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'Jersey Strong' Dogs Find Shelter In Vermont?

New Jersey proved to be a pretty resilient state when Superstorm Sandy hit it shores back in late October. Whether affected by flood waters or power outages, New Jersey folks rose to the occasion to overcome Mother Nature's harsh blow -- while taking on the proud new moniker, "Jersey Strong." No longer punch line fodder for TV talk hosts, residents of Jersey not only attended to their individual and personal needs, but in many cases assisted in the recovery efforts of others.

Did 'Bird Brain' Da Vinci Get It Wright?

With the new STARS TV show, Da Vinci's Demons debuting this past week, Leonardo Da Vinci's fascination with birds in flight has once again come under scrutiny. Since the series is dubbed a "historical fantasy," there is only so much you can consider as fact. But one thing is certain, Da Vinci invested a lifetime distinguishing avian flight patterns.

Herbal Supplements Fed To Chinese Zoo Animals To Help Prevent Bird Flu

A zoo in Suzhou, China is adding a traditional herbal flu remedy called “Ban Lan Gen” to the drinking water of their parrots, peacocks and other birds to help them resist H7N9 avian flu. In addition, the Suzhou East Garden zoo has substituted beef for chicken in meals fed to its resident carnivores.

Did You Miss National Pet Day?

What pet owner doesn't know the importance of the date April 11th? Well, that's National Pet Day, founded by celebrity pet lifestyle and animal advocate Colleen Paige to not only appreciate our four-legged friends, but to create awareness about the thousands of animals waiting for homes across the U.S. So, if you missed the official holiday, there's always the present to show your existing pet a little love, and perhaps even consider visiting a shelter to acquire a new one.

Family Eats The President of France’s Camel!

I’m sure that no one wanted to tell the President of France: “Hey- Sorry someone ate your pet camel, but we’ll get you a better one! Promise!” Whoopsie!

It's Not Puss-In-Boots -- It's Poezenboot -- Amsterdam's Cat Sanctuary On A Houseboat

Most of the cat sanctuaries in the world do not become tourist attractions. Those that do have something unique about them, such as being located in the ruins in Rome, or the former home of Ernest Hemingway in Florida. In Amsterdam the cat sanctuary that draws in the tourist trade is located on a houseboat in the Western Canal Belt.

Elephant Seal Blocks Brazilian Traffic! (Video!)

While the massive southern elephant seal is an uncommon sight on beaches in the southern hemisphere, they are almost never seen playing in traffic. Almost!

'Flight Of The Bumblebees' Cancelled Due To Weather & Maintenance Disruption [Videos]

Composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for his opera, The Tale of Tsar Salton (circa 1899-1900), the "Flight of the Bumblebee" is one of the most recognizable orchestral pieces to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, that haunting refrain just might outlive our bee population, leading many to wonder if the demise of the bee is a case of the "canary in the mineshaft?"

Is Your Reptile Cold? Perhaps You Need A Turtle Cozy

Everyone knows someone who is crazy about their dog and will dress them up in cute little (or strange little) outfits. Then there are the insane cat ladies. Now there is the tortoise addict and her inclination to crochet little sweaters or "cozies" for her reptilian pals. Not only that, she also makes them for sale. She donates 10% of the proceeds to International Reptile Rescue to help out her cold-blooded friends.

Fish Travel to U.S. In Tsunami Debris

A lot of debris has made it across the Pacific Ocean since the tsunami in Japan back in 2011. So when an 18-foot skiff washed up on a beach in Washington State in late March there didn't seem to be anything surprising about it -- until they took a look inside and found a compartment with live fish swimming inside.