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Poachers Poisoned 300+ African Elephants With Cyanide For Their Tusks!

That’s right, loyal readers: At least 300 elephants were killed in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park after poachers contaminated salty areas close to reliable watering holes for their precious ivory tusks…

“Extinct” No More: Meet The Pinocchio Lizard! (Video)

As someone who sees a variety of cute and bouncy little anoles every day, I couldn’t help but to get excited to see that this large-nosed lizard managed to “get over” extinction!

Anthropomorphising Weimaraners: Artist Goes To The Dogs For Top Ten

Anthropomorphism is the personification or attribution of a human form and characteristics to an animal or object other than a human being. As a literary or artistic device, many traditional fables and fairy tales include anthropomorphic animals, portrayed with ability to talk and behave as human characters.

Cockroach Farming In China Is Big Business

For most of us the first thought we have on the idea of raising cockroaches as livestock is "Eeeewwww!" In the Western world cockroaches are something we chase down with a can of Raid and avoid at all costs. In the Eastern world the cockroach is used for medicine, cosmetics, and as a tasty treat. Farmers in China are looking on the insects to make them some serious cash since the bugs can bring in $20 a pound or more.

Conservation 101: What Does It Mean To Be An Endangered Species?

We’ve heard about the plight of the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros, mountain gorilla, snow leopard and other endangered creatures since kindergarten, but how does an animal receive its conservation status?

American Crocodile Population Declines As Jamaicans Discover Taste For Croc Meat

Although the American crocodile has rebounded in Florida, the local Jamaican population is being decimated as the demand for crocodile meat and eggs grows…

Rural China Plagued By Killer Asian Giant Hornets

At five times the size of your average little honeybee the Asian giant hornet is one scary hymenoptera. A group of the giant hornets can destroy a bee hive in short order and carry off the larvae and pupae to feed their own young. Lately these bad ass insects have been attacking humans in China, causing serious injury to more than 1,600 and death to 42.

Mysterious Monkey Runs Wild In Florida Neighborhood!

Residents of Lake Gibson, Florida are on high alert after reports of a monkey noted to be “between the size of a squirrel and chimpanzee” after reports kept rolling in earlier this week…

Cats Superior To Dogs According To Robert De Niro & MIT - And Better Drinkers To Boot!

Talk to a cat or dog owner and you'll probably get a different answer -- but has it ever been proven that felines actually excel over man's best friend? Well according to MIT professor Roman Stocker and actor Robert De Niro, their research beliefs point to cats being the superior creature - at least in few areas!

Two Cats On A Raft

Is it crazy to try to sail the Atlantic on a raft? Maybe. Is it nuts to take such a chance? Perhaps. Is it totally insane to take two kittens with you for the trip? Yep! All of this actually happened in 1956 when a raft named the L'Égaré II was towed out of the harbor at Halifax, Nova Scotia and set adrift with four men and two cats on board. The feline crew members were Puce and Guiton.