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Have We Finally Cracked The Yeti Code?

If you can’t bear to spoil the big reveal about what the mythical Himalayan human/primate/combo (?) Yeti creature might actually be, then stop reading here!

New Class Helps Dogs Learn To Be Airline Passengers

There are a number of reasons that you may need to fly with your dog as an airline passenger instead of as cargo -- from service dogs to best buds. Flying can be a stressful experience for dogs -- the airport crowds, security checks, and turbulence are only a few of the issues that face them when traveling. Now Air Hollywood, the world's largest aircraft-themed film studio, is offering classes to train dogs to handle air travel calmly and appropriately.

So A Koala Walks Into A Bar -- No Joke!

A hotel near Melbourne, Australia was invaded by a very cute, but unwelcome, guest recently when a koala bear sauntered in like it belonged there. Closed circuit cameras caught its journey as it walks up the stairs and into the Alexandra House in Hamilton, just west of the capital city. Looking as though it was on its own personal pub crawl he made a beeline for the bar.

Two Wild Alligator Tales Involving Walmart & A Hot Tub!

As the American alligator population continues to thrive under their protected status in Florida, a few chance meetings between humans and gators are bound to happen. Take these two incidents from the past few days for example:

Special "Cat Patio" For Special Needs Cats

Three very lucky special needs cats in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada have been given an amazing gift by their owner -- the chance to spend time outdoors safely. The owner, who goes by the name dawnwastaken on Reddit, had decided to quit smoking and needed a project to distract her from the cravings. So she decided to build a cat patio -- or "catio" -- for her trio of felines. The result was cat heaven.

Introducing Nyan Nyan Nouveau, The Wine That Goes With Cat

What wine goes with cat? Nyan Nyan Nouveau, of course, the non-alcoholic tipple made just for your purring pet! Designed to appeal to the discriminating tastes of oenophile kittehs, Nyan Nyan Nouveau is made with the juice of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and embodies hints of catnip in its feline-friendly aroma.

Poachers Poisoned 300+ African Elephants With Cyanide For Their Tusks!

That’s right, loyal readers: At least 300 elephants were killed in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park after poachers contaminated salty areas close to reliable watering holes for their precious ivory tusks…

“Extinct” No More: Meet The Pinocchio Lizard! (Video)

As someone who sees a variety of cute and bouncy little anoles every day, I couldn’t help but to get excited to see that this large-nosed lizard managed to “get over” extinction!

Anthropomorphising Weimaraners: Artist Goes To The Dogs For Top Ten

Anthropomorphism is the personification or attribution of a human form and characteristics to an animal or object other than a human being. As a literary or artistic device, many traditional fables and fairy tales include anthropomorphic animals, portrayed with ability to talk and behave as human characters.

Cockroach Farming In China Is Big Business

For most of us the first thought we have on the idea of raising cockroaches as livestock is "Eeeewwww!" In the Western world cockroaches are something we chase down with a can of Raid and avoid at all costs. In the Eastern world the cockroach is used for medicine, cosmetics, and as a tasty treat. Farmers in China are looking on the insects to make them some serious cash since the bugs can bring in $20 a pound or more.