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Octopus Brings Shelter On Road Trip

It's not every day that you see an octopus walking across the ocean floor upright on its tentacles. It is even rarer to see one carrying two halves of a coconut shell with him as he goes. I mean, when you are out on the road and can't find a motel vacancy for miles one of those shells can come in really handy -- that is if you are an octopus.

How Do You Take A Tortoise For A Walk? Very Slowly

When Japanese funeral director Mitani Hisao first met Bon-Chan, an African Spurred Tortoise, the reptile was just about two inches in size. Hisao's wife discovered the tiny tortoise at a pet store. There was an instant connection between the two. Now, 19 years later, the man and his tortoise are a common sight in their Tokyo neighborhood as they take walks together -- very slowly.

This Is The Summer Of The Jurassic Kitten!

This seems to be the summer of the dinosaur with the latest movie in the Jurassic Park franchise. Jurassic World has been tearing up the box office and some have said that the new movie rivals the quality and fun of the original. However, one person has given a whole new look to the franchise by using Photoshop on some scenes from the first movie to create Jurassic Kitten.

In Japan All The Cool Dogs Are Really Square

The Japanese love pressing boundaries, embracing the unusual, and turning just about everything into an art form. This includes their pets. Last year the trend was to have your dog groomed to look like a panda regardless of the breed. This year everything is going square. The newest craze is to have your dog trimmed into perfect geometric shapes.

Are Kangaroos Considered Gauche?

Gibble-fisted, wrong-handers and sinistrals are just a few of the derogatory terms used to label those that favor one hand over another. Left-handers it seems have to bear the brunt of name-calling in a society, which thinks less of those who use the wrong hand for the right things. However, while only 10 percent of humans favor their right hand for writing, throwing a ball and most other daily activities, kangaroos display . . .

Things You Don't See Everyday: A Raccoon Surfing An Alligator

Not even in Florida, where alligators are fairly common, are you likely to see a raccoon riding an alligator. Richard Jones was out for a walk with his family along the Ocklawaha River in the Ocala National Forest last Sunday morning when the incident occurred. He was lucky enough to be able to snap the photo at just the right moment.

When Lawyers Go Crazy: A Police Dog's Tale

There are times when the legal system in any country can run off the rails -- sometimes with hilarious results. Attorneys do their best to pull all of the information together with witness reports, evidence, and precedents that might affect the case. In one incident in West Midlands in the U.K. things got somewhat out of hand when the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) kept demanding a witness statement from Officer PC Peach -- a dog.

Could Chimps Become ‘Top Chefs’?

‘Top Chef’ is one of the longest running American reality show. Since it first aired in 2006, it has spawned a slew of very popular epicureans from Carla Hal (now on The Chew) to Michael and Bryan Voltaggio (two brothers who actually competed against each other.) So with all this new-found love for the culinary arts, could man’s evolutionary cousins -- the chimpanzees -- ever rise to the status of 'chef' and actually prepare a nice home-cooked meal?

Why Does Social Media Go Cray Cray For Cats?

Cats! Cats! and more Cats! You see them everywhere. They've taken over the digital landscape. I have personally written a countless number of blogs about them on Petslady. If you were to conduct a keyword search on Google for “Ron Callari and cats,” you would surface 198,000 SERPs (search engine result pages.)

Olly, The Airport Cat, Makes Final Departure

Earlier this month the staff of the Manchester Airport in the U.K. was shocked by the death of their beloved Olly. Olly was the stray cat that they had all adopted in 2007. The cat was named for the Olympic Building at the airport. As she led a public life at the airport, she became popular with both the staff and visitors and she became famous around the world.