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A Dog Is The Patron Saint Of Infants?

So, is it really possible for a dog to become a real, certified Catholic saint? The short answer is no. The reality behind this is a bit more complicated and lies far back in the mists of time and is shrouded in more legend than fact. The long answer is that for centuries a large group of people believed that a greyhound was a real saint and often prayed to him for help with a variety of issues.

Endangered Whale Jerky Dog Treats Are Now Off The Menu

Don't be a jerky, save the whales! Tokyo-based pet food and pet products company Michinoku Farm had been advertising Whale Jerky dog chews at their website for over a year but when pressured by anti-whaling campaigners, the company dropped the cetacean-based snacks from their product line.

Donkey Kong Visits LA Zoo To Showcase His Latest Videogame

My all-time favorite videogame star hosted a party with the gorillas and visitors at the LA Zoo for his latest release: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. I’m sure it was a swinging time for everyone!

California Elephant Seals Infected With Swine Flu Virus

Uh-oh… California’s lumbering beach-dwelling giants have contracted 2009’s deadly H1N1 virus, and we aren’t sure exactly how that happened.

Hammer Time: A Cat From Iraq

Cats are a wonderful source of comfort and support in difficult times and they can earn their keep by hunting down vermin. For one U.S. Army unit in Iraq a tiny kitten born on their base was just such a helpmate. He kept mice out of the soldiers' living quarters and mess. He comforted them as they comforted him. Out of his litter he was the only one who stuck around to become one of "the guys."

The Scarlet Macaw Genome Has Been Sequenced & Why You Should Care

The big and beautiful scarlet macaw is the latest of a growing club of animals that have had their genomes mapped to learn more about the creature’s genes. Let’s take a closer look at why scientists need to know what makes macaws so unique:

“Virgin” Anteater Gives Birth, Baffles Zoo Staff

It looks like we may have learned something new about the gestation period of giant anteaters, or that lonely anteaters aren’t easily deterred from getting some secret love. You decide!

505 Million Year-Old Creature: Precursor Of Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands

In an bizarre twist of a 'circle of life' tale or, perhaps, just a scientist's desire to immortalize one of his favorite movie stars -- an extinct crab-like creature is seeing the light of day, after 505 million years of anonymity.

Mandy The Goat And Mandy The Dog: Animal Heroes

You never know when something bad is going to happen and when it does you hope that your friends are the sort who are going to be there for you. When Noel Osborne, a farmer in Australia, was knocked over into a pile of manure by one of his cows that is when he discovered who his real friends were.

Waltzing Matilda: The Famous Algonquin Cat

The historic Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan is best known for the Algonquin Round Table -- a daily gathering of journalists, actors, authors, and publicists beginning in 1919. For ten years the "Vicious Circle" met to exchange ideas and barbs. A few years later a battered stray cat waltzed through the front door to establish himself as the resident cat. The hotel has had a cat in residence ever since.