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International Wolf Center Wins Coveted 2012-13 Pinnacle Award

The International Wolf Center in Ely, MN has earned its second Pinnacle Award for WolfLink™, a unique and effective way of connecting people with wolves using technology. The award presented by the Center for Interactive Learning Collaboration (CILC) recognizes excellence in videoconferencing programming.

20,000 Bees! The Swarming Animal Video of the Day!!!

How do you handle a swarm of bees that is 20,000 strong?  This brief news report will show you how a bee keeper solves this issue.  I would not recommend ever doing this...

It’s A Bear-Eat-Bear World In Canada!

A group of hikers enjoying the beautiful wilderness of Alberta, Canada’s Banff National Park made a shocking discovery when they found an immense grizzly bear eating something…

Colonel Meow Named World's Hairiest Cat By Guinness World Records

Colonel Meow, the popular Internet cat, was just named the World's Hairiest Cat by Guinness World Records. The two-year-old Himalayan/Persian mix has accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and maintains his own website and a YouTube Channel. His owner, Anne Marie Avey, explains that this is all a part of his plan for world domination. Indeed, it seems that the only other cat that even comes close is the ubiquitous Grumpy Cat.

Foxes Make Strange Bedfellows

A man got the surprise of his life recently when he having a lie-in one morning and thought that his girlfriend had curled up behind him for a friendly snuggle. Unbeknownst to him she had already gone off to work. When he reached out to cuddle her he found that a fox was curled up with him in bed instead.

Cat Saved By Transfusion Of Dog Blood

In most cases cats and dogs just don't get along. Many people think that the two are just not compatible. Indeed, they are quite different. Earlier this month a veterinarian discovered that they are compatible in one very important way -- especially for one cat in Tauranga, New Zealand who had his life was saved by a very uncommon procedure.

“Yummy” Chocolate-Covered Elephant Tusks Caught In Macau!

Illegal ivory dealers have to think creatively if they want to move items made from elephant tusks over borders, but drizzling them in chocolate and calling them candy bars didn’t work out too well for these guys…

81 People Sent To Hospital After Consuming Salmonella-Laced Guinea Pig Meat

Well, it only took two months after writing a story about people who enjoy guinea pig-based dishes before a whole bunch of curious diners got sick in Minneapolis…

Puppy Rescue: This Mama Is One Hot Dog!

Earlier this month Amanda, a German Shepherd mix, touched the hearts of firefighters in Santa Rosa de Temeco, Chile, when she repeatedly returned to a burning house to save her litter of puppies one by one. She chose the safest place she could think of to put them -- on one of the fire trucks. She knew which humans were there to help. What better place than in a rescue vehicle!

2 Men Charged With Stealing $40,000 Worth Of Exotic Reptiles!

Two men have been charged with breaking into the Australian Reptile Park and making off with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of valuable reptiles to sell on the black market.