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Hey Marissa Mayer, If You Want Us Back To Work, Can We Bring Our Pets?

News Flash: Hey Ms. Mayer, the 1950's called and they'd like their Employee Handbook back!  Well, that's one way to look at what's being viewed as Lady Mayer's draconian work ethic. It appears that the last decade of telecommuting was a failed exercise in the eyes of the new CEO of Yahoo! Now apparently, "working at home" is code for taking care of your kids with a little work thrown in on the side.

Eddie The Otter Has Hoop Dreams

Eddie the sea otter is 15 years old and in otter terms that is considerably old. Vets at the Oregon Zoo found that he was suffering from arthritis in his elbows when they were checking his x-rays. They recommended that the little marine mammal take up basketball to improve his condition and keep him mobile though his remaining golden years.

What The Heck Is A Geoduck?

The geoduck has nothing to do with aquatic birds. Though it looks more like it comes from another planet, it is actually a bivalve mollusk. It is a clam -- a very large, edible, saltwater clam. It has an incredibly large and long "neck" that can grow to over a meter in length. It is one of the largest and one of the longest lived clams out there since it has few predators other than humans.

These Boots Are Made For Unicorns (Or Demon Creatures)

If there are two things that most girls of any age love, they are unicorns and shoes. The other girls are probably into demons and shoes. Etsy artisan Oonacat has brought these two loves together in these amazing boots that will give you your very own unicorn or demon hooves. The boots are flirty, fun, and drop-dead sexy, and the perfect footwear for that special costume or extreme night on the town.

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

Forget Groundhog Day- The coolest mammal-themed February holiday is all about earth’s largest land carnivore, the polar bear! That’s right- Every February 27th, animal fans like the Pets Lady Crew are encouraged to consider the giant bear of the frozen north for International Polar Bear Day. I’m celebrating by wearing all white, bringing home the closest thing to an actual polar bear, eating nothing but seal jerky and by sharing the following fun facts with you:

'Angry Birds' & 'Farmville' Transition From Social Gaming To Entertainment? [Video]

While the world's most popular virtual pets "Angry Birds" soar in popularity and Zynga's "Farmville" is somewhat of a nostalgic icon of the last decade, do they hold enough of the world's zeitgeist to transition into entertainment vehicles? Apparently, according to recent reports, they're both going to give it a try!

The Border Collie Who Is Her Honor The Mayor -- For Life

Small town America has long been a bastion of middle-class values and propriety. Small towns also have a reputation for being individual and a little quirky. Take the case of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky: in 2008 they elected a dog mayor for life. She beat out a number of competitors in a tight race for the position, including a cat, an opossum, a jackass, and a human.

Food Stamps For Pets In Need

During these stressful economic times many people have faced difficulty in feeding their pets. In some cases people have made the heart-wrenching decision to give up their pets. Shelters have been reporting an upswing in animals being brought in due to people suddenly being unable to afford them. There is help out there though -- food stamps for your pet.

"And The 'Pawscar' Goes To" At American Humane Assn's Oscars®

With Seth MacFarlane's off-color jokes and "We Saw Your Boobs" medley behind us, we can now shift our focus to a much more civilized view of Oscar-worthy movies. This year the American Humane Association presented another of its own version of the Oscars. Titled, "Pawscars" - you guessed it, it's their take on recognizing the best animal talent in the movies. And we know that Hollywood is full of talented creatures.

Australians Toadally Despise Cane Toad Pests

The residents of New South Wales, Australia are gearing up for wet weather the best way they know how: Galoshes, bug repellent and by gathering up all of the baby cane toads that they can. The recent deluge of wet weather in the area has provided the perfect breeding grounds for cane toads, and the more of the introduced pests that the locals can round up, the better.