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Animal Art For Animal Lovers - PetsLady.com

Interested in creative animal inspired works of art?

We scour the world to find the most unique, creative and amazing artworks to share with you. Featured here are some of the most brilliant artists in the world featuring animals in their sculptures, paintings, drawings, sketches and even some cartoons.

So if you are looking for Great Animal Art to inspire you, please come and check back regulary to see what we have found for you at PetsLady.com.

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Pet Bathing Beauties: Funny Dogs and Cats Ready For The Beach

Dogs and cats enjoy the beach as much as we humans do. They wear swimwear too, although their fine lines are a bit different than ours. Enjoy this fun collection of dogs and cats at play on the beach in their best summer finery.

Love Is In The Air And Other Places - A Cute Collection

Animals know love just as we do. Rabbits have their own special way of showing affection for each other as do the other creatures exemplified in this article about love reigning supreme on the day of all lovers.

Image Source: Attackofthecute.com

The Art of Elephants Panned By Critics?

A lot has been documented about Suda, the artsy elephant, ever since she first picked up a paint brush at the ripe of old age of 4 and painted what appeared to be a self-portrait. Residing in the Maetaeng Elephant Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while this video doesn't use any special effects or trickery to display Suda's artistic ability, similar elephant paintings like this have been critiqued by the. . .

When It's Time To Throw A "Wild" Party: African Animal Napkin Rings

You can add a touch of art to your next "wild" party with a set of these beautiful African Animal Napkin Rings. Each one is carefully hand carved from African mahogany by individual artisans from "the global south." .

Bing’s Top 10 Beautiful Bird Desktop Backgrounds!

Just in case you haven’t tried it out yet, Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, and it presents a stunning photo on its homepage each and every day. I’ve collected ten of my favorite birdy backdrops for you to use as desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

Chicken or the Egg -- The Great Animated Animal Video of the Day!!!

Will love conquer all?  Or will it be the love of eggs?  Find out in this delightful animated short.

The Layout of a Fire Ant Mound -- The Molten Animal Video of the Day!!!

Let me start off by saying that I don't recommend that anyone try this.  Let me also say that while I'm sympathetic of almost all animals, fire ants do not fit in that list.  So what this guy does isn't necessarily nice, but it does provide an interesting look at how fire ants design their mounds... and also makes a piece of art.

Something New For SNL? Snow Shark!

If you have been around long enough then you can remember the popular Land Shark bit from the early days of Saturday Night Live. For three brothers in Minnesota they may be far too young to remember Land Sharks, but they came up with their own version for the holidays -- a snow shark. This is their third marine snow sculpture in as many years. Previously they favored their neighbors with a puffer fish and a walrus.

A Simon's Cat Christmas -- The Very Funny Animal Video of the Day!!!

If you've never been introduced to Simon's Cat, get ready for a fun experience. It is very clear that Simon Tofield, the creator of this excellent series of cartoons and books, is quite familiar with the nature of cats.  So, get ready for a Merry Christmas with a lot of chaos.

Get Ready To Hibernate With These 12 Beautiful Bear Wallpapers!

Bear-ly have time to paws between buying, wrapping and sending out Christmas presents? Give yourself a moment to relax with this series of stunning wallpaper images of grizzlies, polar bears, giant pandas and other ferocious and fuzzy bears. (No lions or tigers, I promise!)

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