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Multilingual Parrot Has Gift Of Gab In Three Languages

Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are well known for their intelligence and being quite the chatterboxes. For Rocket, a parrot in England, linguistic skills seem to be a particular talent. He is able to speak in three languages -- English, Urdu, and Arabic. His talents don't stop there, though, he is also accomplished at speaking cat and chicken.

Cows On A Plane: A "Mooving" Story

As everyone knows, cows produce milk, calves, and copious quantities of methane gas -- and apparently also a great deal of humidity. It is a fact that really came home to the people at Koran Airlines and Heathrow airport in London when a jet made a mayday call and an emergency landing when the fire indicator light came on in mid-flight.

Grand Theft Lemur!

Gizmo the ring-tailed lemur was stolen from his Mobile County, Mississippi home in January by a crook who had hoped to cash in on the potential reward money for “finding and returning” the poor creature. James Edward Welborn Jr. has been accused of breaking into a family’s house to steal both Gizmo and a flat screen television.

Guppies And The Value Of Ugly Friends

Researchers at Italy's University of Padua have found that guppies find true value in hanging out with ugly friends. It is all part of a natural selection process that the fish use to ensure procreation and the survival of the species. No male wants to face a lot of tough competition when he can look like Prince Charming among the dwarfs.

Scientists Discover Sea Slug That Sheds Penis After Copulation

Reporting in the online edition of Biology Lettters today, biologists from three Japanese universities present their findings on the mating habits of a sea slug, Chromodoris reticulata, living in the warm waters of Southeast Asia.  This essentially shell-less mollusc not only sheds its penis after copulation...

Giant Isopod On Four-Year Hunger Strike

Workers at the Toba Aquarium in the Mie Prefecture in Japan are baffled by the behavior of one of their marine inmates. For four years now the bathynomis giganteus in their care has been on a hunger strike. Though fed daily along with the crustaceans, the giant isopod refuses to eat.

Norman The Dog Takes Up Cycling

Norman, a three-year-old Briand, is one talented dog as he rides bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. He's been wowing crowds as he performs at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. There may even be a television show in the works for the charismatic canine. He began his career as a puppy when he started riding a scooter.

Fossil Remains Show Two Previously Unknown Species Of Spider Crabs

Scientists have been digging in the old Koskobilo quarry in northern Spain and have found two previously unknown species of spider crabs to enter into the fossil record. The creatures, found in a fossil reef that once teemed with life, existed over 100 million years ago, making them older than any other spider crabs found before.

Penguin Spy Robots Invade The Colony For The Inside Scoop

Documentary film makers placed cameras inside 50 animatronic penguins and then set them out in three colonies of the real birds to get closer than ever before. Some of the robot penguins even managed to lay "eggs" with cameras inside to get a chick's-eye-view of the world. The amazing footage is part of a new documentary for the BBC.

World’s Largest Crocodile Dies

It’s a sad day for the small village of Bunawan, as Lolong the Indo-Pacific crocodile passed away February 10th. The massive 20.24 foot long crocodile was captured in 2011 near the tiny village of Nueva Era after it was suspected for the death of several villagers and weighed in at a hefty 2,370 lbs.