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Gorillas, Endangered Gentle Giants With A Heart Of Gold

While gorillas are often characterized in film as wild and mean-tempered jungle beasts, there’s too much evidence in the real world that suggests the contrary. These magnificent creatures are not only our closest cousins on the evolutionary scale (98% of their DNA is identical to that of humans) . . .

183-Year-Old Tortoise Gets New Lease On Life With Healthy Diet

Jonathon, an approximately 183-year-old tortoise, is living proof a healthy diet can change your life. Find out here exactly what he ate and the amazing transformation it had on him. You'll also learn the average lifespan of giant tortoises and how taking a cue from them can help extend our own lives and that of our pets.

Piper The Dog And His Own "Project Runway"

Piper is a working dog who has the best job in the world -- for a dog that is. This little Border Collie spends his days at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan running around the runways chasing off birds, rabbits, foxes, and other wildlife to keep them out of the way of the aircraft to help keep both safer. Since his kind of canine was bred for herding he is in his element.

Not All Refugees Are People

The refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe is reaching alarming proportions. Not all of those fleeing are human. Some families go to great lengths to make sure that the whole family goes on this journey. That is what happened to Kunkush the cat when his family fled Iraq. As happens with so many families, he got separated from the rest.

Is Tennis Going To The Dogs?

Most dogs love playing with tennis balls. That's why it just seems natural to train them to be ball boys for a tennis match. Just such a thing happened last month at the Brazil Open during an exhibition match. Four stray dogs had been picked up and trained to handle the balls during the game. It didn't always go as planned.

For Sammy WTF Means "Where's The Fish?"

In Ireland there is a little town down Dublin way by the name of Wicklow. It is here that one small restaurant, The Lighthouse, has been compelled by forces of nature to feed a seal three times a day. The townsfolk have dubbed the seal "Sammy" and he has become something of a mascot along the waterfront. And he is something to see!

‘Birdie’ Surrogate Goes Viral At Bernie Sanders’ Rally

The political season this year in the States has been one big super non-ending dose of ‘Reality TV.’ Nobody could have scripted what Americans and the world at large has laid witness to over the course of the last six months — and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. From Trump’s ‘the Emperor’s wearing no clothes' raucous sideshow act to establishment stalwarts like a a Bush family member being kicked to curb, viewers and voters would have to attest to the unique entertainment value in this political field.

Man Charged With Assault With An Alligator

Even in Florida you can be darn sure that Wendy's won't be serving alligator burgers any time soon. Not after the incident back in October when Joshua James, 23, allegedly shoved a three and a half foot juvenile alligator through the drive-thru window. It was not until last month that U.S. Marshals finally took him into custody.

Tilikum, Symbol Of Sea World’s Whale Mistreatment, Nearing An End

As SeaWorld finally phases out Orcas whales as an attraction, animal advocacy groups and animal lovers at large are pleased to finally witness the impending end of whales bred in captivity. This means that the captive killer whales currently held at SeaWorld parks will be the last of their kind. The news comes after decades of bad publicity and a decline in visitor numbers, which came to a head after two trainers were killed by SeaWorld Orcas.

When Pigs Started Flying

The phrase "when pigs fly" has been in use for centuries to describe the ultimate impossibility. Naturally that was long before man learned that it was possible for him to fly. In the early days of aviation J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon took his Voisin aeroplane aloft with a mad glint of humor in his eye. That and a pig in a wicker basket strapped to one of the struts.