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Dog Uncovers Fortune In Ambergris On The Beach

If there is one certain thing about dogs it is their love of a really bad smell. It is just this trait in Madge the dog that led Ken Wilman to discover what may potentially be a small fortune in "whale vomit," or ambergris. The waxy substance expelled by the digestive system of sperm whales is used in the production of fragrances such as Chanel No. 5.

Tortoise Survives 30 Years In Storage

Back in 1982 the Almeida family of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was having their home renovated. During the confusion the family's pet red-footed tortoise, Manuela, vanished. They surmised that the reptile had slipped unnoticed out of a door that had been left open and were fairly certain that they would never see her again. Boy, were they ever wrong!

Clydesdales Tweet More Than Hope In Super Bowl Naming Contest

While this year's power-outaged Super Bowl XLVII was nonetheless super-charged with excitement, pet lovers felt their interests were also attended to. For many, they got a chance to be entertained by Puppy Bowl IX on Animal Planet, that is. . . when they weren't watching the commercials. And for those that couldn't tear themselves from those $4 million-dollar spots, there was Budweiser once again outdoing themselves with this year's outstanding 60-second movie vignette.

Bluebanded Gobies Change Sex As Needed

These tiny, 2-inch long fish look like they are dressed to go to the next Broncos game with their bright orange and blue coloring. However, the most amazing thing about them is that they are capable of changing sex -- apparently at will. Matthew Grober of Georgia State University has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to how and why.

Man Is Alpha Male In His Own Wolf Pack

For 40 years now 79-year-old Werner Freund has been the leader of the pack -- a wolf pack that is. At his sanctuary in Merzig, Germany he has hand raised wolf pups from six different packs around the world. The sanctuary takes in wolves from zoos and animal parks. To maintain his dominance of the canine crew Freund takes his role as alpha male seriously.

The Biggest Shedder - National Weight Loss Contest For Your Pet

The Biggest Shedder might lose a pound of hair in the summer time, but this Biggest Shedder contest is about pounds - the real kind of weight loss. If your cat or dog is overweight, you can both get motivated now with a national pet weight loss contest, The Biggest Shedder, sponsored by Blue Veterinary Partners, a provider of veterinary internships and residency programs.

The Phrase "Thousands of Crocodiles Escape From South African Farm" Sounds Kind'a Scary To Me

Okay, just read the title of this article one more time.  Holy crap!  The only thing that would make this scenario scarier to me is if sharks could... I dunno... fly or something!  Then they could hunt us on land, swooping down like some crazy flying eating machine while the crocs took out our ankles and legs... Gah!!!!!!

Animals Everywhere Make Their Predictions For Super Bowl Victors

One Super Bowl tradition that has been growing faster than trying to eat your weight in chicken wings is that of having local zoo animals predict the winner through a variety of methods of selection. From a balloon popping dog on Jay Leno to a porcupine named Teddy Bear, the animals are really getting into the spirit of the competition, even if the results are clearly as mixed as human opinion.

Clydesdale Foal The Star Of This Year's Super Bowl

There have been few advertising icons that have been as familiar as the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. They are animals you automatically associate with the popular American brewery. The Clydesdales were the heroes of yesteryear when they were the beasts of burden strong enough to haul a beer wagon of that liquid gold. During this year's Super Bowl Game Budweiser will share with us how a Clydesdale foal grows to advertising glory.

Red Deer Acting Sheepishly In England

In early December a herd of deer in Suffolk, England passed close by a herd of sheep. Somehow a juvenile buck got separated from his family herd and has apparently been adopted by the sheep. He eats, plays, and sleeps with them, and has even made a few close friends among the herd. You might say that he has taken to acting "sheepishly."

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