Eastern Australia is still in the midst of a serious drought. Read more

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Never again will dogs have to wait, panting at the door, for mom to put
her lipstick on and find her darned purse.  Dogs in Las Vegas and Carson

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You can stay cool in more ways than one with these 10 fantastic feathered-friend fans.

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Babies and toddlers alike will love snuggling up with a bear, lamb, or dog cuddling mat for a nap or just hanging with the family.

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These panda-themed portable speakers are a fun way to take your favorite tunes on the road to share with friends and family.

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If you live in a flat or apartment and you're tight for space, sometimes you have to get a little creative with your interior design.

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Canine one-percenters rejoice! You can have the diamond collar of your choice!

A strikingly patterned "calico" lobster thought to be a 1 in 30 million occurrence was discovered in an unlikely location: a New England seafood restaurant's 1,200 gallon lobster holding tank.

The Animal Pocket Knife by designer David Suhami was inspired by both the famous Swiss Army Knife and the animals with whom we share our planet...