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Posted March 1, 2011 by Myra Per-Lee
Don't tell a male cricket this, but his mating call is responsible for attracting more than a mate; it attracts a parasitic, pregnant fly called the Ormia ochracea.  Other flies would not hear the crickets, but the Ormia ochracea has unusually acute multi-directional hearing that a University of Wisconsin, Madison (UW-Madison) researcher wants to biomimic in a powerful way.
Posted February 28, 2011 by Anonymous

They may not do a fantastic job at predicting the weather, but weather radars are great at tracking bats!

Posted February 25, 2011 by Creature Features

Diania Cactiformis, a Cambrian fossil creature nicknamed the 'walking cactus', is revealing how arthropods (insects, spiders and crustaceans) evolved their jointed legs.

Posted February 24, 2011 by Lady Bee

Anatoly Konenko has created a miniature for the living - an aquarium; the world's smallest
aquarium that can contain fish. Wait until you see how small it really is and how Konenko has put it together.

Posted February 23, 2011 by Lady Bee

Who do we love most?  Polls report it's our pets.  And who do we see as superheros?  Pets Are Superheros.  And that's the name of the online company that will illustrate your pet as a superhero for just 25 bucks and a photo.


Posted February 22, 2011 by Lady Bee

Recently a study was published in the science journal PLoS ONE in which
genetically modified sheep were put to various discrimination tests, and
their performance was compared to that of non-modified sheep of the
common variety, Ovis aries.  On the way to developing a possible
treatment for Huntington's disease, the researchers discovered that
sheep are really very smart!


Posted February 21, 2011 by Lady Bee

How wonderful to be able to carry your pet's entire medical history in a portable device and have at your fingertips the many resources that MyPetED offers.  Here's a look...

Posted February 20, 2011 by Lady Bee

This just in. Shake, rock, and roll! Your cat can now have a motorized cat tower, for just 400 bucks and a place to put it.