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Colorado Television Station Shut Down By Skunk

Last Sunday a television station in Colorado Springs, Colorado was off of the air after a skunk attacked the workings of its transmitter tower in the way that only a skunk can -- by putting up a really big stink. The skunk had apparently been searching for a warm place to curl up when things started to go terribly wrong.

Smithsonian Zoo Successfully Breeds Tentacled Snake

Last month, after four years of trying, the Smithsonian Zoo finally succeeded in breeding the tentacled snake in captivity. The venomous Southeast Asia native has two tentacles on its snout, a feature that is unique among snakes. These tentacles are adaptations that the snakes have developed to be able to detect prey in the murky waters of lakes and rice paddies.

Dog-Friendly Boulder, Colorado To Become Less Friendly

For many years, rightly or wrongly, the city of Boulder, Colorado has been known as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. One of the things that helped the city gain this reputation is its allowing people to walk their dogs off-leash on certain specified open-space areas. This week the city began rethinking this liberty.

Spider Monkey Recovering From Near Fatal Abuse By Poachers

Izzie was just ten months old when poachers killed her mother and captured her to sell as a pet. The tiny monkey was kept tied up outside the poacher's house without food or water for several days. Then the Belize Forest Department showed up to confiscate her. It is illegal to keep any wildlife as pets in Belize.

Man's Best Friend Helps Returning U.S.Troops Cope With Invisible Wounds

Many of our veterans returning from the Wars experience invisible wounds. In most instances you can't see a wheelchair or a prosthetic leg. Yet nonetheless, many come home with invisible wounds that are as severe as physical ones. "Their suffering goes so deep, it touches the soul," said one of CNN's Top 2012 Heroes.

Antarctic Marine Sanctuary Proposal Fails

A proposal submitted jointly by the United States and New Zealand to the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources earlier this month has failed to pass. The proposal would have greatly limited fishing in the Ross Sea, home to wildlife including penguins and seals. Supporters had argued for the creation of a sanctuary there for both scientific and conservationist reasons, but other members of the commission had different matters at stake.

Butterflies and Climate Change: Post-Superstorm Reflections

In the aftermath of the recent superstorm that slammed the east coast of North America, studies on butterflies and other life forms shifting their ranges in response to climate change have taken on a new urgency.  

Cuttlefish On The Decline Off India

Illegal fishing of cuttlefish along the west coast of India has local fishermen there threatening to stage protests if officials do not take action to enforce the banned method of fishing. The fishermen have noticed the number of cuttlefish in decline and fear that they could disappear entirely without intervention.

Monkey Business Is Not Exactly Cricket

Last Friday a cricket test match warm up in India was interrupted by three Langur monkeys who suddenly developed a curiosity about what the English team was up to on the pitch. Finally, like any sensible primates, the frisky trio got bored with the game and left to seek better entertainment elsewhere.

Mice Can Be Used In Bomb Detection

Move over security dogs, you may be replaced by a mouse in detecting explosives. In a system that has been under development for the past six years in Israel a system has been developed whereby mice can detect smells of explosives, drugs, and other types of contraband. The changes in their physiology and behavior can be read by special equipment that will alert security staff via computers.

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