Traditional cold weather clothing for dogs has always focused on their corps, but it's obvious that, like humans, the most vulnerable body parts to cold, especially wind, would be the neck and ears Read more

The Cat Tunnel Sofa by Korean designer Seungji Mun combines a comfy cat-napping couch with what appears to be an inside-out hamster habitat.

Posted by Jessica Powers

Cats on film. Enjoy this weird collection of cats in the arts, from opera to Star Wars to a film festival in Minneapolis, to cats reenacting famous paintings. 

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

The newest celebrities in the OC tend to be a bit on the unattractive side, but they are drawing big crowds at the Orange County Fair in California.

Posted by Amanda Dickens

This kitten's curiosity just got her a trip 2,000 miles from home.  The Turkish feline traveled across Europe after sneaking onto a delivery trailer to take a cat nap.

Posted by Ron Callari

No, this isn't a campaign slogan. In biblical times, we knew the answer.
But today, one might ask: What's harder than a camel going through the

Posted by John P. Barker

To me, giraffes look like dinosaurs crossed with cows.  So before you watch today's video, picture in your mind's eye what you think it would look like when two prehistoric cows started fighting.

Posted by Gayle Rodcay

Geese have become an extreme nuisance in cities across the U.S. Many municipal governments have turned to herding dogs to rid their cities of these urbanized fowl.

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Scientists in Australia have discovered that female parrot finches are capable of determining the gender of their offspring to adjust to environmental conditions at the time.