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A Fox In Need Is A Fox With His Head In A Jar Indeed

A fox cub somehow managed to get its head stuck in a jar. Perhaps there was something tasty left to be licked from the inside. Perhaps it was just a wild streak of curiosity. Whatever it was the little fox had gotten his head stuck in the jar and was faced with a serious problem. It needed help. So he asked for it.

Tiger Sneaks Into Couple's Wedding Photo

When Tim and Karma Madgwick of Devon in England decided that they would hold their wedding reception at the zoo they knew it was a bold choice and that things could get a bit "wild." They hadn't planned on the unexpected guest that suddenly turned up to be included in the formal photos -- Banda, a Sumatran tiger.

Raccoons Cause Problems For Florida Residents

Raccoons are native to a wide range of North America, and if you don’t have deal with the striped scavengers, consider yourself lucky. Raccoons are jerks!

Animal Heroes: Mila The Beluga Whale

Beluga whales are one of the few species of whale still kept in captivity in aquariums and water parks. They are a big draw for these venues as visitors clamor to see the gentle giants. Working as a trainer with whales can be a dangerous business as in 2010 when a Sea World employee was killed by a killer whale. That is not always the way it goes. One young woman in China owes her life to a captive Beluga whale.

Olly The Airport Cat

Not every airport is out there adopting a cat, but back in 2007 a stray tabby cat was seen wandering near Olympic House, the main administration building at the Manchester Airport in England. Office staff and flight attendants fell in love with the scruffy guy with the torn ear. They dubbed the ginger and white cat "Olly" for Olympic House and took up a collection to buy him is own "executive lounge" (luxury cat box).

Fiji Looking To Pay For Iguana Bounty Hunters!

Invasive species stink. They kill native species, destroy property, and cause all kinds of trouble for the locals. The government of Fiji is sick of the invading green iguanas and are ready to reward lizard bounty hunters to get rid of them.

Giant Pink Slug Discovered In Australia

In May it was announced that a new species of slug had been discovered on Australia's Mount Kaputar. It doesn't sound like it's all that interesting unless you a big mollusk fan, but this is not your average garden slug. You're not going to find this bad boy lurking in the leaf litter around your yard anytime soon. This is a Giant Pink Slug.

Camels In The U.S. Army

Camels aren't the first animal you think of as being used in military service. Horses, mules, dogs, and even elephants come in far ahead of the camel. Yet in the mid-19th century the United States Army undertook a controversial experiment to use camels as pack animals in the Southwestern part of the country.

Paul Winter's Summer Solstice Dedicated To Saving The African Elephants [Videos]

To save African elephants, the illegal poaching for their ivory tusks and encroachment into their habitats must be stopped. But how can this be accomplished when demand for ivory by China and the Far East continues to find this trade so lucrative? One way is to attend this year's Paul Winter Summer Solstice Celebration at St John the Divine in NYC, June 22, 2013.

Super Cow! The Augmented Animal Video of the Day!!!

While it doesn't wear a blue suit with a red cape, the super cow is definitely a bovine force to be reckoned with.  No steroids are used to enhance this animal--it is purely through breeding.  This video goes into detail about how it is done...