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The Photographer And The Polar Bear

Wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan has had a close encounter of the polar bear kind. Enclosed alone in a transparent safety cage he caught the terrifying encounter on video for the BBC's documentary series "The Polar Bear Family and Me." Buchanan admitted that the experience was the most terrifying thing he has ever been through.

Texas Court To Rule On Value Of A Dog

How much is your pet worth to you? Most of us would say priceless. A Texas court is now faced with having to come up with a more realistic answer in the tragic case of a family whose dog was accidentally euthanized at a shelter, even though they had been notified to come and pick up their pup. The dog had run off after becoming scared during a thunderstorm.

Where The Pets Are... And Other Stats Released By Vet Association

....Dogs are popular pets in Arkansas (47.9 percent) and New Mexico (46 percent) and least popular in Connecticut (28.3 percent) and Massachusetts.  But then there's the District of Columbia where dog owners represent only 13.1 percent of residents. No wonder people in Washington don't have friends.

Dog Now A Regular At Mass After Owner's Death

Tommy, a German shepherd, used to attend church services regularly with his owner, Maria Margherita Lochi. When she passed away two months ago Tommy followed the coffin to the church for the funeral service. Since then when the bells of the church are rung to announce daily Mass, Tommy shows up to join the parishioners.

Spa Fighting Order To Stop Fish Pedicures

A civil court proceeding began Monday in Arizona over fish pedicures after a spa there was ordered by cosmetology regulatorsto stop offering the treatments. The treatment includes using small doctor fish to "nibble" dead skin away from a client's feet, leaving them soft and smooth. Many areas in the United States are trying to ban the practice as being unsafe since the fish cannot be cleaned or sterilized between treatments.

Game Theory For Monkeys Like Us!

The term "to ape someone" originated from monkeys mimicking the behavior of humans. But are there any behavioral characteristics that comes natural to the species closest to man? 'Fair Play,' for instance was considered a uniquely human trait, where monkeys were viewed as selfish.

Dog Doggedly Makes It Home In Spite Of Serious Injuries

Ruby, a black Labrador retriever in Cumbria, England, was missing for several hours. When she finally turned up at home again she had apparently been hit by a car and dragged herself 500 yards to get back. She was in a tremendous amount of pain, but when her owner, Tom Iredale, rushed her to the veterinarian for emergency treatment, she still wagged her tail to say hi.

Red Hawk Down: Bird Of Prey Grounded By Large Meal

The trouble began when a juvenile red-tailed hawk caught a coot for his dinner. It must have been a particularly tasty coot or perhaps the hawk had just gotten too hungry in the pursuit. At any rate, the hawk finished eating, moved several feet away and collapsed. Photographer Steve Shinn discovered the bird too full to fly, or even move, lying on its back just outside a nature preserve near Long Beach, California.

Agoraphobia: Dog Terrified Of Going For A Walk

Sam, a black Labrador retriever in Aberdeenshire, Scotland was once a normal, happy dog who couldn't wait to go for a walk -- just like any other dog. Then one day, while he was out for a walk and checking out all of the different sniffs in the neighborhood he received a serious electric shock through his paws when he touched a metal drain.

Navy Engineer Invents Robotic 'Bird Buggy' For Pepper The Parrot (Video)

Home on leave from the Navy, engineering student at the University of Florida, Andrew Gray, noticed his parrot, Pepper, was lonely.  Pepper wasn't happy being kept in one room when the rest of the family were in other rooms of his home. And Pepper made it known, in the way only parrot-owners would believe, that he was not happy....

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