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UK Residents Forced To Microchip Their Dogs by 2016

The United Kingdom’s Parliament has approved a new law requiring that dog owners must have their canine implanted with a microchip by 2016. These microchips will be required for all breeds, regardless of age, and according to the UK’s Environmental Department, approximately sixty percent of the nation’s dog population is already tagged with chips. 

'Shark Tank' Gets Historic Protection From Commercial Predators

ABC’s Shark Tank stars billionaire Mark Cuban, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, technology innovator Robert Herjavec, fashion and branding expert Daymond John and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary as the five sharks. As the anthropomorphic-version of actual sharks, they create feeding frenzies every week where would-be inventors and entrepreneurs solicit their funding. While these affluent sharks need no protection, those that swim the 'deep blue' are definitely in dire need!

Online Auto Research Omits Mini Coopers In Top Ten Pet-Safe Vehicles

It's odd the collaborative online research conducted by Edmunds.com and Bark-BuckleUP in its "Top Ten Pet-Safe Vehicles" rankings released on March 5, 2013, omitted an obvious contender. In my post, "Canines Motor Minis…Meet World's First Driving Dogs," I reported on the Auckland SPCA's successful program dedicated to teaching dogs how to drive cars.

Australian Python Saved At Church!

Poor “Princess” the jungle python was separated from her owner at some point during a road trip three miles from her Melbourne home. Thankfully for her, she was saved by visiting the Church Street of Christ Church!

Neko Font Uses Cats For Characters

Cat got your tongue? Try Neko Font, the font made of cats, for cats and by cats... well, OK, by people who LIKE cats. Though created in Japan, Neko Font supports roman alphabets and the site home page's test feature is the cat's meow.

At Loggerheads, It's A Shell Game For Turtles Who Lack Social Networking

The act of turtles burying their heads in their shell was interpreted in idiom as the need to "come out of one's shell"-- or to become more sociable and less shy. While this reptile's shell makes a lot of sense in providing a protective shield from its enemies, there might be another reason for its existence. My thought is that turtles lack the social network from birth that most other species are accustomed to.

Snake On A Plane: Python Flies Air Australia

Passengers on an Australian plane heading from the northeastern city of Carins to Papua New Guinea were shocked to see a ten foot long python dangling to the wing of their plane.

Barney The Dog Has A Flintstones' Moment, Eats Pebbles

Barney the chocolate Labrador retriever loves to go for long walks on the beach in Chessington, Surrey, England with his mom and dad, Kim and Andrew Woolland. One day last year the trio went for a walk along the shore in Kent and since they were alone, the Woollands took Barney off his lead to let him run. Barney made a day of it running along the nice, pebbly beach and dashing in and out of the surf. The next day Kim noticed that Barney was no longer his happy, carefree self.

Intern Killed By Lion At California Big Cat Sanctuary

24-year-old intern Dianna Hanson was killed by a 500lb. African lion at the Cat Haven big cat sanctuary, located 45 miles east of Fresno, California. Hanson was attacked inside the enclosure, and died due to a broken neck after being mauled by the four-year old male lion named Cous Cous...

Dell Computers' Alternate Universe: Toad, Rabbit & Bird Commute To Work [Videos]

To date, I've posted several stories pertaining to animals in the workplace. But today, I focus on the creative genius of Young & Rubicam NY whose imaginative TV commercial titled, "Meet Thomas: Creator of an Alternate Universe." In a touching one-minute vignette, this agency unfolds a Walter Mitty type of tale about a commuter who daydreams about writing the Great American graphic novel.

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