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Pyrosome: A Sea Creature That Is Really A Colony Of Clones

There are many strange creatures in the sea that seem more alien than earthly. The pyrosome is one of them. Well, actually it is many of them. Each long, tube-like pyrosome is actually a colony of hundreds, or even thousands, of tiny animals called zooids. They come together in an outer "tunic" that allows them to join together physically into a single unit. The colony can grow to be several yards long and two yards wide.

Stallone Sold Dog For $50 [then] Gave Him Starring Role in 'Rocky'

They say 'every dog has his day,' but with a name like "Butkus," one has to wonder how a dog could be sold one day, only to star in one of most iconic movies of all time, the next. But such is the case. Like his master, Butkus paralleled his master's 'rags-to-riches' story to live in the lap of luxury for the majority of his life.

What Does A Dog Say? Wang, Wang! Wait. . . What?

One of the first things that we teach children is the sounds that animals make -- and animals the world over make the same sounds, right? Well, yes . . . and no. While animals may appear to speak the same language the world over, humans definitely don't and their interpretation of these sounds can be as varied as their languages. While in English-speaking countries a dog says "woof! woof!" in China a dog says "wang! wang!"

Chunky Malaysian Orangutan Goes On Diet

Jackie, an extremely obese 22-year-old female orangutan, is starting a new diet after spending 20 years pigging out on unhealthy snacks fed to her by tourists.

Dear Lorde, What's With The Dog, Snake & Rat?

No, we're not referring to the Chinese New Year, but sometimes auspicious images can add to the mystique of a budding career, particularly in this digital age of viral-over-night-sensations. We've all seen them blossom out of no-where, ignited by a cyberventilating YouTube video. Logically, they're unlikely rags-to-riches tales, the likes of a pubescent 12 year-old or a middle-aged Scottish volunteer church worker.

Find Bigfoot, Win Ten Million Bucks From Spike TV!

Spike TV is challenging nine cryptozoology crews into North America’s Pacific Northwest to retrieve proof that sasquatches exist. The team that succeeds wins a grand prize of $10,000,000!

Unexpected Pets: Gary The Capybara

Some people really enjoy having exotic pets and there are many wild animals out there that people have made into pets with varying degrees of success. One of the more unusual choices is that of the capybara -- the world's largest rodent and native of the swamps of Venezuela. After a trip to the South American country Melanie Typaldos was so taken with the creatures that she went in search of how to make one part of her family.

World’s Oldest Captive Manatee Just Turned 65!

“Snooty” is the world’s oldest captive manatee, and this senior sea life just celebrated his 65th birthday in Manatee County’s South Florida Museum.

'Ponies Gone Wild' At Annual Firemen's Island Ritual

While Joe Francis of the infamous "Girls Gone Wild" fame is known to be interested in the animal kingdom (see "Sea Lions Gone Wild (Hopefully Humanely)") thankfully he has nothing to do with the "wild ponies" of Virginia and their annual swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague.

The Buzz On A Beekeeping Dog

There are many kinds of working dogs in this world. We tend to think of them as helping herd cows and sheep, sniffing out drugs along the border, or even being parachuted into Osama Bin Laden's compound. One of the lesser known dog jobs is that of beekeeper -- or more exactly, a beekeeping assistant. A dog, like any other beekeeper, needs the proper gear to prevent being stung.