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Bobcat Involved In Road Kill Ressurection

It's not a great idea to pick up hitchhikers. It's an even worse idea to pick up road kill, especially something you yourself just hit on the highway. One woman in Bangor, Maine learned this lesson the hard way on Wednesday night after she hit a cat with her car. She put the animal in her car thinking she would get help if there was chance that it was still alive.

3 Most Popular Pets in U.S. Homes - The Latest Demographics

Which pets are the most popular ones in the United States?  Dogs and cats, of course, but Number Three on the list just might surprise you.  And, of all of the various pets we have in our homes, which one reigns as Number One?   

Animals Pair Up For Noah's Arcs' Mayan Apocalypse?

Anyone who's ever read the bible knows that Noah paired up each species so post-flood they would be able re-populate the planet. Well, what goes around - comes around. Except this time, there's two would-be Noahs: Johan Huibers from the Netherlands and Liu Qiyuan who resides in Qiantun, China (south of Beijing).

Sea Turtles Beaching In Record Numbers

'Tis the season for Christmas lights, Hanukkah candles, and sea turtles beaching in Cape Cod. The annual phenomenon has its own web of rescuers trained to help the endangered reptiles. The rescuers have had their hands full this year as more of the turtles have washed ashore than normal.

Don't Cry Over Spoiled Milk, Just Add Frogs!

If a frog jumps into a bucket of fresh milk, the milk won't go sour according to a Russian old wives' tale. Silly, huh? Maybe not: new research just published in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Proteome Research indicates those old Russian wives were on to something.

A New Meaning For The Term "Road Hog"

If you are going to steal a car it is probably a good idea to check the backseat first or you may find that you've stolen more than you bargained for. Such was the case for a pair of car thieves in Ohio this week when they were surprised by Penelope the pot-bellied pig sticking her snout in the front seat to see what they were doing.

Beware Of Seafood Overseas

Amanda Austrin, a 41-year-old environmental scientist from Whakatane, New Zealand, went on holiday to Fiji more than 18 months ago and she is still trying to recover from dinner there. It seemed so simple and kind at the time - a native couple cooking fresh coral trout wrapped in banana leaves over an open fire on a white sandy beach. The food, the setting, the company of friends -- it was all an idyllic slice of paradise.

Gator Time: Look What The Dog Dragged In

When you own a pet, either cat or dog, you just never know what they will chose to bring home with them after they've been out on their own. This was especially true for one couple in Kansas City, Missouri when their dog came home last week -- with the head of an alligator. At first they just couldn't believe it was real.

Christmas Birds Declining in Britain

You're not going to see a partridge in a pear tree any time soon. For one thing partridges are ground-dwelling birds and don't do trees very often. In truth the partridge in England is in serious decline. The turtle doves are in even worse shape. Serious conservation is needed to save the birds of Christmas. Either that or we will have to cancel the first two days of Christmas.

Sea Life Changes As Norway's Fjords Darken

The classically pristine fjords of Norway are darkening as global warming is causing more and more freshwater to run into them from melting snow pack and glaciers. The increased runoff into rivers and streams takes more organic material with it -- causing the waters to become darker. The result could be a drastic reduction of many fish species, except for jellyfish which would thrive.

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