The hand-painted hallways of the famed Charity Birds Hospital at the Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir temple in New Delhi, India, graphically illustrate the many ways birds suffer serious injuries.

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Parakeets and other small parrots are so much fun to have as pets. And
what's more they know they're fun! In a pet store the other day, I

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Dog TV, the first cable network devoted to dog viewers began airing
today in San Diego, where it is shown on two cable networks. The main

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Researchers from Hungary and Sweden have conducted some fascinating
studies on light reflection and proposed a theory of why zebras have


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A cobra tends to hypnotize its prey, says Nicholas Cage in his
interview with Digital Spy.  Cage demonstrates with his hand how his pet

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Pets stay with you through thick or thin, no matter what you do or how much money you have.

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Like many cat owners, I prefer to indulge my cat with the most
eco-friendly cat toys I can find.  I always order loose cat nip because I

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You know how people react to new inventions sometimes?  They say, 'Oh, I
already thought of that," very proudly, and disappointed too that

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On the African island of Madagascar, where
some of the most exotic wildlife is found, German and American