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Archaeologists Take On Cat-Lovers In Rome

Among the ruins of an empire, one of the things that the city of Rome is best known for is the abundance of stray cats. They inhabit such historical places as the Coliseum. Next to the sacred ruins of the Largo di Torre Argentina, where Brutus is believed to have stabbed Caesar, is a popular no-kill cat shelter. Now the archaeologists are demanding that the shelter close and the volunteers who run the shelter are refusing to budge.

Turkey Makes Preemptive Strike On Thanksgiving

A wild turkey may have been making a preemptive strike for turkeys everywhere several days ago when it apparently flew into some power lines, leaving a portion of southeastern Wisconsin without power. About 1,500 people were affected by the outage that was reported on November 17.

Rebecca The Raccoon: A Thanksgiving Story

Turkeys are not the only animals to have been pardoned from the Thanksgiving table by the President of the United States. During the Coolidge administration (1923-1929), the town of Peru, Mississippi, sent a raccoon to the White House with the idea that the animal would be prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. However, once Calvin and Grace met the animal, her little life was spared and she became a part of the family.

Two Turkeys Ready For Their Date With Destiny

Every year a group of turkey toms go through an extensive selection process that begins in April and ends with them receiving a permanent reprieve from becoming dinner when they are pardoned by the President of the United States. In the intervening months the turkeys live a life like no other turkeys on earth.

New Count Makes Island Scrub Jay Rare In U.S.

A new count of the island scrub jay showed that there are fewer of the birds than previously thought. The new calculations make the bird one of the ten rarest songbirds in the United States. Previous work had overestimated their population by as much as 500 per cent, according to an article of the October issue of Ecological Applications.

Clinton Calls For Tougher Fight Against Poaching

Last Thursday United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, put out the call for increasing the fight against poaching and cracking down on the increasing demands for ivory and rhino horn. At a meeting of the State Department Clinton outlined how animal trafficking has been becoming more widespread as the practice becomes more lucrative, more organized -- and more dangerous.

Scientists May Have Found First Gray Seal Pup Twins Ever

A pair of gray seal pups on the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland in England, is suspected of being the first ever twins born to a gray seal mother in the wild. Scientists hope to confirm the momentous event through DNA. They were finally able to get close enough to samples earlier this month.

Mr. Stubs, The Alligator, Will Need Name Change After Receiving Prosthetic Tail

Mr. Stubs is an alligator who can't swim. That is because he is missing his tail. Alligators are cannibalistic and when Mr. Stubs was younger a larger alligator tried, and almost succeeded, in making a meal of him. As it was, Mr. Stubs just gave up a snack. Without a tail he can't move forward in the water, so he just splashes around in circles.

Grandma's Molasses Helps The Medicine Go Down For Elephants & Their Adoptive Parents

Adopting children from third world countries has become a trending exceedingly popular with celebrities, the likes of Madonna and Angelina Jolie. But what about elephants? Some are more in need of a home than you might think. And what if I told you, you didn't have to go all the way to Mali or South Africa to find one?

Mythical Monday: Phoenix Rising

Humans have been creating and believing in mythological creatures for centuries. The phoenix, or fire bird, has been a part of the mythology of most ancient cultures in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is a universal symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Its most recent incarnation came to us as the cherished pet of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter book and movie franchise.

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