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It was just last year that seven-year-old Raul Kutliakhmetov of Siberia discovered that his favorite stray dog -- the one he would play with on occasion -- had fallen into a service shaft. He ran home, had a bite to eat, changed  clothes, and return to try to rescue the feral mutt. Instead of playing the hero he fell 9 feet down the shaft and became a second victim of the open hole. With the temperature dipping down to just 14° Fahrenheit, he was in serious trouble, but his faithful friend kept him warm for 72 hours until help finally arrived.

If Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was alive today, he would be beaming with pride to learn how PetChatz updated
his classical conditioning research from the last century. It was then
his behavioral observations determined that dogs could be triggered to
salivate by what he called a "conditioned reflex," where when a bell or metrodnone was sounded accompanied by a food presentation, the dog would drool.

The story of the unusual bond between a crow and a kitten began back in 1999 when the kitten turned up in the yard of Wallace and Ann Collito. It was so small that at first they thought it was a rat. Once they discovered it was a kitten they figured that someone had thrown it over the fence of their Massachusetts mobile home park. They were worried about the cat's welfare, right up until they noticed that she already had a caretaker -- a crow.

And we have a contender for 2014’s strangest story, and it’s only
February! Remus Cernea has pushed a bill into the Romanian parliament
that would give dolphins many of the same legal rights as humans do…

New innovations in reindeer herding is not the sort of news that is going to pop up every day. It is a millennia-old vocation throughout northern Scandinavia and parts of Russia. The animals are bred and raised for their meat, fur, and milk. The problem is that thousands of the reindeer are killed in car accidents every year -- and the answer just may be glow-in-the-dark antlers.

Contrary to the reports hitting the web this month, Northern England’s
Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary did not give their penguins
antidepressants! The penguins have been given another medicine to
protect themselves in the cold and wet UK winters though…

There is something about "odd" animal pairings that touches our hearts. Whether it is a moose apparently in love with a cow or a mama cat caring for ducklings, we are impressed by this cross-species connection. At times even size doesn't seem to matter -- as with the deep friendship between Bubbles the elephant and Bella, a black Labrador retriever. They take walks together, go for long swims, and even play fetch.

Primal instincts don't always return when you remove a ferocious cat from the 'Bush' -- especially when that particular feline is a Bengal Tiger cub! Such was the case when a baby tiger named "Bhangaram" was left orphaned after the mysterious disappearance of his mother.