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Eric Hudgins produces a vast array of animal art with stunning detail, color and concept!

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These cat calendars are all so funny you will have a hard time choosing just one for the new year!

Hold my calls and make it snappy? Your wish is Noody Boffin's command!

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A whole bunch of new laws are due to be passed in Illinois in 2013. Among them is a law that will make the sale and/or distribution of shark fins illegal.

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This cute but chic bag is a whimsical purse for cat lovers!

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Hong Kong artist Henry Chu has created something unique: a glass harp played by goldfish.The mechanism is fairly simple to explain, but you have to see it (and hear it) to believe it.

Chinese researchers investigating the pandas' DNA have unlocked their disease-fighting secret: a powerful new antibiotic that humans could use to fight increasingly drug-resistant microbes.

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These adorable slippers will keep your feet
warm and your face smiling!