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Posted October 14, 2010 by T Goodman

A multipurpose aid and rescue vehicle, the Aid Necessities Transporter, alias ANT, was designed by Brian Lee, a 24 year-old design student at Monash University in Australia when he submitted his entry to the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) Target 2020 competition.  It was announced this week that Lee's ANT design, inspired by the anatomy and mentality of ants, won the competition.


Posted October 12, 2010 by T Goodman

You probably don't think about the nutrients in whale poop very often,
but biologists from the University of Vermont and Harvard University
actually made a huge contribution to many scientists and fisherman,
sharing what they learned studying whale poop and which way it floats.

Posted October 11, 2010 by Lady Bee

....The trick will be to hunt your dog down when you take out your vacuum so he will let you brush his fur with a vacuum cleaner.

Posted October 4, 2010 by Lady Bee

Instead of trying to identifying the culprits of that poop on the grass,
dog poop is actually a welcome sight to the residents of Cambridge,
Massachusetts, who are happily participating in the Park Spark Project. 
The objective of the project is to turn dog poop into methane gas and
use it for energy.  A relatively small amount of dog poop is already
lighting one of the city's lamps - an eternal light from the power of
dog poop.



Posted August 19, 2010 by Lady Bee

Ruff!  Designer jewelry for dogs that I wouldn't mind wearing at all.  Wait until you see it....

Posted August 18, 2010 by Lady Bug

One of the things we don't get to do very much is interact with flying
insects... unless, of course, we're trying to kill them.  But South
Korean born Jeongwon Ji, who recently set up his design studio in London, has come up with the Capture! lamp, to establish new, more positive, relationships between humans and insects.

Posted August 16, 2010 by Myra Per-Lee

Perhaps all the stories that dogs and cats could sniff out cancers and
other serious illnesses in their owners left cancer researchers feeling
like they missed the boat somewhere....

Posted August 15, 2010 by Creature Features

The Ice Aquarium in northeastern Japan's Miyagi Prefecture offers parka-clad visitors an eye to ice view of over 450 sea creatures, suspended for easy viewing within frozen blocks of polished ice.