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Dutch The Dog Is In Dutch With The Law

There is a big fight brewing in little Montrose, Colorado. At stake is the fate of a dog named Dutch, an American Allaunt, accused of attacking a woman back in November. The woman had struck him with an aluminum pole from a tiki torch in an attempt to stop a fight in her yard between him and a pit bull. That was when the animal allegedly turned and attacked her.

Miniature Horses Create Highway Havoc

Just over a week ago a section of Interstate 40 that runs through Oklahoma was in chaos when a miniature mare and her colt turned up for the morning commute. The sight of the diminutive pair went beyond just causing a bit of curiosity slowing. They triggered an accident and two people had to be removed from the scene on stretchers.

Free Bird: Shoebill Rescued From Poachers Returned To The Wild

Kapotwe, the shoebill, was just a "tiny" chick when she was captured by poachers and held inside a grass hut in a small fishing village. Zambia Wildlife Authority scouts found her and rescued her before she could be sold to a zoo or private collector. Now that she is all grown up it is time for her to fly.

Furry Crabs May Be Saving The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia has been in decline for some time. A disease called white syndrome is killing the coral and causing the coral tissues to slough off, leaving the coral skeleton bleached white. Now the furry coral crab, once thought to be one of the culprits behind the death of the reef, has been discovered to be helping slow the spread of the disease.

What's In A Name? When Nemo The Fish Became A Storm

Not exactly carrying the weight of a "Frankenstorm," which epitomized the length and breadth of Hurricane Sandy hitting our NE shores back in October, the name "Nemo" seems like a less likely choice for a threatening winter storm. So who was responsible for hanging that moniker and why?

Surfin' Safari: Jack Russell Terrier Shows Off Her Wakeboarding And Speedboat Driving Skills

Duma is one cute Jack Russell terrier -- and smart, too. Not only can the seven-year-old pooch wakeboard behind a speedboat driven by her owner, Cliff Bode, when she climbs back onto the boat, she takes the wheel and does the driving. Last month she wowed the crowds at the Vancouver International Boat Show with her amazing skills.

Goldfish Receives "Wheel-Chair" To Help With Disability

Even the smallest of creatures deserve love and compassion and Ada, a disabled goldfish, has been the recipient of just such devotion. Because of her disability she was only able to sit at the bottom of the aquarium and watch her compatriots swim by. It was a desperate situation for a fish unable to rise to the food being added to the tank. Ada's owner took charge.

Lost Dog Survives Bitter Cold For Eight Days

Margaret Charles, 79, took her dog, Maisie, for a walk in Suffolk, England, during a recent cold spell. When she took a fall she let go of the leash and Maisie ran off. When the Cairn terrier did not return Charles worried that she would never see her canine friend again. Searches failed repeatedly to find Maisie in temperatures that were dipping to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hemingway's Cats Caught In Legal Battle

Ernest Hemingway was one of the great authors of American literature and was also well known for his home in Key West, Florida, and for his love of cats. In 1964, three years after his suicide, his former home was turned into a museum and in 1968 it was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark -- cats and all. Now, more than 40 years later, the cats are at the center of a legal battle over who should be overseeing the cats under the Animal Welfare Act.

Monopoly Fans Pick Cat To Replace Iron Token (videos)

If you're a sentimentalist, you had better go out and get your Monopoly game today.  There will be a rush on the game, no doubt, since nearly 10 million people voted to oust the iron game token from the original, 80-year-old, group of Monopoly tokens.  The good news is that the iron will be replaced by a cat, not a robot, or a helicopter... not even a guitar.  The Scotty dog token is barking with delight!

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