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Clouded Leopards Officially Extinct In Taiwan (Video)

If you’re vacationing in the lovely nation of Taiwan for the wildlife and you’re hoping to snap a picture of a wild clouded leopard, you might want to reconsider the plane ticket…

Canine Cannibis Might Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

Dependent on what part of the world one scores it, maryjane, gange, pot, grass, hemp, reefer, Maui Wowie, hashish, Panana Red and countless other pseudonyms all fall under the herb known technically as cannabis. And while it's been a underground staple of humanity's medicine chest for hundreds of years, up to recent date, it's been prohibited in most states throughout the U.S.

Alligator Goes To College, Doesn’t Get Past Parking Lot!

A student decides to bring a 4.5 foot long American alligator to Tulsa Community College, but he doesn’t get the chance to bring the beast into the classroom as he intended…

Social Media Attempts To Save Man's Best Friend From Euthanasia

Over the course of the last several years, social media has been known to fuel the fires of protest, social upheaval and even assist in the election of world leaders. It's been one of the 21st Century's vital tools in reaching the masses and drawing instant attention in real-time for the causes that serve mankind. This week's that ecosystem widens uniquely to include aid for man's best friend.

Great Hammerhead Shark Considered For Endangered Species Protection

The great hammerhead shark, the largest species of hammerhead sharks, is locally endangered in some parts of the world. Animal activists are pushing to have this shark federally protected via the Endangered Species Act to keep the massive carnivore from going extinct.

Radioactive Goldfish Found In Ohio Nuclear Plant

A pair of goldfish found swimming in a lemonade pitcher is no big deal, unless the fish were radioactive and their pitcher was discovered inside the restricted-access steam tunnel of the Perry Nuclear Generating Station near Cleveland, Ohio.

Bald Eagles Deprived Of The Wind Beneath Their Wings

Injuries to bald eagles appear to be on the rise, but it's not clear as to why. If one was to Google News the keywords "bald eagles injured," one would find over 100 separate cases of injuries to bald eagles just within a few short months. Various sightings have located those with injured wings due to territorial fights with fellow flock members, gunshot wounds from hunters and fractures due to various environmental hazards.

Rogue Bull Moose Guides Police To Marijuana Grower! (Video!)

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Dept. and Burlington Police Dept. were surprised to discover a small weed-filled shed when they shooed away a moose away from the populated areas of Burlington, Vermont.

Job Wanted: Polar Bear Spotter- Inquire Within!

In this poor economy, good jobs are hard to come by. If you don’t care or have low expectations of what a “good job” is, then I’ve got a fantastic job for you! (Tasty seals need not apply)

Manta Rays Endangered By Gill Plate Demand

Manta rays and their lesser-known cousins, mobula rays, were once fished only by subsistence fishermen because the meat is cheap and they tend to damage fishing nets. All that has changed since the market for their gill plates has skyrocketed as Chinese medicine has touted them as a method for removing toxins from human blood.