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Tasmanian Devil Relocation Program

The Tasmanian devil is critically endangered in the wild and for once humans are not a large part of the problem. The problem facing these little devils is a highly aggressive form of cancer. The facial tumor has essentially and strangely developed into a parasite that is transmitted quickly and easily from one animal to the next. The disease kills within a few months.

New Resort In Siberia To Offer Yeti Hunting

A yeti park, complete with luxury hotel and museum is being planned for Sheregesh, Siberia. It will be a place for those who want to hunt the yeti and prove its existence. The area's governor is even offering a one million ruble reward to the first person to catch a yeti and prove the existence of the creature. The park will also be used for conferences and seminars on the yeti.

Dolphin Approaches Humans For Help

On January 11, divers on a night dive to view manta rays off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, were surprised when they were joined by a bottlenose dolphin that was swimming strangely. The dolphin targeted one diver in particular. That diver noticed that the dolphin was entangled with a fish hook and line around its left fin. The fish seemed to be asking for help.

Aflac Duck's Hospitalization Goes Viral, Cards & Letters Pouring In [UPDATE]

While our real-life pets find a special place in our hearts, there are many found on TV, in the movies and online that we've grown fond of as well. We think of them similarly to those that inhabit our households, because in many instances they often take up residence from time to time. One such creature is the spokesduck for Alfac.

Calico Cat Makes Incredible Journey In Florida

Holly, a calico cat, went on holiday with her owners, Jacob and Bonnie Richter, at an RV rally in Daytona Beach, Florida. Somehow the little house cat became separated from her family and the Richters had to return to their home without her. Two months later, on New Year's Eve, Holly was found in someone's backyard just about a mile from home. She was weak and emaciated from a journey of 200 miles to get back to the Richters.

Murasoi Mike: Fish Found Near Fukashima Highly Radioactive

A fish called a murasoi (and nicknamed Mike the Mirasoi) was caught recently near the damaged Fukashima Nuclear Plant. Testing showed it to be 2,500 times as radioactive as is considered safe for human consumption. Murasoi live near Fukashima along reefs in the area. While the fish is highly radioactive, it shows no outward change in appearance.

Get-Away Donkey Foils Crime

You know it's a bad day when your get-away donkey alerts everyone to your crime-in progress. You SHOULD have known it was going to be a bad day when you thought using a get-away donkey was a good idea in the first place. Not to mention the fact that you also had to steal the donkey in the first place.

Tokyo Pet Spa Offers Dogs Full Body Aloe & Herb Mud Pack Treatments

Nobody pampers their pets like the Japanese do, and there's no spa treatment more pampering than an “Animal Ayurveda” full-body aloe & herb mud pack.

Dog Dies After Forgotten In Hairdryer

Last year in Essex, England, a Lhasa Apso dog named Dusty had to be euthanized after suffering horrible burns due to having been forgotten in a hair dryer at the groomers when the attendant left to answer the phone. When the owner came to pick up Dusty she was told that she needed to apply a bit of ointment to a "small burn" that the dog had received.

Retiree Wages Vendetta Against Squirrels

A pensioner in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, was fed up with a squirrel noshing on the food he was putting out for the birds. So he decided to deal with the problem with his own brand of vigilante justice. He set up a trap and once he had the rodent trapped in a cage, he shot it twice with his air rifle. He figured that should do the trick.

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