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Sleeping With The Dogs? One Man Is Taking Animal Activism To A New Level

To raise awareness for an on-going problem with pet overpopulation, local activist Michael Rosenberg took matters into his own hands. For 2 days, Rosenberg chose to sleep, eat, and live inside a 4x10 foot dog kennel on a cement pad. Rosenberg is hoping his actions will raise awareness to this problem and cause voters to turn to the ballot box in November to vote "Yes" on Ballot #240.

Big Bird, America's Favorite Pet Ruffles Feathers & Math In Presidential Campaign

For those still scratching their heads as to how Big Bird became fodder for this year's presidential campaign, it appears that nation's favorite pet, now in his early 40s is a major bone of contention for one side of the aisle. Shifting from cracking down on Wall Street, Republican Mitt Romney took it upon himself to bash Sesame Street, and one of the country's sacred cows. . . erh birds!

Michael Vick, Dog Owner? Deleted Twitter Pic Shows Open Milk-Bones Box

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was convicted on federal and state felony dog fighting charges in 2007 and as one of the conditions of his parole, he was not legally able to own a dog. Vick's parole ended this past July and although he's not announced he's acquired a dog, a quickly deleted Twitter pic featuring an open box of Milk-Bones implies otherwise.

How Not To Catch A Salmon

There are a number of ways to go about catching salmon -- with a fishing pole, with a net, with a spear. Some people will even resort to throwing explosives into the water. Last Sunday a man in Washington State brought the activity to a new low when he accidentally shot himself while hunting for salmon on the Deschutes River near Tumwater.

The Woofer: Take Your Dog For A Walk And The World By Surprise (video)

If you're really desparate for attention and just walking your dog around doesn't seem to be doing it for you, there's a new dog jacket out that might do the trick.  It's the Woofer, and it turns your dog into a boom box. Now, take those earbuds out of your ears, watch, and listen!

Why Would Somebody Do This? The "Jump Into the Polar Bear Enclosure" Animal Video of the Day!!!!

Seriously.  Why would anyone ever jump into an enclosed space filled with polar bears--notoriously known as one of the most dangerous carnivores on the planet?  Why???

In Cod We Trust

Recently the Sunday Times started an uproar in Great Britain when it reported that only 100 cod remained in the North Sea due to over-fishing. The blokes who actually work in the industry and make their living fishing were up in arms. Some were just certain that the Sunday Times had published the gross error on porpoise. The Times did not clam up, but apologized for the whale of a mistake.

Florida Puts Stop To Gator Pool Parties

Last week alligator wrangler Bob Barrett was making news for his new alligator encounter educational program, which included bringing young alligators into residential pools to swim with children at pool parties. His company, Alligator Attraction, was told this week by the Florida Wildlife commission that they would no longer be allowed to engage in this particular activity.

Critically Endangered Siamese Crocodile Extinct In Vietnam

The Siamese crocodile is considered critically endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN). On Saturday the species, a freshwater crocodile native to Southeast Asia, suffered a setback when what is thought to have been the last Siamese crocodile in the wild in Vietnam was found dead in the central province of Phu Yen.

Could A Squirrel Morph Into A Cat?

Evolution normally takes hundreds if not thousands of years for one species to morph into another creating an entirely new species. You know. . . like humans descending from apes. Hybrids on the other hand, no so long. For example a "zeedonk" is a cross between a zebra and a donkey, and "ligers" are the result of a male lion mating with a female tiger. But what about a "Squat" or "Catuirrel - the cross between a squirrel and a cat?"

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