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Posted September 13, 2015 by Laurie Kay Olson

Arizona kitty Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. Grumpy Cat, is the most famous cat in the world. In addition to being an internet sensation, she has authored her own book, starred in her own movie, and now she is being immortalized for all time at the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in San Francisco. Being true to herself, she is completely underwhelmed by the honor.

Posted September 12, 2015 by Laurie Kay Olson

If you are going to take up a life of crime, you may want to check your love of cats at the door. One young man in Florida got tripped up by just this when he was trying to elude police last year. If he hadn't stopped in his attempt to escape capture to play with some cats he would have gotten away and it was the police who would have been foiled.

Posted September 11, 2015 by Lady Bee

The Internet contains a ton of news about pets and wildlife from all
over the world, and we don't get to read all of it.  Well, here's some
of the buzz you may have missed over the last few weeks that can inform
you, pique your interest, make you laugh out loud, or just plain
outrage you!

The first item might surprise you...

Posted September 9, 2015 by Laurie Kay Olson

A video recently uploaded to YouTube shows an unidentified young man showing a silverback gorilla his cell phone. The pair met at the Louisville Zoo recently and seemed to strike up a friendship. It all started when the gorilla, named Jelani, used some excellent non-verbal skills to ask to see the face of the phone. The man indulged the ape and they started to bond.

Posted September 9, 2015 by Rebecca West

Like something out of Roman mythology, a young boy was recently found nursing at the breast of a dog in Arica, Chile. No, it's not the retelling of the tale of Romulus and Remus, but it is a testament to the loving and nurturing nature of man's best friend.

Posted September 8, 2015 by Laurie Kay Olson

You could call it "lunchus interruptus." This week tourists at Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe were enjoying lunch al fresco when they were approached by a bull elephant. They were advised to remain still so they froze and avoided looking at the big boy. One man, Stephen Montague of Ireland, was looking the animal's direction and that seemed to be an issue for the elephant and he tossed Montague and his brother-in-law, Shane Wolf.

Posted September 6, 2015 by Ron Callari

It was a heart-breaking story for the world to learn of the Smithsonian National Zoo’s panda-in-resident giving
birth to twins cubs (August 22), only to have one die days later.
Pandas are famously challenged to breed in captivity and the twin birth
presented an even greater hurdle for 17-year old Mei Xiang, the mother.
More shocking was the fact that this female was inseminated by two male

Posted September 2, 2015 by Ron Callari

If U.S. Representative Jim Moran had had his way, the days of traveling circuses would have already come to an end. That’s right . . . “lions and tigers and bears . . . oh no!”  In 2014, he took an historic stand for animals by reintroducing the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 4525), which would end the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses, over concerns about their welfare and safety risks they pose to us.