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Iran's Big Rat Problem

In Iran, rats seem to be doubling in size. With an overflow of rats weighing as much as 12 pounds each, the public is searching for answers while trying to handle the massive extermination needs.

Meet Chesty, The Latest In A Long Line Of Marine Bulldog Mascots

Last month a young English bulldog puppy named Chesty was moved into his new home at Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. He is just the most recent dog in the line of the few, the proud, the Marine mascots. He'll be doing more before 9 a.m. than most dogs do all day. Recruiting clichés aside, Chesty is now part of a Marine Corps tradition that dates back to 1922.

Biblical Plague: Egypt Invaded By Locusts

A swarm of locusts of biblical proportions has descended on Giza, Egypt, an agricultural area just south of Cairo. The Agricultural Ministry has deployed armed forces and border units to battle the swarm with whatever means they have at their disposal. The Ministry has asked local residents to refrain from trying to deal with the voracious insects themselves.

So You Want To Start A Pet Business

Most of us, at one time or another, have wanted to start our own business. For pet lovers a pet business seems to be a natural way to go, but is it really? There are things you need to consider, research, and plan before you rush headlong into your dream business. Here are some tips to help you decide if your idea is a really the right one.

Arachnophobia Anyone? Spiders In Flight In Brazil

A few weeks ago stunning video was posted to You Tube of the sky over Santo Antonio de Platina, Brazil filled with spiders. While it almost appeared to be raining spiders, it was actually thousands of spiders caught in their communal web. The giant web had been caught in a large gust of wind, torn loose from its pinning, and set sailing into the air.

USDA To Drop Poisoned Mice On Guam's Invasive Tree Snakes

Invasive Brown Tree Snakes have been decimating Guam's native birds for decades but their reign of terror could soon be coming to an end. The USDA has announced a pilot program that will see drug-laced mice dropped over the island from helicopters.

Can Luna The Polar Bear Learn The 'Harlem Shake'? [Videos]

The Buffalo Zoo is challenged to raise another $4 million to fund a new home for their baby cub nicknamed "Luna,' born in captivity this past November. Visitors to their website are encouraged to donate as little as $25, or as much as $5000. However while this type of funding approach will certainly appeal to the altruistic nature of locals, there are no incentives for people outside the area, like those included in a or campaign, to motivate them.

Meet The Sloths Of Slothville In A Little Book Of Sloth

One of the oddest mammals on Earth is the easy-going, slow moving sloth. For Lucy Cooke, a National Geographic explorer, zoologist, writer, and filmmaker, sloths have been one of the loves of her life -- so much so that she founded the Sloth Appreciation Society. In 2010 she traveled to a sleepy corner of Costa Rica to Slothville, the world's first sloth orphanage. She made a short video about the sloths there which went viral within a few days. That led to a documentary for Animal Planet entitled "Too Cute! Baby Sloths." Now she has compiled cute pictures and funny stories about the sloths in a book due out this month.

Are We On the Verge of an Interspecies Internet?

At a recent TED conference, a very powerful and varied group of speakers made a convincing case for a redesign of the internet, allowing animals to use it as well.

Sea Slug Is Part Plant

The eastern emerald elysia looks a great deal like a leaf even though is  a sea slug found along the Atlantic coast of North America. The strangely beautiful creature hangs out in shallow pools feeding on algae. Like plants it uses photosynthesis to create energy, blurring the lines between the plant and animal kingdoms.

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