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Monkey Business Is Not Exactly Cricket

Last Friday a cricket test match warm up in India was interrupted by three Langur monkeys who suddenly developed a curiosity about what the English team was up to on the pitch. Finally, like any sensible primates, the frisky trio got bored with the game and left to seek better entertainment elsewhere.

Mice Can Be Used In Bomb Detection

Move over security dogs, you may be replaced by a mouse in detecting explosives. In a system that has been under development for the past six years in Israel a system has been developed whereby mice can detect smells of explosives, drugs, and other types of contraband. The changes in their physiology and behavior can be read by special equipment that will alert security staff via computers.

Drunk In The Trunk: Elephants Go On Rampage With A Snootfull

Earlier this month news came out of India that a group of elephants, lured by the scent of alcohol made from the flowers of the mahua tree, came out of the forest looking for a party. They raided the store where the alcohol was stocked and downed 500 liters (132 gallons) of the stuff. Unfortunately the party didn't stop there.

Birds-Eye View Of Hurricane Sandy From The Rear-view Mirror [Video]

Both bird and humans residing in the Northeast corridor of the U.S. witnessed their habitats and communities at odds with nature most recently. The devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy played havoc to the coast as well as mainland New Jersey and New York. Similar to migrating birds, "snow birds, or New Jersey residents who winter in Florida were fortunate to escape Hurricane Sandy, while the rest of us got a bird's eye view of Mother Nature's wrath.

Circus Giraffe Died After Escape Attempt

In September a 2,000 pound giraffe escaped from the Rinaldo Orfei circus in Imola, Italy in a desperate bid for freedom. The animal managed to elude capture for more than four hours as shocked townspeople looked on, many caught in rush hour traffic made worse by the episode unfolding around them.

Veteran's Day: The Dogs Of War

Humans have been partnering with dogs in combat for many centuries. Today, as we honor the human veterans of war, let us remember the canines who also work to give their all -- just because they love us. In January of 2013 a national monument will be dedicated to all working dogs, including those who have served in combat from World War I to the war on terror. They also serve, those who sit and heel.

Animal Trainer Died In Grizzly Mauling

Benjamin Cloutier left his home in the northeast in 2008 to follow a dream. That dream took him and his pick-up truck on a 2,000 mile road trip to Montana. There he found a new home and a career as an animal trainer at Animals of Montana. That dream was tragically cut short early this month when he was mauled by two grizzly bears.

200K Baby Paua Returned To The Sea

Paua stocks along the Kaikoura coastline of New Zealand have been decimated by poaching. The poachers not only harvest illegally, but up to 75% of what they harvest will be under the legal limit and not have reached the maturity to reproduce. During the month of October a group of divers known as Paua3 restocked the area along the South Island with 200,000 baby paua to replenish the diminished population.

Polar Bear Elected President

A different kind of election was also settled this week as people at Alaska Zoo were voting for animal president of the facility. The race was run between Ahpun the polar bear and Denali the gray wolf, with Yertle the alpaca as a write-in candidate. While the nation was waiting for the ballots to be counted, staff and patrons of the zoo waited anxiously to find out who would be the zoo's first president.

Atlantic Salmon Succumbing To Parasite In Huge Numbers

Researchers have found that about 40% of Atlantic salmon are being infected and killed by the parasitic salmon louse. They say that the actual number in the wild could be as high as 55%. The parasite embeds itself just under the skin of the fish and lives off of the skin, mucus, and blood of the host.

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