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Study Explains Why Dogs Find Human Yawns Contagious

Yawning is contagious among humans, among chimps, among baboons, and yes, even among dogs.  But have you ever noticed your dog yawning just when you do?  Pet dogs have such strong empathy with us that they can 'catch' our yawns.  Swedish researchers studied a pattern of development in dogs that leads to empathy with members of other species....


Jack Russell Terrier Experiences His Own Resurrection

Someone tried to kill Ethan on his third birthday, but he wasn't about to stay dead. They had poisoned him and buried him alive. A man going for a walk beside a lakeside path noticed the ground beside the path wriggling. He got a shovel and started digging. There he found the Jack Russell terrier clinging to life.

Have Your Dearly Departed Composted, Not Cremated

A new business in Auburn, Maine, has a new way for you to handle the remains of your large animal friends -- by composting them. Michelle Melaragno, owner of the unique start-up, says that the first reaction she gets is "Eww." As she explains the idea further it begins to make sense to people.

Bacon's Revenge (or Please Be Careful Around Pigs)

A farmer who was apparently eaten by his hogs is not the first such story of pig-on-person consumption. Are pigs really dangerous animals or are their owners just very unfortunate and unlucky?

'Thank Dog! Bootcamp' A Great Workout & A Great Pet Business (video)

If you want a real workout, and your dog could use a bit of one himself, then get thee to the nearest Thank Dog! Bootcamp or get one started yourself!

Dog Challenging Brad Pitt For Rambling Studliness

In the last couple of days a new video has taken the internet by storm. This fantastically adorable dog doing a parody of those strange ads for Chanel No. 5 perfume that show Brad Pitt rambling aimlessly like he has lost his mind. Everyone from Saturday Night Live on down is taking this one on. However, this dog takes first prize.

New Video Game May Send Wrong Message About Animals To Kids

Video game mega-company Nintendo has just released a highly anticipated new game, but not without controversy. A prominent animal rights organization claims the game's imaginary creatures are "much like animals in the real world" and subject to use and abuse by humans. Is this type of game play just harmless fun, or does it encourage children to be cruel to animals?

What is a Tardigrade? The Insanely Cool Animal Video of the Day!!!

What's a Tardigrade?  Well, its really tiny--and it can survive in space!  How does it do this?  You'll have to watch the video to find out...

Teen Already On Track For Career In Wildlife Rehabilitation

Sixteen-year-old Tallon Nightwalker has big dreams and he is already working hard to make them come true. He is not only planning a career in wildlife rehabilitation, but already working on it. There have been many articles online over the last few days about his quest to be photographed with every animal on earth, but the real story lies behind the camera.

Aqua Dogs Snapped By Wet 'n Wild Photographer

Dog photography is a real art as evidenced by folks such as renown pet photographer Paul Walker (see "Who's On Canine Camera?"). But Seth Casteel has distinguished himself from the others in his field with a unique approach to capturing dogs on film. Featured in National Geographic, CNN and a number of TV talk shows, this photographer came up with the novel idea of photographing dogs underwater.

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