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Evolutionary Twist Of Fate Allows Cats To Swim [Video]

If you've ever been a cat owner, you know that felines abhor all things associated with H20. Differing from dogs, it appears their DNA gave them the gene that says cats don't mix with water. However, with seventy-five percent of the planet covered with water, it appears certain habitats would require some cats to acquire aquatic skills to include -- of all things -- the doggie-paddle!

Being In The Doghouse Can Be A Good Thing

If you ever find yourself in a place called Cottonwood, Idaho, you have to check out this place -- the Dog Bark Park Inn. If you are a dog fanatic you may want to make the journey just to stay in this fabulously fun bed and breakfast built in the shape of a giant beagle. Oh, and about that fire hydrant nearby -- it's an outhouse. A touch of irony to go with the fun.

Trained Dogs Delay Spread Of Invasive Mollusks Using Sense Of Smell (Video)

A trio of dogs have been specially trained to sniff out stowaway zebra mussels to keep them from infesting new ponds, lakes and other waterways in St. Paul, Minnesota. Take that, you invasive punks!

The Cat Man And His Flying Cats

If you find yourself heading down to Key West on vacation there is something you have just got to see -- The Catman and his Flying House Cats. They perform for the crowds each night at sunset. Contrary to what just about everyone will tell you about cats, they CAN be trained to do all sorts of things. For Dominique LeFort they will literally jump through hoops -- even if the hoops are on fire.

Extinct “Scissorhands” Fossil Arthropod Named After Johnny Depp

A half-billion year old fossil of a previously unknown lobster-like creature has been given the name Kooteninchela deppi in honor of actor Johnny Depp. The small but formidably clawed ancestor of many modern insects, spiders and crustaceans possessed a fiendishly spiky set of claws that immediately reminded researchers of Depp's well-loved film character, Edward Scissorhands.

Stolen Dinosaur Fossils Sent Back To Mongolia From United States (Video)

A treasure trove of high quality dinosaur fossils have been looted from Mongolia, and now the United States government is stepping up actions to send back these invaluable cultural artifacts.

Our Lying, Cheating Ways May Have Evolved From Apes

Who hasn't told a little white lie or purposely deceived others over the course of one's life. Ever wonder why the moral code of "thou shall not lie," has found its way into our religious and legal systems down through the ages? Perhaps because deception is so intricately woven into our DNA that man needed constant reminders that our darker nature was inevitable.

Hippo Swallows Man Whole, Man Lives To Tell The Tale! (Video)

Seventeen years ago, Paul Templer, a guide taking some tourists through the Zambezi river was attacked, bitten, battered and nearly eaten by an angry bull hippopotamus. Your job doesn’t seem too bad now, does it?

Instagram + Cats = Nyanstagram!

Inspired by Instagram, the popular online photo-sharing and social networking service, Nyanstagram allows users to digitally filter photos of their cats and share them with others on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services.

Lion Burgers Are SO Last March, Care For A Lion Taco Instead?

Here we go again! Taco Fusion, located in scenic Tampa, Florida, have apparently sold out of their controversial lion meat tacos, although some locals aren’t too pleased about the big cat being on the menu in the first place.