According to Native American beliefs, we all have totem or spirit animals. Here are some ways you can find out which animals are symbolic to you.

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We all know that dogs are 'man's best friends,' but are they also 'man's best medicine?'

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Skype just didn't do the trick for medical device developer Mark Kroll,
who took videoconferencing with his dog a few steps further with his

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Today, when we used the word 'animated,' or 'animation,' we are generally referring to still images that are shown in very rapid succession to give the illusion of movement.  Puk, the

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If you're just not that into football, but you are into cute puppies,
Animal Planet will give the Giants and the Patriots a run for their

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If you haven't purchased an iPad yet, let me
ask you one question....  Do you love your cat? Then there's no better

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Unfortunately our four legged family members cannot tell us when things are not going well for them.
was the case when Maggie our (13 years old at the time) lilac point

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued new warnings on February 3,
2012 that underlined the danger of keeping small turtles, frogs, and

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Two European-born dudes, Italian Andrea Carrano and Frenchman Ali Niroomand,