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Nazi Cows? Strange But True

The determination of Hitler and his Nazis to take the Aryan myth and make it real knew few bounds. For this race of super Europeans he wanted to have animals just as super. To that end he and Hermann Goering came up with an idea to bring back the aurochs, an extinct species of giant wild oxen that once ranged over much of Europe and Asia. The results of these genetic experiments still exist today.

The Awesomeness of Service Dogs -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I have a friend that relies on his service dog to walk.  He was shot in the leg.  This being said, I have seen first hand how important service dogs are for people in need.  This video will melt your heart.

There's A Pub In England Crawling -- With Cats

Forget about cat cafes. There is a proper old-fashioned pub in Bristol, England that offers the company of 15 cats to its patrons. There used to be 24 cats in the pub, but Luke Daniels, the landlord, said that that was just too many. That is still a lot of cats in one place and, while the pub has a large number of fans, the RSPCA is not crazy about the concept.

The Weekly Buzz! Spiderman Namesakes, Fussy Cats, Sexy Mosquito Repellent, & More!

Meet the spiders named after the actors in Spiderman (ew!) and the cat who's been adopted by six ferrets (ahh). Learn why cats are fussy eaters and what you can do to improve your horse's health in 2016. Check out the sexy perfume that turns off mosquitoes and more...

And The Winners Are.... 13 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

With so many beneficial goals for wildlife welfare, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards celebrates its first year by announcing the winners of its first competition, a lucky 13 photographs of the 1,502 submitted by photographers from 54 countries.  This wild European hamster, captured by camera 'in flight,' won the top prize for Austrian photographer Julian Rad.  Wow!  Read on to catch the other 12 hilarious winners!

When Dogs Go Kayaking

It's not that seeing dogs in a kayak is all that rare or surprising. It's that they don't usually have seats of their own. Instead they normally squeeze in with their human, which can get a little awkward. So when retired surgeon David Bahnson wanted to add Susie to the jaunts that he and his wife Linda would take on the water he sacrificed some cargo space in the kayak to add a seat for the dog.

Chewy.Com Wants To Be Your Go-To Source For Pet Product Home Delivery wants to be your new go-to source when it comes to home deliveries of various pet products, including a wide variety of healthy foods.

Barn Owl's & Red Fox's Blood-Curdling Screeches On All Hallows' Eve

Bats, black cats, crows and spiders often get the bad rap for the creatures most likely to scare on Halloween. But are they the only ones that go bump in the night sending chills up and down your spine? Or are there others just as menacing and worthy of scaring the heck out of trick 'n treaters, young and old?

The Black Dog Takes A Bite Out Of Halloween

While black cats, bats, and spiders are the creatures of which much of Halloween is made, there are also legends of a ghostly black dog out there. This bit of folklore comes mainly from the British Isles, though some are also found in other parts of Europe. The supernatural dog is said to be huge and shaggy with glowing red eyes and bared teeth.

Black Cat Project Spotlights Adoptable Black Cats... Because Black Cats Matter!

Black cats spend more time in shelters than their brighter-colored brethren, possibly because they just don't photograph well. The Black Cat Project addresses this issue by allowing adorable, adoptable black cats to look their best while showing off their appealing personalities.