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Photographer Scuffles With Octopus As It Steals His Camera

Getting caught in the tentacles of a giant octopus seems to be the stuff of television and old science fiction B movies, but it does happen. Just ask Drew Collins. Back in January he and some friends went diving off the coast of Washington state to do some underwater photography. They started out together, but the next thing Drew knew he was on his own. Being an experienced diver, he didn't worry about it and began shooting as he found a giant Pacific octopus in its den.

Woman Sets Snake On Fire- Snake Burns Her House Down!

You know what normal people who are afraid of snakes do, right? They run from snakes. It’s a much better tactic than dousing one in gasoline and setting the poor reptile ON FIRE....

Peeps Sushi: Sweet Fun For Easter Treat Eaters

Peeps have been delighting children and sweetening up Easter Baskets since 1953 but guess what: the marshmallowy treats aren't just for Easter anymore! Take a "peep" at what the folks at Serious Eats are up to, for instance, as they whip up an unexpected Peeps treat with a decided Japanese accent!

Who Put The Grump In Grumpy Cat & Launched A 1000 Memes [Videos]

The cat who became an Internet sensation overnight is not a cat at all.  Less than 1 year-old, Grumpy Cat is really still a kitten about to celebrate her 1st birthday on April 4, 2012. Perhaps one of the reasons she appears so grumpy - too much attention too soon? Another might be because her real name is "Tarder Sauce." So, how would you like it if people called you "grumpy" all day long.

Scientists Discover Only One Species Of Gigantic Squid Exists (Plus Video of Live Giant Squid!)

After taking DNA samples from the remains of 43 different giant squid, scientists have come to the conclusion that there is one global population of giant squid, without any subspecies.

Meet Jesse The Jack Russell Terrier -- The Most Helpful Dog In The World

Get ready to fall in love. Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier is one amazing little dog. He can help with all the house work, from dusting to taking out the trash -- he even does windows! At the end of a long day he will give his human mom, Heather Brook, a shoulder massage and help her take off her shoes and socks. The highly efficient pooch will take a few moments to put the socks in the laundry.

'Game Of Thrones' Begs The Question: How Do You Raise A Dragon? [Videos]

Answer: Very carefully! How cute and cuddly lion cubs seem in zoos and on TV. In a horrific incident that occurred at the Cat Haven Sanctuary in California this year, Dianna Hanson, a 24-year-old intern was suddenly and shockingly mauled and killed by her favorite and most beloved big cat, a five-year-old lion named Cous Cous. Seen as a 3-month old cub on the 'Ellen DeGeneres' TV show, when cats mature, their primal instincts are triggered differently and even their owners are at risk. Could the same be said about Khaleesi Daenerys's dragons on 'Game of Thrones?'

Social Media's Favorite Pet "Larry" Evolves To Iconic Status [Video]

Twitter's first bird logo cost less than a pint of beer at a Silicon Valley saloon. The stock image on which Twitter's first bird logo was based was created by graphic designer Simon Oxley at the ridiculously low price of $15, of which Oxley may have seen $6. Today's recent iteration was masterminded by classically trained Doug Bowman who was hired away from Google by Twitter, at an expense which was considerably more.

Skydiving Pets -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I love how people get up in arms about something--then find out that it wasn't real.  This report from CNN concerning an advertisement with skydiving cats is a great example of this concept...

Missing Iditarod Dog's Incredible Journey

Back on March 8, 2013 May, a strawberry blonde sled dog, got separated from her team during the 1,000 mile Iditarod race after they got tangled with another team. The dog had been on loan to musher Newton Marshall of Jamaica by her owner, musher Jim Lanier of Chugiak, Alaska. Marshall was scratched from the race at the next checkpoint for coming in without a full team. A search was begun to find the missing dog.