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Canada's Parliamentary Cats Disbanded

For many years cats hunted mice through the halls of Parliament in Canada. In the mid-1950s the pest control program shifted from the use of cats to the use of chemicals. Since that time the stray cat population has remained a venerable and popular institution on Parliament Hill, complete with its own care organization that was completely funded by private donations. The organization closed this month with the adoption of the last four feline residents.

Popular New Zealand Aquarium Ready To Re-Open After Poisoning

The Island Bay Marine Education Centre in Wellington, New Zealand is now ready to re-open to the public. The facility had been closed after vandals broke in last month and poured chlorinated detergent into many of the tanks, killing more than 80 fish. Staff members are still trying to restore the aquarium to its former condition, but they are now ready to open the doors and start again.

Cat Nabbed In Brazilian Prison Break Conspiracy

Guards at a prison in northeastern Brazil were on their toes on New Year's Day when they spotted someone suspicious entering the facility. They detained the individual for questioning, however, the detainee was unwilling to respond and limited his/her comments to a simple and non-committal "meow." Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident.

Controversy Erupts In Colorado Over Killing Of Bull Elk

A scenic and historic neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado was shattered late on New Year's Day when police shot and killed a bull elk that made his home in the area and was called "our guardian" by area residents. He had been a part of the neighborhood wildlife for at least three years. The controversy erupted after police initially denied the shooting.

Top 10 Animal Discoveries Of 2012 - Shocking, Bizarre and Amazing

They say there's nothing new under the sun, but just because something's been around forever doesn't mean we know about it. 2012 was a banner year for animals being newly discovered, newly re-discovered, and newly described. Here are 10 of the most interesting wildlife finds of 2012.

Chickens Are More Useful For Fire Safety Than Cats

A family in Wisconsin were recently the victims of an unfortunate house fire. They have two cats and a chicken. Guess which one of these pets saved their lives?

Dolphins Engaging In Gift Giving

Many people are familiar with their cats bringing home their dead prey to share with them. It is not at all uncommon for the domesticated animals. However, researchers are finding more and more evidence of some wild dolphins giving gifts of eels, squids, octopuses, and various fin fish to the occasional human. While it isn't exactly the sort of gift a human goes for, it is still a flattering gesture.

Cats Limited To Four Per Household In Kansas Community

The New Year brings in more than a slew of resolutions. It also brings in the enactment of a bunch of new laws. One of the most noticed laws that has been catching the attention the nation is in little Wellington, Kansas. There, in an effort to cut down the number of stray and feral cats, a new ordinance has started that limits each household to no more than four cats.

Intricrate Animal Art of Eric Hudgins

Eric Hudgins produces a vast array of animal art with stunning detail, color and concept!

Panda Blood Found To Contain Powerful New Antibiotic

Giant Pandas aren't just cute, furry and endangered, they also have formidable immune systems to protect them against a wide range of harmful bacterial and fungal organisms. Now Chinese researchers investigating the pandas' DNA have unlocked their disease-fighting secret: a powerful new antibiotic that humans could use to fight increasingly drug-resistant microbes.

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