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The Biggest Shedder - National Weight Loss Contest For Your Pet

The Biggest Shedder might lose a pound of hair in the summer time, but this Biggest Shedder contest is about pounds - the real kind of weight loss. If your cat or dog is overweight, you can both get motivated now with a national pet weight loss contest, The Biggest Shedder, sponsored by Blue Veterinary Partners, a provider of veterinary internships and residency programs.

The Phrase "Thousands of Crocodiles Escape From South African Farm" Sounds Kind'a Scary To Me

Okay, just read the title of this article one more time.  Holy crap!  The only thing that would make this scenario scarier to me is if sharks could... I dunno... fly or something!  Then they could hunt us on land, swooping down like some crazy flying eating machine while the crocs took out our ankles and legs... Gah!!!!!!

Animals Everywhere Make Their Predictions For Super Bowl Victors

One Super Bowl tradition that has been growing faster than trying to eat your weight in chicken wings is that of having local zoo animals predict the winner through a variety of methods of selection. From a balloon popping dog on Jay Leno to a porcupine named Teddy Bear, the animals are really getting into the spirit of the competition, even if the results are clearly as mixed as human opinion.

Clydesdale Foal The Star Of This Year's Super Bowl

There have been few advertising icons that have been as familiar as the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. They are animals you automatically associate with the popular American brewery. The Clydesdales were the heroes of yesteryear when they were the beasts of burden strong enough to haul a beer wagon of that liquid gold. During this year's Super Bowl Game Budweiser will share with us how a Clydesdale foal grows to advertising glory.

Red Deer Acting Sheepishly In England

In early December a herd of deer in Suffolk, England passed close by a herd of sheep. Somehow a juvenile buck got separated from his family herd and has apparently been adopted by the sheep. He eats, plays, and sleeps with them, and has even made a few close friends among the herd. You might say that he has taken to acting "sheepishly."

Dung Beetles Navigate Using The Stars

For centuries human travelers have looked to the stars to find their way in the dark. Scientists later learned that birds and seals use the same stars to find their way. Now researchers have added another creature to this small but illustrious group -- the dung beetle. Also known as scarabs, the beetles live off the dung of other animals that they collect into large balls. In order to keep anyone else from stealing their store of poop they hide it away.

Retired Racehorse Gives Human Artists A Run For The Money

It is not uncommon for a retiree to take up painting as a way to fill up the hours of his or her golden years. It is if you are a retired racehorse. Metro had been at the top of his career as racehorse Metro Meteor in 2009 when he was sidelined by knee problems. Life changed drastically as he was adopted by an artist and his wife. It wasn't long before he was no longer to do trail rides either. He needed something to keep his spirits up. That was when his new owner, Ron Krajewski, decided that a little art therapy was just the right medicine.

Stable Talk: What Kind Of Music Do Horses Prefer?

If you gave your horses a chance to pick which kind of music they preferred, would it be classical, jazz, rock, or country music?  British researchers at the Hartpury College in Gloucester, England, have researched this for you. The horses didn't dance or bob their heads in coordinated rhythm, but they did give away their preferences.

Seal Pup On The Dash In Scotland

A seal pup in Dumfries, Scotland, disturbed by stormy seas, was found wandering around the Cairnryan ferry terminal seeking a spot to wait out the weather. Concerned employees tried to return the animal to the sea, but the animal, later nicknamed "Smartie," wasn't ready just yet. He ended up finding the perfect place to wait out the storm -- on the dashboard of a car.

Vultures In Africa Being Poisoned

A new study shows that African vultures fly up to 140 miles a day in search of prey and prefer to hunt outside of national park areas. They do this to avoid competition with other predators over the available prey. This behavior, though designed to increase survival, may actually be placing them at greater risk.