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2 Men Charged With Stealing $40,000 Worth Of Exotic Reptiles!

Two men have been charged with breaking into the Australian Reptile Park and making off with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of valuable reptiles to sell on the black market.

Seniors Get To Do A Little Horsing Around With Miniature Horses

Life for senior citizens can be isolating and lonely. Life for them is changing and not always for the better. Physical ability and mental acuity are waning. In many cases the senior is in a situation where they no longer can have a pet or interact much with the world. For many years cats and dogs have been brought in to visit the elderly. That is great for cat people and dog folk, but what about horse lovers? The last few years has seen a surge in miniature horses being brought in to visit seniors in a variety of venues, including assisted living, adult day care, and nursing homes.

First Dog Bo's New Companion 'Sunny' - Love Interest Or Just Friends?

Has the "first dog" just been upstaged? You remember the Portuguese Water Dog the Obama's welcomed into the Obama Administration back in 2008. So widely popular, he was even featured in the Marvel Comics' classic: "Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers," where he was paired with other super-powered beasties. However, with the recent arrival of a second canine to the White House named 'Sunny,' could Bo be taking a back-seat to a younger version of himself? Or might this new friend, come with benefits?

Elephant Gets Hit By Train, 15 Of Her Pachyderm Pals Raid Local Area

An unfortunate Asian elephant was hit and killed by an oncoming train close to the village of Matari, in eastern India, but the elephant’s distraught family certainly didn’t forget about her!

New Mammal & Ancient Indigenous Tribe Co-Exist In The Clouds

No, neither mammals nor indigenous peoples have been able to figure out cloud computing yet. But they do inhabit the same cloud forests of Colombia. They are an odd couple in that one was first discovered by the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s while the other was just uncovered August 15, 2013 as the first new species of carnivore to be identified in the Western hemisphere in 35 years.

Loaded For Bear? There's An App For That!

If you're familiar with that claymation TV commercial where the father is attacked by a bear, it appears that being privy to a bear's location might take priority over finding a hotel room for the night. Well, if you're traveling to Yellowstone National Park any time soon, you can come loaded for bear - because now, there's an app for that too!

Chinese Zoo Lying About Lion!

An African lion on display at The People’s Park of Luohe Zoo came under suspicion when it started barking…

Raven Makes A Point Of Asking For Help With Porcupine Quills

In one of Aesop's Fables a mouse removes a thorn from a lion's paw and gains the eternal gratitude of the giant cat. Many versions of this tale have appeared periodically over the centuries. While it may be a tale of fiction, real life tales keep cropping up of wild animals approaching humans for help when in a dire predicament. Last month it was Gertie Cleary's turn when she helped out a raven that had been impaled on several porcupine quills.

MJ: The Bicycle Courier Cat

MJ (short for Mary Jane) started life just about as unusually as she is living her life. She was born in a drawer in Rudi Saldia's apartment in Philadelphia, PA. Her mother and siblings were all given to good homes after that, but MJ stayed on to become Saldia's first cat. Before her he had only had "sugar gliders," little possum-like marsupials. He had taught them to ride on his shoulder as he went about his duties as a bicycle courier. It seemed only natural to teach MJ to do the same.

Power Lines Pose Problem For Costa Rica’s Arboreal Wildlife

Although the beautiful nation of Costa Rica is regularly praised as an environmentally nation, a few areas of its power grid has been electrocuting many of the jungle nation’s tree-climbing species.