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No Kill Reptile Sanctuary In Phoenix Accepts Surrendered Pets

When bringing home an exotic animal to keep as a pet, it's important to know what you're getting into. Not all of them are low maintenance. Many people learn this the hard way, especially with reptiles. The worst thing you can do is dump them outside. Now, there's a place that accepts creatures like this at their no kill reptile shelter. Find out who it is.

Saudi Cleric Declares Ban On Selfies With Cats

The trend of people taking selfies has become ubiquitous around the world it seems, especially if you can get your dog, cat, or other animal to join in. Even in Middle Eastern countries the practice is everywhere. A prominent Saudi Muslim cleric has issued a pronouncement saying the taking of selfies with cats  -- or any other animal -- must be banned.

Meet The Royal Hamster, HRH Marvin, The Adorable Fashion Dish

Who is HRH Marvin, what was his inspiration and who's the illustrator behind him? Meet the newest royal member who's come to paper for the whole world to enjoy and find out which social media platform allows you to follow his progress right here.

The Life And Times Of Elsie The Cow

One of the most iconic advertising figures of the 20th Century was Elsie the Cow, the "spokes-bovine" for the Borden Dairy. She was created back in 1936 as a mascot to represent the perfect dairy product. That means she is turning 80 this year. The udderly charming queen of the dairy scene has been known for her charm, wit, and bits of wisdom shared through her "Elsie-isms."

Who Let The Dogs Out In California?

Dogs left in cars is nothing short of animal cruelty, particularly during the summertime. Dogs can incur critical health issues due to heat prostration. PETA has determined that canines can sustain brain damage or even suffer from heatstroke in just 15 minutes. Beating the heat is very difficult for our pooches, because they can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paw pads.

New Cat Grooming Tool 'Licki Brush' Lets You Lick Your Cat Clean (Seriously)

Want to take part in grooming your cat orally? Now you can with a device called the Licki Brush. What's the Licki Brush and how does it work? Find out here and how you can become part of the change in the cat grooming landscape. (VIDEO)

Sculptures Of "Re-Tired" Animals

One of the most difficult things out there to recycle or re-purpose is rubber tires. For Korean artist Yong Ho Ji it was part of the inspiration behind a series of sculptures he has created. When the rubber meets the road for him it means producing a large number of sculptures primarily of animals and some animal hybrid monsters. This view is way more amazing that those giant piles of discarded tires out there.

Brooklynites Look Forward To A Season Of Eating Goat

In Prospect Park, Brooklyn, today, the forecast might read: ‘sunny with a good chance of goating.’  That’s right . . . this park right about this time of year is overrun with goats all shapes and sizes. And for good reason. With unattended fallen trees that are a sad reminder of a tornado that hit the park some six years ago, on top of damage left from Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, there’s a lot of refuse strewn about on this green space.

It's Time For Summer Airline Pet Embargoes

There are months during the summer and winter when airlines will not carry pets as baggage or cargo. With summer approaching you need to be aware of this before you go booking a pet-friendly hotel for your dream vacation. You may be faced with the fact that your best furry friend won't be able to join you on the trip anyway. Don't let this heartbreak happen to you by being aware of these embargoes.

A Real Mother Goose Story

Last Monday police officer James Givens was sitting in his patrol car in a parking lot when someone knocked on the door. He looked out to see a goose pecking at the door to get his attention. His first thought was that it wanted something to eat so he tossed it some food. The goose ignored the snack, pecked at the door again, and then waddled a little way away and looked back at Givens. He decided to get out and follow to see what was up.