The Mob may threaten you with "sleeping with the fishes" if you cross them. You can protect your self by sleeping with a plethora of sharks with this fun Shark Comforter and Sheet Set.

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New situations can make any cat go ballistic. A new pet in the house, especially a
cat, new furniture, a new routine may unsettle a cat, who generally likes things 'the way they

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As with all furniture, you can buy mass produced cat furniture or
'designer' cat furniture.  When it comes to commercial cat condos,

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It being Spring, I thought it would be a good time to bring up the topic of weeds that are poisonous to horses and some cattle, in the interest of getting the owners of grazers to remove these weed

Astonishingly detailed fossils of giant fleas found in Northern China indicate the long-extinct masters of the Mesozoic Era were itched by inch-long tormenters.

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Pet photographer Seth Casteel
said "I was just taking pictures because I thought it was fun," about
his unforgettable, super-viral images of dogs underwater, his 1,200

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San Francisco woodworker Luke Bartels and artist and sign painter Jeff
Canham have designed and created some really creative bird houses for an

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Americans spent more money on their pets last year than ever before -
$50 million - and the largest growth areas were in pet care, according