its way and since both parties are often criticized for being stuck in the past, perhaps it's time for one of them to update their logo as a way to energize their base and motivate their constituencies.

SPCA Saves Deserted Tarantula In New York!

If your neighbors moved away and you noticed that they had left their pet dog, cat or bird behind, you would probably do something to rescue the neglected animal. But what if it was a tarantula?

Professor Speaks At Symposium About The Problems Of Trying De-Extinction

If you think you don't know what de-extinction is, think Jurassic Park. The movie franchise was a series of adventures in de-extinction. When Michael Crichton penned the first novel the idea was still fairly far-fetched to most people. Now science is standing on the doorstep of such possibilities becoming a reality.

Live Lobsters Removed From German Supermarkets

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation, an animal rights activist group formed to alleviate the suffering of farmed animals, has successfully convinced the majority of major German supermarkets to stop selling live lobsters. This and other animal rights organizations have pushed for removing lobsters from chain markets for a variety of reasons that contribute to the large crustacean’s “pain and suffering.”