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Studies Show Dogs Exhibit Prosocial Behavior When It Comes To Sharing

According to a new study, dogs may have the same prosocial behavior patterns as people and primates, man’s closest living relatives in the animal world.

We’ve Got Your Pets Covered For Star Wars, Literally!

As Star Wars mania circumnavigates the globe, pet owners will be happy to learn they can include their pets in on the excitement of it all, as well. To celebrate the much-anticipated launch of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ we combed the Internet to find some of the most appropriate costumes for your pet pooches and pusses.

Deck The Stalls With Boughs Of Holly

Some people really go to town when it comes to Christmas decorations and that can even include decorating the barn or stable where they house their equine friends. So the question to ask before you do this is how safe are those boughs of holly, evergreens, and such? Like any other pet, horses are prone to taking a bite out of anything that catches their fancy. And horses aren't as easy to get to the vet in an emergency.

Evolution Speeding Up From The Days Of Land-Dwelling Whales

As many of us learned in our high school biology classes of yesteryear, the evolution of animals can take thousands of years, or more. Yes, you might say it moves at a snail's pace. The process is of course different for each species as the speed differs from organism to organism.

Christmas Gift Cat-astrophe Narrowly Averted

In London the Royal Mail almost became the Grinch that stole Christmas for one little kitty. His human grandmum had decided to whimsically send his gift through the post in his name -- Ted Maher-Kirk. The holiday almost came to ruin when he couldn't produce an ID that said that he was the recipient in question. Yep. Bureaucracy sucks big time.

Santa's Helpers? The Reindeer Police

Many Sami (or Laplander) people of Norway still make their living by engaging in reindeer herding and husbandry. Naturally this means that issues are bound to arise. So if you are having a problem with your reindeer who ya gonna call? No, not Reindeer Busters, but you will be phoning the Reindeer Police. And that's no joke.

Prosthetic Legs For A Cat! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

By now we've all seen cats, dogs, and even pigs with little wheels in place of their legs.  But this prosthetic technique is rare--and seems to work quite well.

World's First Test Tube Puppies Make Their Debut

Through the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) the world’s first litter of puppies has been born, and they’re just as cute and bouncy as puppies created the old fashioned way.

How Many Ways Can You Say Cat?

When a kid only wants one thing for Christmas they can be incredibly persistent toward achieving this goal. This is not just wishful thinking at this point, it is a mission from God. One little girl wants a cat for Christmas and she wants it so badly that she looked up how to say cat in 16 languages -- including several that do not use a Roman alphabet. That is more determination than most of us put into anything.

Santa Brings Dolly To Girl For Christmas

If you have reached a point in life where you no longer believe in Santa, this story may, just may, make you rethink that stance. When Dolly the Boston terrier was stolen from outside a local shop her owner, 7-year-old Isla Kerr, decided that there was only one course of action -- to write a letter to Santa because, as she told her mother, "Santa can do anything."