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Otter Relocation Program Scrapped Years After It Was Recognized As "Dumb"

Earlier this month U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Officials finally announced that their attempts to relocate sea otters from the coast of Southern California to San Nicolas Island off of the coast of Santa Barbara. This was intended to then create an "otter-free" zone along the mainland coastline. It was part of a misguided plan to help allow the sea otter population to recover.

Birth Control For Squirrels

This past year has been a great one for gray squirrels across the nation. Their population has grown to record numbers due to the ideal weather conditions from last year's warm winter, which also produced banner crops of nuts and seeds to feed the expanding population. The East Coast, Northeast, and Midwest have been especially hard hit by this cute and furry little menace.

Hero Chicken Is No Dumb Cluck

It is the sort of story you hear about dogs, cats, or even toddlers, but it isn't one common to chickens. At a home in Wisconsin, in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning, a couple was awakened by their pet chicken alerting them to the fact that the house was on fire. The couple, one cat, and the chicken were able to escape unhurt. Another cat was not able to escape and died in the blaze.

Lost Penguin Expected To Be Home For The New Year

Back in May a two-year-old Fjordland penguin that has been dubbed Katrina turned up on a beach in South Australia. She was over 1,800 miles from her home turf in New Zealand and weighed less than 3 pounds. The emaciated bird required surgery to repair a gash in her stomach and six months of recovery. Now she is headed home.

Bieber Vs. Hamster: Pop Star's Gift Angers Animal Organization

Teen pop star Justin Bieber has drawn criticism from an unlikely source: the California Hamster Association. Why, you might ask? It seems that the singer gave his pet hamster Pac to an adoring fan at a recent concert in Atlanta, Georgia. New hamster owner Victoria Blair says the gift "made her Christmas", so what could be wrong with such a sweet gesture? The CHA says it's only looking after the hamster's best interests.

Trivial Tuesday: Reindeer Round-Up

There are a few things that you may not know about reindeer. So here is a short round-up of reindeer, starting with the fact that reindeer are on the decline in spite of their popularity at this time of year. Loss of habitat is the largest factor in the reduction in their numbers.

Mythical Monday: Santa And The Reindeer Girls

Humans have been creating and believing in mythological creatures for centuries. One of the favorites among Western Christian and secular cultures has long been the flying reindeer that accompany Santa on his holiday marathon of worldwide gift-giving. For nearly two centuries we have all assumed that the reindeer were male -- and we were wrong.

In Southeast Asia, Dogs Go Incognito

Like a masquerade party gone to the dogs, or something out of a spy movie, the latest craze in Southeast Asia is to disguise your dog as something other than a dog. For instance, while the Giant Panda is on the endangered species list (only 800 are currently alive in the wild), the Chinese have found a way to add to their population -- namely by disguising their dogs to look like baby pandas.

Would You, Should You, Shell Out For A Turtle Burger?

What tastes like chicken, looks like beef and smells a little fishy? Turtle Burgers, that's what. The Paradise Bar & Grill is one of a number of Grand Cayman island eateries offering farm-raised Green Sea Turtle dishes to adventurous and morally ambiguous diners.

Study Results: Why Rudolph Has A Red Nose

Scientific research into a herd of Arctic reindeer is showing evidence of the possibility of the animals actually having red noses, and not just from drinking too much eggnog. Researchers in the Netherlands and from the University of Rochester examined and compared the noses of a couple of reindeer with those of five human volunteers with surprising results.

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