Each year a variety of cool aquariums come out designed for small spaces. Read more

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Israel is finding itself inundated with millions of extra birds.

Posted by Ron Callari

Therapy dogs are gaining in popularity globally. From the battlefield, to the classroom to hospitals and beyond, canines are going where no canines went before.

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A lot of people like to go out shopping for their Black Friday Christmas deals. In Tahoe, California, this is apparently extending to the local bear population.

A lost ten-day-old baby elephant is recovering after staff from a number of safari, travel and conservation organizations pitched in to rescue her from a river known to harbor Nile crocodiles.

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Mom! Mom! I found these weeds growing in that pot by the front door. They weren't there yesterday!

A tourist who visited Canada to see polar bears found himself on the other end of the microscope when an overly curious bruin mistook his SUV for a metal & glass lunch box.

Posted by Lady Bee

Many dogs and cats use their crates to snooze or just get away from it all.

Posted by Rebecca West

Fitness trends come and go but working out with your pets can lead to a lifelong health regimen with more than one benefit, if it works for you.