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Patron Saint Of Animals Sends Gull & Twitter Bird To Usher In Pope Francis I?

Newly appointed pontiff Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the first pope to take the name of the Catholic friar known for being a nature lover and preacher to birds. The much-beloved Italian patron saint Francis of Assisi is often portrayed with a bird in his hand. So it could not have been any more appropriate when both a gull and  the Twitter bird were the first two images associated with the world's first glimpse of Pope Francis I?

Start Your Own Dog Walking Business

For dog lovers the idea of starting your own dog walking business might seem like a very attractive proposition.  Before you quit your job and dive in head first, take some time to consider how suited you are to the business and what steps you will need to take to create a successful business and be your own boss.

Vatican Kitties: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Cat Lover

His Holiness Benedict XVI Pope Emeritus, formerly Pope Benedict XVI, was known for his love of cats though due to tradition he was not allowed to keep one at his apartment in Vatican City's Apostolic Palace.

Escaped Gorillas Raid Calgary Zoo Kitchen

How would you feel if you went to your kitchen to make a snack, only to come face to face with a gang of gorillas? A keeper at Canada’s Calgary Zoo failed to properly lock down a gorilla-proofed door used to seal the apes in their rainforest enclosure on March 8th....

Illinois Lawmaker Pushes To Ban Sale of Lion Meat

If Democratic Representative Luis Arroyo has his way, Illinois diners won’t be able to order a double Simba burger with fries in the near future...

U.S. Courthouses Going To The Dogs

Dogs have been trained to assist people in many ways. One way that you may not have heard of before is as a courthouse dog. These dogs are chosen for their low reactivity and ability to share this sense of calm with victims and witnesses. This allows these individuals to give testimony that they might otherwise be unable to share. The dogs are specially trained to help reduce the mental and emotional strain of being in court.

UK Residents Forced To Microchip Their Dogs by 2016

The United Kingdom’s Parliament has approved a new law requiring that dog owners must have their canine implanted with a microchip by 2016. These microchips will be required for all breeds, regardless of age, and according to the UK’s Environmental Department, approximately sixty percent of the nation’s dog population is already tagged with chips. 

'Shark Tank' Gets Historic Protection From Commercial Predators

ABC’s Shark Tank stars billionaire Mark Cuban, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, technology innovator Robert Herjavec, fashion and branding expert Daymond John and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary as the five sharks. As the anthropomorphic-version of actual sharks, they create feeding frenzies every week where would-be inventors and entrepreneurs solicit their funding. While these affluent sharks need no protection, those that swim the 'deep blue' are definitely in dire need!

Online Auto Research Omits Mini Coopers In Top Ten Pet-Safe Vehicles

It's odd the collaborative online research conducted by and Bark-BuckleUP in its "Top Ten Pet-Safe Vehicles" rankings released on March 5, 2013, omitted an obvious contender. In my post, "Canines Motor Minis…Meet World's First Driving Dogs," I reported on the Auckland SPCA's successful program dedicated to teaching dogs how to drive cars.

Australian Python Saved At Church!

Poor “Princess” the jungle python was separated from her owner at some point during a road trip three miles from her Melbourne home. Thankfully for her, she was saved by visiting the Church Street of Christ Church!