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Elmo The Cat Takes Up The Water Treadmill And Swimming For His Health

Elmo had his hip broken when he was just a kitten. Now, at 7-years-old, Elmo is struggling with the long-term results of the injury. His weight rose to 24 pounds. He could barely walk. Another cat in the house took over the duty of grooming him. Much as his owners tried, diet alone was not helping the feline lose those excess pounds. That's when veterinarians at the University of Tennessee made a surprising recommendation.

Cape Town Winning Destructive Baboon Battle

Raccoons are cute, sweet and charming animals- If you’ve never had to deal with the smart, aggressive and vile scavengers up close and personal. While many Americans might think that baboons are delightfully silly monkeys, our South African friends would gladly trade me for my raccoon problems!

National Mill Dog Rescue Providing The Gift Of Hope And Love

It is amazing how your entire life can change based on a seemingly small decision. For Theresa Strader it was the decision to adopt two or three dogs when she heard about a puppy mill in Missouri was auctioning off its dogs back in 2007. Strader, a pediatric nurse and mom from Black Forest, Colorado, arrived at the auction and the condition of the dogs and where they were living broke her heart. She adopted 13 dogs that day and took them home, her life totally turned around. Within a short time she had founded National Mill Dog Rescue.

Seahorse Honeymoon Suites: Privacy For Breeding Pairs

Apparently seahorses are a bit shy when it comes to sex -- at least when they are in captivity. Conservationists at the London Zoo in England have discovered that mating pairs do better and are more successful at breeding when they are provided with a private tank -- a sort of honeymoon suite to really get them in the mood for love.

Carrie The Dog Dances The Merengue

If you haven't heard of Carrie, the dancing dog, then it is time you did. She has an amazing talent for dancing that would put other dancing dogs to shame. This beautiful golden retriever from Chile does not perform alone. She is teamed up with dance partner and beloved owner, Jose Fuentes, and they are becoming world-famous.

Sperm Bank Created For Coral To Save The Great Barrier Reef

Most people aren't aware that corals are animals. They remain stationary and most closely resemble plants to the human eye. In actuality they are densely-packed colonies of almost identical polyps. These animals gather together in large enough communities to create the world's reefs. With these reefs under attack and dying off it is imperative to find ways to ensure their survival. Some scientists are gathering billions of reproductive cells to create a sort of coral "sperm bank."

Andrea Arden's DogFun App, Zuckerberg's Facemash For Dogs?

What a difference a decade makes. Prior to Facebook being incubated in a Harvard dorm room, Mark Zuckerberg was tinkering with a lesser known website, he called: "Facemash." Considered his version of the college game, "Hot or Not?" -- the website used photos compiled from the online 'facebooks' of nine Harvard dormitories, placing two co-ed head shots next to each other while asking users to choose the “hotter” person. Flash forward ten years, and Andrea Arden's DogFun app for pet owners asks a similar question regarding their pets.

PetSmart Holding Pet Adoption Event This Weekend

This weekend PetSmart is holding an adoption event to match dogs and cats with their perfect "forever" home. Unlike other pet retailers, PetSmart does not sell pets (other than fish and birds). They work with PetSmart Charities to arrange to have adoptable animals on site. PetSmart Charities, in turn, contracts with rescue organizations to help the animals find their way home.

Nora The Piano Playing Cat: Practice Makes "Purrfect"

Nora, a gray tabby cat in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, was adopted as a kitten from a shelter by Betsy and Burrell in 2006. Betsy is a piano teacher and after a year of watching and listening to the lessons, Nora got up on the piano bench and started playing for herself. Now, in addition to playing solo, she also plays duets with both Betsy and some of her students.

Stolen Dog Returned To Owners

Last Thursday night a pick-up truck was stolen from outside a maintenance shop in Longmont, Colorado. Cheyenne, a five-month-old black Labrador retriever puppy was in the truck at the time. When the truck was located in Fort Collins on Saturday the puppy was no longer inside. After a bizarre twist in the case, Cheyenne has been returned to her owners.