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Rescue & Shelter Dogs Parade Their Support For Mets To Win In World Series

The Mets might have lost the first game of the 2015 World Series by one run on October 27 —  but it certainly wasn’t due to lack of support from its fans . . . namely those of the canine variety. Rescue and shelter dogs, along with pet owners were appropriately dressed in New York Mets garb to parade ceremoniously in Manhattan. This was a celebration to kick-off the start of the World Series . . .

The Weekly Buzz! Mysterious Calls Of The Wild, Snarky Cats, Monkeys In Human Jobs, & More...

Researchers are learning some spooky stuff about animal communication and what the 'calls of the wild' mean. Can you believe that even their zookeepers never heard resident giraffes exchange vocalizations? I'll report why, along with what a certain male monkey doesn't possess if his calls are low and loud, and which house cats have the biggest attitudes.  Plus there's news about ....

Jon Stewart's Animal Sanctuary And Educational Center Begins On New Jersey Farm

With comedy and interviews behind him, Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his family have decided to open an animal sanctuary and educational center on a 12-acre farm they purchased in Middleton, New Jersey.

Parachuting Beavers? What Else Don't We Know About The 1950s?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all comes the story of parachuting beavers over the skies of Idaho. If you live there currently, don’t bother running outside to see if it’s raining the furry, flat-tailed and buck-toothed creatures right now.

For The Love Of A Mother . . . Cat

Employees of the Mill Road Vet Clinic in New Zealand got a big lesson in love last week after they took in an abandoned litter of kittens that were only three or four weeks old. While kittens are enough to give you a serious case of the awwwwwws, it was what came next that was the real story. The kittens and their mama cat were reunited in an unusual way.

Pet Detective To The Rescue! Missing Cat Located In Nebraska

When most people hear the words “pet detective” images of Jim Carrey being a buffoon inevitably come to mind, but for one Omaha, Nebraska, private investigator that isn't the case.

Beware The Vampire Squirrel!

Vampires apparently do exist. Oh, I'm not talking about the old tales of Dracula, or even of the vampire bat. I'm talking about the rather terrifying vampire squirrel. Vampire bats are fairly boring compared to the reputed hunting activities of this furry rodent with a huge plume of a tail. It is a rare animal that scientists know little about since it hangs out in the rain forest of Borneo.

Scientists Investigate Potential Life-Extending Drug For Dogs

There's an exciting new drug being experimented with that may have the potential to add years to your dog's life.

Doctor Who? Wally The Corgi, That's Who!

Doctor Who has finally gone to the dogs -- well, one dog anyway. Wally, the Welsh Corgi, managed to endure enough time in front of the camera to honor all 13 doctors of the venerable British science fiction television show. For the die-hard Whovians out there that does include the War Doctor. Wally even had his own tiny cardboard TARDIS for the shoot.

Blind Man Reunited With Missing Service Dog Through Facebook

Just when you were starting to think that perhaps social media was getting more people in trouble than anything else comes a heartwarming story of a missing guide dog being reunited with his visually-impaired owner through the help of Facebook users.