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Chinese Zoo Lying About Lion!

An African lion on display at The People’s Park of Luohe Zoo came under suspicion when it started barking…

Raven Makes A Point Of Asking For Help With Porcupine Quills

In one of Aesop's Fables a mouse removes a thorn from a lion's paw and gains the eternal gratitude of the giant cat. Many versions of this tale have appeared periodically over the centuries. While it may be a tale of fiction, real life tales keep cropping up of wild animals approaching humans for help when in a dire predicament. Last month it was Gertie Cleary's turn when she helped out a raven that had been impaled on several porcupine quills.

MJ: The Bicycle Courier Cat

MJ (short for Mary Jane) started life just about as unusually as she is living her life. She was born in a drawer in Rudi Saldia's apartment in Philadelphia, PA. Her mother and siblings were all given to good homes after that, but MJ stayed on to become Saldia's first cat. Before her he had only had "sugar gliders," little possum-like marsupials. He had taught them to ride on his shoulder as he went about his duties as a bicycle courier. It seemed only natural to teach MJ to do the same.

Power Lines Pose Problem For Costa Rica’s Arboreal Wildlife

Although the beautiful nation of Costa Rica is regularly praised as an environmentally nation, a few areas of its power grid has been electrocuting many of the jungle nation’s tree-climbing species.

Rare Brown Giant Panda Shows When It Comes To Pandas, Things Aren't Always Black & White

Qizai, a rare Qinling panda, displays a striking brown & tan coat that really stands out next to his more formally “dressed” chums at the Shaanxi Wild Animal Research Centre. Qizai is only the seventh Giant Brown panda recorded in the last 25 years.

The Immigration Of Argentinean Monk Parrots Hoping For Green Cards

Immigration is not only a U.S. issue of extreme importance for the nation, over the course of the last forty years it's a case of deep concern for the monk parrots who have made Edgewater, New Jersey their home.

Don't Do This! The "I'm Gonna Stick My Head in a Crocodile's Mouth" Animal Video of the Day!!!

Guys and gals... Don't ever do this.  Ever.  There are certain alerts that go off in my head that I consider "common sense."  This guy apparently doesn't have these alerts...

Happy World Lion Day!

Let’s celebrate the globally recognized and respected feline alpha predator together for the first ever World Lion Day!

Critically Endangered Sawfish Fillets As “Shark Meat” In Brazil!

While they are in the same family of sharks and rays, serving up sawfish for lunch under the banner of “shark” is like offering California condor nuggets under the guise of a “New Flavor” at KFC!

Mama Cat And Her Litter Of Kittens . . . And Ducklings

Back in May a small holding (little farm) in the town of Clara, in County Offaly, Ireland was home to something of a miracle. The cat took on the responsibility of three orphans in addition to her own litter of three kittens. Word got out about her act of motherly kindness and the world began to marvel over her. The cat had put her nurturing instincts ahead of her instinct to hunt. Her three new offspring were ducklings.