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Posted August 25, 2009 by Lady Bee

You've heard of cockapoos, right?  A cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle.  How about a pandapoo?  No, you can't breed a poodle and a panda, but you can groom the poodle to look like a panda... and several other creatures!

Posted August 19, 2009 by Lady Bee

Pain, allegies, infections, surgeries, skin problems... you name it. Practially every canine problem is treated with a steriod or synthetic steroid drug. Steroids work fast, but they cause side effects, many that are permanent and can seriously impair your dog's quality of life.

Posted August 12, 2009 by Lady Bee

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan has introduced a bill that
would change the U.S. Tax Code by allowing a new itemized deduction:
pet care.

Posted August 10, 2009 by Lady Bee

Fall is just around the corner, and I thought I'd remind you to start scouting out  your dog's back-to-the-city wardrobe. The Shabby Dog, "For All Dog Kind" has some stunning new fashions in ready-to-wear, including coats, tees, harnesses, bows, collars, and leashes... plus some new beds, blankets and bowls your pooch will love.  They are totally shabby chic!

Posted August 2, 2009 by Lady Bee

The mother and baby sea lions are
performers at Sea World in San Diego.  Mama sea lion was becoming
disoriented from blurred vision caused by cataracts, until she was
fitted with intraocular contact lenses that enable her to perform
again, and to see and be a role model for her newborn.

Posted August 1, 2009 by Lady Bee

Though I think my dog would die of heat stroke in the Snuggie For Dogs,
I feel it my duty to report on its entry into the arena of dog wear. 
After all, you might have a hairless dog.

Posted July 22, 2009 by Myra Per-Lee

While dogs are being cloned for drug-sniffing jobs in South Korea, a kind of mechanical dog is being built in Spain to biomimic the dog's sensitivity to human skin vapors. The developers are calling it the "electronic nose."

Posted July 18, 2009 by Lady Bee

Recently, I went into a pet store where samples of Free Range Dog
Chews' natural dog treats were being offered to dog passers-by, and
well, my dog was at home... so I tried them.