Anyone who feeds birds knows that squirrels are just as likely to show up for a feed as the birds are. Why not cut out the middle-rodent with this cute Brown Squirrel Outdoor Bird Feeder.

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Posted by Lady Bug

When you have a creative designer and architect like Paul Kweton, the utility of a dog house and rocking chair meld seamlessly into one rocking dod bed.

Posted by Lady Luck

Dogs go after cats, wolves go after sheep, and puppies go after kittens--or so they say.

Posted by Lady Luck

My current mousepad is in the shape of a paw print while featuring a collage of dogs in the background.

Posted by Lady Bee

.... The Rabb, distinguishable by his webbed feet and fringes of skin along
his limbs, is known to leap from tree branches onto the ground into a

Posted by Lady Luck

When I was a kid, my mom gave me a jar to fill with loose change so I could save it up and maybe buy something I normally wouldn't be able to afford a few months down the road.

Posted by Lady Luck

I get Monday blues regularly. There's always something about heading back to work after spending an entire weekend with my friends, family, and beloved pets.

Posted by Myra Per-Lee

... There's nothing like a Mardi Gras dog parade to bring the pet wardrobe designer out of the closet!