A prototype dog kennel incorporating Ford's latest noise-cancelling technology may someday shelter anxious canines stressed out on New Year's Eve, the Fourth of July, and even during thunderstorms. Read more

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You don't have to be large to have a large presence.  Just ask this little guy.  He's a master of drama.

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If you're looking to get a ferret, you'll need to be sure you know how to properly care for one. With proper care and lots of love, a ferret can be a friendly and sociable pet.

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Design a spectacular path through your garden with this wonderful Cast Iron Turtle Stepping Stone by Sunset Vista Designs.

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The popular Lake Lou Yeager has become strangely empty of activity ever since a fisherman caught an exotic pacu fish on June 7. A second fish was reportedly sighted in the lake two weeks later.

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Pets have really become involved in politics this year.  Some cats, like Hank, who is running for Senate in Virginia, and Fat Cat,

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A client interview in which you meet the animals you will be pet sitting for is essential for a successful pet-sitting job.

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When I see products like this I begin to wonder if dogs have taken a genetic leap and somehow begun to influence manufacturers into making fantasy products.  I mean we, as humans, have Animal Crack

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These adorable Giraffe and Zebra Babysuits® will have your baby dressed for success with inspirational sayings to go along with the fun picture.