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Houston Middle School Terrorized By "Bully Goat"

On Tuesday morning a billy goat was seen sauntering down a road and onto the grounds of a middle school in Houston, Texas. Neighbors looked on while school officials called 911 about the mysterious stranger hoofing it around the school grounds. As his visit continued he grew agitated and went from billy to bully.

Rakfisk: The Sushi Of The Far North?

There is something about Scandinavians that makes them partial to really smelly fish. The iconic lutefisk known to many a church supper and Christmas dinner has made many a non-Scandinavian blanch and their nose hairs curl from the odor. Lutefisk is not the smelliest fish on earth. That honor may well go to the Norwegian delicacy known as rakfisk.

Unicorn Lair Discovered By North Korean Archeologists

The discovery of the ancient lair of a unicorn described in Korean history has been announced by archaeologists at the History Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences. The news was publicized not by The Onion but by KCNA, the official news agency of the government of North Korea.

Little Horse Brings In Big Bucks For Charity At Christmas Time

Miniature horses are becoming popular as pets and can also be trained as service animals to help the disabled, but one little equine in Wisconsin has a very special job. Tinker, a miniature horse like the one pictured here, is a Salvation Army bell ringer -- and he's stunningly good at it. Tinker takes in ten times as many donations as his human counterparts. The secret to his success? Consummate professionalism.

Wild Hogs Take To The Highway

In Texas dealing with feral hogs is a losing battle in more ways than one. They can tear up grasslands and farm crops in the blink of an eye, and are now posing a serious threat to motorists along a new stretch of State Highway 130 where the legal speed is 85 MPH.

Owner Of Cloned Dogs Won't Keep 'A Rope Around Their Necks'

According to news reports, you had better keep any puppies, small dogs, or those of a fragile nature out of Central Park and the upper west 90s of New York City these days, for you are liable to encounter two free-roaming cloned Collie/Great Pyrenees mix dogs - dogs reported to have bitten other dogs and people, not only in the Park but on the streets of the upper West Side.

Manatee Rider Arrested

A couple of months ago a woman in St. Petersburg, Florida was photographed taking a joy-ride on a manatee. Any joy she received from the stunt was short-lived as she was recently arrested for violating laws protecting endangered sea mammals. She was allegedly in violation of Florida's Manatee Sanctuary Act.

Do Giraffes Mourn? The Debate Continues

There has long been a debate among different scientists as to whether animals have emotions. One of the largest parts of this debate is whether or not animals have a true "awareness" of death. In a recent article for the African Journal of Ecology, the latest incident of a female giraffe refusing to leave the body of her dead calf has brought the debate back to the table.

20 + Unique Animal Ornaments - Not Just For Your Christmas Tree!

If you love animals, you will love these unusual, adorable, animal ornaments from all over the world, most of them hand-crafted. Some may be your pets; others, animals you admire from afar. But I suspect that if you choose these to decorate your tree or to adorn other home holiday scenes, you won’t want to put them away until next year. So, start thinking about permanent places to hang them. These make unique gifts too!

Walter And The Awful Pawfuls Rock It Out For Smelly Cats [Videos]

Litter Genie, the poop-disposal system is riding the Internet craze of anthropomorphizing cats, and pushing the envelop yet one step further. From "Caturdays" to "LOLCats" to "ICanHasCheezBurger," today's online catgiest is all about herding cats into YouTube videos, blogs and Facebook fan pages.

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