Whether you believe in global warming or not, some shark species are having a hard time out there. Get your child thinking about animals and the environment with the book If Sharks Disappeared.

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Posted by John P. Barker

The Host is a great movie.  Really, it is--give it a shot.  It is a film that combines comedy, monster, action, suspense, and message genres into a really fun movie.  Essentially you have a

The dreaded Duckface lives! Japanese designer pet supplies maker OPPO introduces the Quack, a soft silicone dog muzzle designed to perform its function with comfort,  style and dignity...

Posted by Amanda Dickens

Curiosity got the best of a fox in Hatfield, England.  While meandering through a construction site at the University of Herfordshire, he got his head stuck in a hole while trying to escape.  The f

Posted by Savanna Y Lujan

Have a small dog that you can't always take outside to use the bathroom? Litter training might be an option for you!

Posted by John P. Barker

I live in Florida and have found (at the time of this writing) 5 snakes in my house.  With that said, I'm also familiar with Rudyard Kipling's great story, "Rikki-tikki-tavi" from The Jungle Books.

Posted by Lady Bee

With this hat on, what dog needs a vest to match?  If you can't afford Gucci yourself, you might spring for this
adorable Gucci Pet Baseball Cap for your dog... After all, it's cheaper

Posted by Myra Per-Lee

From now through September 5, 2012, JetBlue Airlines is offering an 'All
Your Pet Can Jet
' pass for flights between almost all JetBlue cities