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Rare And Colorful: A Dusky Langur Born At Adelaide Zoo

The baby Dusty Langur has to be one of the most unusual members of the monkey kingdom.  Born bright orange, he clings to his mother for several months, long after his coat turns from orange to grey. You can imagine what a treat it is to see a baby Dusty Langur with his mom, like folks at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia.

Product Recall: Heated Pet Bed Has Faulty Wiring!

It is very important that you stop using this product: a dog was asphyxiated and died as a result of sleeping on it.  The recalled product is the Indoor Pet Heating Comfort Pad Mat.

Roos On The Loose From The Zoo

Three kangaroos managed to escape from a wild animal park in Germany on Saturday night. Their accomplices in the prison break were a fox and a wild boar. Two of the wayward roos have been apprehended while one remains at large. The remaining kangaroo is reportedly neither armed nor dangerous; however, caution is being advised since he is still capable of kicking some serious butt.

Viral Cat Videos Hit The Big Screen At St. Petersburg Palace Bridge

When the city of St. Petersburg, Russia goes to the movies, it does so big time.  The Palace Bridge opens opens over the Neva River and the split bridge becomes a split backdrop offering the largest movie screens in the world, so big that thousands of people can watch from one side or the other at the same time.  This week St. Petersburg is having its International Art-Forum GraFFFest 2012 at the Bridge, but on August 17, the city will be treated to its first viral cat video competitions - Cats In The City.

Deadly Anthrax Outbreak Hits Colorado Cattle

For the first time in more than 30 years an outbreak of anthrax has been confirmed among cows in Logan County in northeastern Colorado. Last week 60 cows died on one ranch where one of the cows had tested positive for the disease. Authorities are fairly sure that the rest of the cows also contracted the disease and succumbed soon after.

Update: Limits Lifted On Lionfish Fishing in Florida

A few days ago, Petslady reported on the invasion of the Gulf of Mexico by the lionfish, a species native to the Pacific that has been increasing rapidly. In addition to the Gulf, they are also invading the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast as far north as North Carolina. This week the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced changes to the legal harvest of lionfish.

Endangered Tigers Killed To Make Wine

Many people in Asia, particularly in China, believe that just about every part of the tiger is good for treating some ailment. This has led to a rather unsettling form of animal park where tigers are kept and allowed to die from neglect and starvation. It is illegal to kill the tigers, so to get around the law they just let them die while the obligatory park visitors wander among the cages.

Radioactive Pet Bowl Recall: Uh, Really?

Does this stainless steel pet bowl look familiar?  Well, if you purchased it from Petco between May 31 and June 20, 2012, it may be radioactive. Read on; there are two more radioactive styles....

Gulf Of Mexico Being Invaded By Lionfish

An invasive population of lionfish is exploding in the Gulf of Mexico and the fact has scientists alarmed. This concern stems from the fact that lionfish don't belong in the Gulf, the Caribbean, or even the Atlantic. These fish belong half a world away -- in the Pacific. On this side of the planet they have no natural predators to help control the population.

Olympic Worthy Felines Medal On Flickr!

While NBC's coverage of the Olympics was extensive over the course of the last few weeks, it did miss the boat in failing to report on the "feline" athletes who've achieved some major online feats. With stories surfacing on both The Daily Dot and Mashable, Nicolas Longtin's photoshopping exercise on Flickr should take the gold for its ingenuity and timeliness.

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