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Sugar Bush -- The Super Model Squirrel

You've heard of dizzy dog people and crazy cat ladies, but have you heard of the nutty squirrel mom? Kelly Foxton, a former country singer and recording artist, has dedicated her life to the pet Eastern Gray Squirrel she rescued as a baby when its home tree was being cut down. Foxton has photographed Sugar Bush in over 3,000 different costumes and settings at an estimated cost upwards of $500,000.

Dolphin Rescue! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This is one smart dolphin.  He seeks out help to remove a hook from his pectoral fin.  This is an amazing video, and while a little long it is worth it.

Four Rhino Heads Robbed From Irish Museum

Well, stealing animal horns for the black market isn’t unprecedented, but how do you hide four huge rhinoceros taxidermy heads?!

Vietnamese Police Remove 53 King Cobras From Car (Video!)

Apparently cobras are a hot commodity in Vietnam, as local police pulled over a driver with 53 of the huge venomous reptiles from his car…

Soldier Dogs Deserve Same Rights As Humans When Serving Our Military

Dissimilar to their human masters, dogs don't enlist in the U.S. Military -- they're drafted. And while they have no say in the matter, all of these four-legged recruits take their responsibilities very seriously. Military Working Dogs (MWDs) are however still formally considered 'military equipment' versus the co-species in arms that they really are. But all that might change with the new bipartisan Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act if Congress would only act.

Russian Stray Dogs Commute To Forage For Food

Dogs are smarter than a lot of people give them credit for and their observations of the humans around them can help them survive when humanity seems to have given up on them. In Moscow stray dogs have begun living in the "suburbs" and hopping the subway each morning to commute to the city to go to work.

Giant Pandas Traumatized By Giant Chinese Earthquake

A devastating earthquake in China's mountainous Sichuan province not only shattered human lives, homes and area infrastructure, it left dozens of endangered Giant Pandas at the region's panda centers shaken in more ways than one.

Race Runner Rammed By Bison! (Videos)

Let’s say you’re jogging in a marathon and you see a 1,500lb bison in the path. Do you go well around the behemoth? Or do you try to annoy the beast so that it will wander off into the wilderness? If you choose the latter, you’re going to have a bad time…

English Hotel Rents Goldfish To Guests

There is something delightfully tranquil and relaxing about watching a goldfish swimming around its bowl. It is so. . . Zen. Ommmmm. Traveling can be just the opposite as you deal with airports, trains, taxis, crowds, luggage -- well, you get the idea. Now one hotel in Dutton, Cheshire, England is offering guests the chance to de-stress by renting a goldfish for £5 a night.

Woman Discovers Escaped Circus Tiger In Bathroom! (Video!)

When you get up from your seat at the circus, the animals aren’t supposed to follow you to the snack bar or restroom. Apparently this tiger didn’t get the memo!