If the matatabi stick is attractive to your cat, she will have 1) another activity in her repertoire, 2) cleaner teeth, and 3) some very happy times!

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Oh my, I'm so happy someone is doing this. 
So often I wish I could recreate the scents of my old home in Kansas,

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Dogs are extremely sensitive to their owners' every move, and this
sensitivity is even greater between dog handlers and their working

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They may not do a fantastic job at predicting the weather, but weather radars are great at tracking bats!

Scientists from China studying fossils of Diania Cactiformis, nicknamed the 'walking cactus', say the odd worm-like animal is enlightening them on how arthropods (insects, spiders and crustaceans)

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Anatoly Konenko has created a miniature for the living - an aquarium; the world's smallest

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Who do we love most?  Polls report it's our pets.  And who do we see as superheros?  Pets Are Superheros.  And that's the name of the online company that will illustrate your pet as a superh

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Recently a study was published in the science journal PLoS ONE in which
genetically modified sheep were put to various discrimination tests, and