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Posted March 15, 2014 by Ron Callari

With Russia usurping its will on Ukraine it's not difficult to begin to understand how the populace is torn between its pro-Russia
past and its desire for independence. Many have criticized the West for
painting a bleak picture of Ukrainians being forced to return to their
communist roots as its neighbor's ominous control. . .

Posted March 13, 2014 by Ron Callari

Hailing a cab in NYC is a challenging task in and of itself - but once you get one to pick you up, the last thing you're expecting is to share your ride with a snake. In his book, "Follow That Car," author, comedian and sometimes cab driver, Jimmy Failla never warned the public in advance about having a giant 14-foot Burmese Python riding shot-gun.

Posted March 12, 2014 by Laurie Kay Olson

You've heard of the horse whisperer and the dog whisperer. How about the Lion Whisperer? Kevin Richardson, a zoologist in South Africa, has been working with lions in the wild and has been accepted as a member of several prides. This has earned him the title of Lion Whisperer. He possesses an amazing innate ability to understand the animals and interact with them in the wild.

Posted March 9, 2014 by Ron Callari

Can't go too far these days without seeing a GoPro camera filming something unique up close and personal. Skiers
and snowboard athletes took it to the Sochi slopes for the recent
Winter Olympics. Amateur photographers have captured roller-coaster rides
and hot airplane balloon flights using it. And while Ellen DeGeneres showed us a whole new way of taking a selfie. . . 

Posted March 5, 2014 by Ron Callari

Not to be sacrilegious, but if a lizard first appeared on the planet before the Old Testament and Jesus Christ didn't
walk the earth (let alone water) until the New Testament, why is the
common basilisk lizard named after him? It's true, while we still don't
know what came first, the chicken or the egg, we do know hat "Jesus
Lizards" predated the Son of God.

Posted March 5, 2014 by Laurie Kay Olson

If you have never seen Patches the horse, then it is about time you did. Patches was an incredible horse with a penchant for hanging out with his owners, Robert and Herbert Thompson, and always seemed to want to go wherever they went. So they decided to take the horse up on that. They even had a car remodeled so that Patches could ride along with them.

Posted February 28, 2014 by Laurie Kay Olson

Fred and Judy Clark are dog people. That must be clearly understood right from the start. Their family was complete with two grown children living with them at the time and their young hunting dog, Jake, a Yellow Labrador Retriever. Then a ginger and white tabby cat named DeBeau moved in next door. He apparently had his own agenda in mind when he arrived.

Posted February 27, 2014 by Ron Callari

For scent hounds who are known for their larger than average 'drop ears,' it begs the question: "What's up with those dumbo-size auricles? Some say it provides their masters with an easy way to pick them up. President Lyndon B. Johnson had two beagles in the White House named Him and Her that raised the ire of the public when he lifted them by their ears while conducting a press conference on the White House lawn.