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Conservation 101: What Does It Mean To Be An Endangered Species?

We’ve heard about the plight of the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros, mountain gorilla, snow leopard and other endangered creatures since kindergarten, but how does an animal receive its conservation status?

American Crocodile Population Declines As Jamaicans Discover Taste For Croc Meat

Although the American crocodile has rebounded in Florida, the local Jamaican population is being decimated as the demand for crocodile meat and eggs grows…

Rural China Plagued By Killer Asian Giant Hornets

At five times the size of your average little honeybee the Asian giant hornet is one scary hymenoptera. A group of the giant hornets can destroy a bee hive in short order and carry off the larvae and pupae to feed their own young. Lately these bad ass insects have been attacking humans in China, causing serious injury to more than 1,600 and death to 42.

Mysterious Monkey Runs Wild In Florida Neighborhood!

Residents of Lake Gibson, Florida are on high alert after reports of a monkey noted to be “between the size of a squirrel and chimpanzee” after reports kept rolling in earlier this week…

Cats Superior To Dogs According To Robert De Niro & MIT - And Better Drinkers To Boot!

Talk to a cat or dog owner and you'll probably get a different answer -- but has it ever been proven that felines actually excel over man's best friend? Well according to MIT professor Roman Stocker and actor Robert De Niro, their research beliefs point to cats being the superior creature - at least in few areas!

Two Cats On A Raft

Is it crazy to try to sail the Atlantic on a raft? Maybe. Is it nuts to take such a chance? Perhaps. Is it totally insane to take two kittens with you for the trip? Yep! All of this actually happened in 1956 when a raft named the L'Égaré II was towed out of the harbor at Halifax, Nova Scotia and set adrift with four men and two cats on board. The feline crew members were Puce and Guiton.

Orangutan And Dog: A Love Story

They say that love makes the world go 'round, and for an unlikely pair in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, that certainly seems to be true. Suryia the orphaned orangutan and Roscoe the stray Blue Tick hound are the best of friends, even though dogs tend to be afraid of non-human primates. Their story of love and friendship sounds rather like a Disney movie, except for one very important factor -- it's true.

Squirrel Learns to Purr When Adopted by Cat! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I may be wrong, but I thought that squirrels purred naturally.  In either case, this little squirrel is very lucky to have been adopted by a mother cat.  And he thinks he's a feline...  Meet Rocky--the cat/squirrel.

The Power Of Love: A Dog And Her Boy

It has been said that cats and dogs are God's love in a fur coat. A video from Buenos Aires, Argentina, going viral on You Tube seems to agree. It shows a tiny boy with Down Syndrome being pestered by the family dog with gestures as gentle and loving as the animal can make them. The boy repeatedly rebuffs the gestures and scoots away from the dog. Eventually the canine persistence pays off and the boy appears to hug the dog.

Cat Vs. Shop: Cat Wins!

As every cat lover knows, there is an old saying that you don't adopt a cat, a cat adopts you. It's not just an old saying, it's true -- whether you like it or not. One shop in the Scottish Borders learned that one the hard way when an 18-year-old cat decided to take up residence in the front window. The shop owners tried to move the senior citizen on, but she was having none of it.