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Remembering A Hero From 9/11: Trakr The Dog

Trakr, a German shepherd from Canada was named one of the most heroic dogs ever by Time magazine for his efforts to help find survivors among the rubble of the World Trade Center after the towers collapse after the infamous 9/11 attack. Trakr and James Symington, his handler and Canadian police officer, were the ones who located the last survivor of the attack. The story hardly ends there.

Escaped Circus Elephant Kills Man In Paris!

Tanya, the female Asian elephant, managed to escape from her electrified pen and ended up brutally killing an 84-year old man on the streets of outer Paris.

Rider Arrested For Drunk Driving His Horse

A Colorado Springs man was arrested in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday by University of Colorado police officers as he was riding his horse through the city in the area of the CU campus. Witnesses said that the man appeared to be drunk amd he struck his horse hard enough to cause it to rear back. He was given a sobriety test, which he failed.

Meet Lola, The Six-Clawed Lobster!

Caught off the coast of Massachusetts last week, the mutant lobster really stood out from the rest of the daily catch when the fishermen noted that it had five claws on one limb!

Skin-Eating Fungus Ravages Fire Salamander Population!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen- the local fire salamander residents of the Netherlands are being wiped out by a mysterious skin-eating fungus that kills within days of infection…

Boys Fishing In Minnesota Lake Find An Alligator

There are many creatures in the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota -- like walleye and pike -- that make them great for fishing. However, those lakes can also hold surprises. Last month two boys fishing on a Twin Cities metro area lake got the surprise of a lifetime when an alligator turned up for a bite to eat on the live frogs they were using for bait.

Psycho Kitty TV Series Begins Airing On NatGeo Wild Canada

Psycho Kitty, a new self-help reality show now airing on NatGeo Wild Canada, stars Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and best-selling author Pam Johnson-Bennett along with a host of actual psycho kitties and their frazzled owners.

Rampaging Monitor Lizard Attacks Connecticut Chicken Coop!

Last week, a chicken farmer in Ledyard, Connecticut called the police after discovering that a huge, exotic reptile had invaded their chicken coop…

Got Paranoia? Bird Detained In Egypt For Being A Spy

This comes straight out of the "strange but true" files. A man living 280 miles southeast of Cairo, Egypt got suspicious of a bird near his home. It was hanging out with four other birds. He rounded them up and took them to the police station last Friday claiming that this bird was a spy. The bird sported an electronic device that puzzled both the man and the authorities, making them concerned about the bird's intentions.

Black & White Stripes Make Zebras More Than A 'Horse Of A Different Color'

As the saying goes, "you can't change a zebra's stripes" -- and lucky for them, that's the case. Evolution has been kind to this beautiful animal whose genetic make-up not only gave them their black and white patterns, but also protection from predators. While a zebra's number one nemesis is the lion. . .