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Spelling Bees From Extinction

Similar to the competition that starts with a large group and whittles it down to one person standing, a spelling bee of greater concern is the phenomenon that just might leave this planet without any bees buzzing. It's a critical issue affecting mankind - and requires us all to do our part in 'spelling' bees from extinction.

Human vs Dog Race Shows Off Dogs Trained To Safely Restrain

The “Heartbeat 50m” human vs dog race held in the Chinese city of Changsha featured various people – many dressed in costumes – being chased by specially trained dogs. That's ruff!

Keep On Trucking: Salmon Migration Done By Humans This Year

The extended severe drought conditions in California are causing a number of problems for wildlife -- perhaps none more far-reaching than the newly hatched young salmon and their need to reach the ocean. The Sacramento River is so dried up that most would never make it. So they are hitching a ride downstream from a fishy form of public transportation.

This Year's Hottest Pet Trend: Panda Dogs

Panda dogs are all the rage this year -- in China. This craze started a couple of years ago and is really starting to catch fire. The dogs are not a breed. They are cosmetically enhanced pooches, primarily chows. The dogs are cute, fuzzy, and no doubt raising a few eyebrows among animal rights activists on this side of the planet.

Death Unable To Part Man From His Best Friend

This is the kind of story that urban legends are made of -- and yet having been picked up by major media outlets -- it appears to be true. One very loyal German Shepherd by the name of Capitán won't allow even death to separate him from his master.  Seven years ago, when Miguel Guzmán died in 2007, his dog was not only able to seek out his cemetery, but he also sleeps on top his grave stone nightly.

Pak-O-Bird Carriers: Bye, Bye Birdie and Owner Too

More and more, people are traveling with their pets  to parts  both unknown and familiar. In the past, pet birds have often been left at home to pine for their owners behind fabric-covered cages  because transport has simply been too complicated. No longer, bird lovers! Introducing (trumpet blare, please) the Pac-O-Bird Carrier.

Animal Heroes: Tara The Attack Cat

I have a rock on my front steps that reads, "Warning: Attack Cat On Duty." People take this as a joke, but my cat and I know better. On Tuesday a cat named Tara proved it to the whole world that cats are loyal animals that guard their loved ones. When a neighbor's dog attacked her boy she took the pooch to task and sent him running.

Angry Beaver Terrorizes Canadian Town

A lost beaver with a chip on its shoulder virtually shut down the town of Miramichi, New Brunswick, angrily attacking anyone who tried to take its picture. Maybe we should re-name it “Justin Beaver”.

Mr. Tiffany: A Rodent Love Story

It was a dark and stormy night is considered a trite and cliché way to start a story, but in this case that is how it started. That was the night that Alexandra and Colin found a dark bit of baby rat in the alley next to their apartment building in Hong Kong. The tiny creature was near death and they realized that they couldn't just leave him to die.

Resurrection Biology For Those Who Think Extinction Stinks!

It sounds likes a science fiction plot line, or a novel penned by Stephen King. However in actuality, the science called 'Resurrection Biology' or 'De-extinction' has been in development for years by scientists who are becoming more and more proficient at understanding the intricacies of DNA.

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