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Brits Battling Black Widows

Being a small island nation, England is especially susceptible to and careful of invasive non-native species. One of the latest threats is coming from North America in the form of black widow spiders. The toxic arachnid is perhaps most famous for killing and eating her mate once her eggs have been fertilized -- once he has outlived his usefulness.

Baracknophobia or Trapdoor For Fiscal Cliff?

The fear of an Obama presidency seems to be less of a phobia today than it was when he was elected for his first term. However a recent association with spiders might be giving ammunition to the naysayers who don't particularly consider 8-legged creatures as anything close to a pet.

New Uses For Hagfish Slime

Slime: what is it good for? Absolutely nothin'! Right? Not so fast. Scientists at the University of Guelph in Canada have recently discovered how to harvest hagfish slime and spin it into threads. As it turns out, there are some very useful applications for one of nature's grossest substances. Hagfish slime just might revolutionize the worlds of medicine, manufacturing, and even fashion.

Dog Versus Christmas Lights

Some dogs just love to chew. Some dogs just love Christmas. Then there are those dogs that love both -- apparently to excess. For Charlie, a seven-year-old dog in Great Britain, chewing has become something of an extreme sport. Back in March he got carried away with the chewing and ate a scarf belonging to his owner.

Frog Killing Fungus Is Also Infecting Crayfish

A team of biologists from the University of Florida, Tulane University, and the University of Colorado have found that the persistent frog fungus, Batrachochytrium dendobatidis, is not only killing off the world's frog populations, but is infecting and killing off crayfish as well.  The group learned new information about the fungus that furthers the understanding of how it spreads, potentially making it a danger for other freshwater dwellers.

Dogs: No Fruitcake For You! New Controversy In Britain

In the United States it is fruitcake. In Great Britain it is Christmas pudding. In either case it is a traditional holiday treat packed with dried fruit, often soaked in rum, and a fondness maligning both runs rampant through both cultures. There is a real reason to be wary of both and it is stirring up a controversy in England right now -- and it is not the reason you many think.

Black Ivory Coffee: Pooped By Pachyderms, Priced for Princes

Coffee snobs who rave about ridiculously expensive “pre-digested” Kopi Luwak civet coffee now have something new to turn their noses up at: Black Ivory coffee! Costing upwards of $1,100 per kilo, this exceptionally rare brew is made from coffee beans eaten and excreted by elephants.

Golden Retrievers Comfort The Grieving In Newtown

A group of golden retrievers from the Chicago area are now in Newtown, Connecticut to the soothe the souls of townspeople suffering in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. These canines are part of a "comfort dog" program run by Lutheran Church Charities. The idea behind the program is that the dogs can provide a gentle, healing presence that makes it easier for people to open up and talk about their feelings.

Costa Rica Bans All Sport Hunting

Last week the government in Costa Rica took an historic step in conservation by banning all sport hunting in the country. It is the first Latin American country to create such legislation. This is good news for ecology in the country with the most biodiversity on earth, especially for the many rare and endangered species living there.

Canines Motor Minis: From Shelters To The Streets, Meet World's First Driving Dogs [Videos]

Shelter dogs are often overlooked when folks are in the market for purchasing a pet. Dogs that have been abused, abandoned or just forgotten are often overlooked. However for those living in New Zealand, a few of these pooches have had a second chance at not only living the good life, but also one where they can be recognized for a whole new skill set.

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